Phoenix feather gun is burning with flames, and a shot is broken with a burst of Fengming sound stabbing at Su Mo’s head!
Su Mo looked calm and was about to retreat and dodge when he suddenly warned!
Su Mo glanced out of the corner of his eye.
See the distance burn female step and stand hand burn bone bow has been full, such as full moon burn feather arrow string is aimed at Su Mo position.
Accurately burn female has judged Sue ink retreat if this arrow shot is to block his retreat!
"These two people really have the same mind, and it is very rare to cooperate with this step."
Sue ink mind flashed a thought.
But he didn’t change when he moved. He still retreated to avoid the most sharp edge of the phoenix feather gun.
A crimson flame cut through the imaginary half, leaving a burnt mark.
The burning girl won’t miss this opportunity!
Burn feather arrow has locked Su Mo retreat!
If Su Mo retreats, it will inevitably hit her and burn an arrow.
This kind of cooperation between the two people has already penetrated into the bone marrow and rarely communicated, as if they were born like conjoined bodies.
Su Mo still retreats.
But after avoiding the sharpest edge of the phoenix feather gun, I saw him stretch out his palm and gently cut the side of the phoenix feather gun.
This palm Su Mo did not move qi and blood, and it was also fifty percent strength.
But enough to change the original trajectory of the phoenix feather gun!
Chicken feather gun body a shock slightly deviated from Sue ink sideways.
At the same time, the fire of the phoenix feather arrow arrived at the tip of the phoenix feather gun.
Phoenix feather gun burns feather arrow Two pieces of pure Yang Lingbao Sumo collided side by side and burst into a loud noise and flames!
Two pieces of pure Yang Lingbao broke out with the strongest strength, but failed to hurt Su Mo.
But by Su Mo’s ingenious solution.
The whole process of flint seems simple, but it shows that Su Mo has accurate control over the situation and timing!
Only when the strength is absolutely crushed will it be so confident!
"Ha ha!"
Su Mo laughed and shook his head as he continued to retreat in the direction of coming. "So much for Fung Wong-Nui."
Fung Wong-Nui had been so provocative, but he was furious.
Phoenix body qi and blood rising with phoenix feather gun rushed towards Su Mo again.
The burn girl also pulled the burn bone bow, followed by Su Mo, who stared at him in the distance and would shoot a fatal arrow at any moment!
However, Su Mo’s posture is extremely fast and elegant.
Seeing a pair of ethereal wings grow behind him, the position is erratic, which makes Fung Wong-Nui lock it for a while.
Seeing that Su Mo didn’t meet them, Feng couldn’t help being annoyed and sneered, "I have long heard that the ninth sword in the sword world, Fengfeng, once killed the ten true spirits of the Eye of the Eye with one sword."
"I didn’t expect to be disappointed at first sight today, but I was just a timid rat who knew how to run around!"
"Su Zhu, when you practice kendo, you should go forward and retreat again!"
Burn female also shouted at.
Su Mo didn’t answer with a faint smile on her face.
In this moment, the three men are rapidly approaching another battlefield one after another.
Here, the worm, mouse and ant are the first true spirits, and the strong ones are Luo Jun and so on.
The true spirits of the three realms of insects, rats and ants have seen that they have been unable to attack here for a long time, and they have suffered heavy casualties and are ready to sacrifice their magical powers!
Three magical powers arrival three people don’t believe that you can’t kill this swordsman in cloth!
At this time, Su Mo suddenly burst into a full-fledged body shape, and the posture of golden light and other occult sciences accelerated towards the burning female position again.
Feng’s face changed greatly!
He is not good at close combat compared with the woman who burns.
And once the female, bone and feather arrows fall into melee, they can also exert their original power.
Burn female see Sue ink rushed over panic again shot an arrow was Sue ink easily avoided.
She has the opportunity of this arrow.
The second burn feather arrow has come to the crowd before she can take the bowstring Su Mo. blazing with anger is like a drawn sword to cut her in two!
Chapter two thousand five hundred and fifty Rosefinch skyfire
Su Mo hasn’t really turned his hand to give off a sharp edge, which has already made burn women feel intense pain and a tearing feeling all over!
Burn female eyes without panic.
Her whole body qi and blood have been fuelling to the limit, and the whole person seems to be bathed in blazing flames, and her hands are constantly pinching the tactic.