It was not until a few months later that the disaster in the sunset world was discovered by the people of Ya ‘an, because people in the sunset world always contacted the people of Ya ‘an regularly, but after a few months, there was no contact. Finally, someone went to see the news that the immortals could not enter the sunset world and came back. Jiu Yin sighed and said nothing about how to die in the sunset world. What a pity! Who told them not to listen to us? The vibration of the whole fix-true world is measured by law, not to mention the death of so many monks and many sects’ successors. The fix-true world lost its achievement in this catastrophe only a few thousand years ago, and it can’t be mended. Generally, monks don’t have such a big picture, but secretly rejoice that their competition has been reduced and their losses have been high. After such a blow, the twelve sects are scheduled to be updated again.

A few months after the catastrophe, Gu Sheng practiced hard every day, and he didn’t […]