Wang Zongtang thoughtfully bowed his head for a long time and ordered, "Give him a message."
A messenger heard the order and walked to Xiaocai with words.
After more than a minute, Wang Zongtang took the mobile phone and asked directly, "Qin Yu?"
"Ha ha, I’m not Qin Yu." Lao Li smiled. "But you can guess that Qin Yu and I are together."
"Yes, I know who you are," Wang Zongtang said coldly. "I killed these gunmen and threw them to the grave to burn paper there."
Chapter 119 Wang Zongtang Attitude
"If you want to kill them, kill them and call me again." Lao Li said indifferently, "I have sincerity if you want to talk about it."
"What shall I talk to you about?" Wang Zongtang asked
"When will you break up?" Lao Li replied with a smile.
"Who told you I was going to split up?"
"What are you doing leaving me alone?" Lao Li frowned and said, "I know what you want; Now you know which side I am; Then what do I think? There must be several of you. How about you leave me the details? "
Wang Zongtang pondered for a long time. "Yes, I can talk to you about coming to Xinxiang."
Lao Li frowned and was silent.
"If you don’t dare to come, don’t pull any sincerity." Wang Zongtang looked down at his watch and said softly, "I’ll give you five hours when you don’t come, I’ll give it to the big room, and then I’ll beat you with the big room when I don’t do anything for a few years."
Say that finish Wang Zongtang before Lao li reply directly hangs up the phone.
Old four stepped forward and frowned and asked, "Are you really going to talk to them?"
"You all come out" Wang Zongtang greeted a few brothers.
Two minutes later, outside the warehouse
Old four turned his back on Wang Zongtang and persuaded him, "Brother, even if we split up, we are not ready to add so many things that have happened recently. When the old man died, the gunman disappeared from Xinxiang, and the big house was impatient. Just say that the old man and Tiannan were killed by our side for a long time, and we want to split up and deliberately provoke conflicts … At that time, we are neither rational nor arguing, and it is difficult to get support from his rooms. Besides, the names are not good to listen to!"
Wang Zongtang pondered for a long time and replied, "You are not ready for the big room. It is also unexpected that the old man will suddenly be not ready without them."
Old four dazed a silence.
"The old man didn’t dare to shout out the idea of separation for ten years, but he suddenly came when he didn’t have the opportunity," Wang Zongtang whispered. "The existing Korean family in the big house has party and government support, but have you thought about who we are?"
They looked solemn and lost in thought.
"My idea of separation is that you should give me three rooms, and I promise not to cry or make trouble. Take this thing and live a good life in your own place." Wang Zongtang looked up at the old four. "But even if I want to divide it like this, will the big room? What if they don’t give it to the benefit of Sanfang? If you are asked to hand over the popular vote, will you promise or not? ….. Separation is a matter of detail. What will happen if we can’t talk about it properly? Fight? Can the big house be tied to the Han family and tied to the party and government? "
"Eldest brother is right" second nodded.
"Alas, these places are not big now." Wang Zongtang frowned and said, "Songjiang people say they are sincere, so let’s see if they come."
"Can I give you this time in the big room?" Old four asked, "What if they move first?"
"Then strike back," said Wang Zongtang, picking his eyebrows. "Songjiang has not only party and government, but also colleges and military and political affairs. If Songjiang people are unreliable, they will not worry about finding a boss."
"Then do it!" Old four nodded heavily.
Lao Li turned to look at Qin Yu by car and said, "I have to go to Xinxiang."
"People were detained by Wang Zongtang?" Qin yuwen
"Yes," Lao Li nodded. "He asked me to talk."
"No," Qin Yu said with a wave of excitement. "What if he buckled with the big room and caused the past? What if he doesn’t want to split up and give you to a big house to buy? ! This is too dangerous. "
"I’m confident that I can talk about him," Lao Li commented lightly. "I’ve been thinking about Wang Zongtang for a long time. He has the vision and courage to bear the key moment and make a decision. It’s not a day or two since this man wanted to split up, but he won’t move for ten years unless I make a move, but once the opportunity comes, he will definitely not let go!"
"No, you can’t say anything!" Qin Yu once again refused, "I asked people to rush into Xinxiang to try to save people, but I can’t move the special warfare brigade …!"
"I have calculated every step of Xiaoyu’s making the Wangs for half a month, which seems to happen by accident. I have planned it for a long time." Lao Li interrupted with a wave of his hand. "It was my improvisation to let them go to Xinxiang temporarily instead of petty gain in the war! Now that things are here, if I don’t show up, Wang Zongtang will feel that I lack sincerity. If he chooses to marry someone else, everything will be meaningless, so I have to go. "
Qin Yu was shocked
"If I don’t see Wang Zongtang today, I will give the calendar war and small fortune to the big house to leak out. The fact that we killed the heads of families will be turned out. Li Tiannan and Zhang Qing pave the way for various contradictions between the two sides!" Lao Li frowned and said, "By that time, if Wang Zongtang can’t win a big house, he will also fire at us. Are you white?"
After listening to Lao Li’s narrative, Qin Yu immediately said, "Then I will go with you!"
"You can’t go," Lao Li shook his head. "When I get to Xinxiang, I’ll ask you to help me with something outside according to the actual situation. I don’t trust you to go with me to do things for others!"
"But …!"
"Xiaoyu, don’t persuade me when I decide to do something," Lao Li said with a smile. "I have been silent for more than two years and I can’t be fooled!"
Qin Yu watched him meditate for a long time and then said, "I’ll let the second one take someone with you."