Among several vice presidents
Huang Yunlong Su Zhengcheng has always been constrained by each other
On whether power, industry and position compete.
Su Zhengcheng has known Huang Yunlong for several years.
He knew that Huang Yunlong was a good-natured and black-hearted character.
Huang Yunlong had done a lot of shady things before. He had a personality and interests. Su Zhengcheng completely tore his face. It is not surprising that this performance was too radical and cruel to let Su Zhengcheng be caught off guard before being suppressed by Huang Yunlong.
"It doesn’t sound easy!" Hang Yu feels a little difficult. "I am a small individual, and I don’t have much ambition. It may be too dangerous for me to earn a little money and get involved in a fight with the big gods."
"This incident in Xiaohang will not only affect the Spiritual Society of Jiangcheng in the future, but also affect the major people’s forces in Jiangcheng." Su Zhengcheng said to Hangyu, "Huang Yunlong is very dangerous and must not let such a radical and cruel guy become too powerful."
An extremely radical and unscrupulous person is no small threat.
At present, the president and executive chairman of the Freemasonry Association adopt a rotation system.
All major people’s forces can recommend candidates to participate in the rotation of the president
Once Huang Yunlong is big, it won’t be long before he can master the Spiritual Society.
How can a man like him put his mind at ease at that foundation of the Freemasonry? Once the imbalance becomes dictatorial, the monopoly will not only affect the major people’s forces, but also form a complete opposition with Skynet.
An ordinary citizen
Hang Yu doesn’t want to see this happen either.
"You have the ability to deal with Huang Yunlong without our assistance," Su Zhengcheng said, adding that "only by solving this hidden danger can you unite with Yunbing without looking back."
Huang Yunlong is not only successful with Su Zheng.
It seems that he doesn’t even intend to let Su Yunbing go.
Hang Yu might have succeeded if he hadn’t miscalculated in the back alley of a bar
Now Hang Yu Su Yunbing is so close that he won’t get angry and be stared at by the other side. It is better to take the initiative to kill the cradle before the hidden danger breaks out.
Take the initiative
Is the style of Hangyu.
"Let’s talk about this for the time being," Hang Yu told Su Yunbing. "We can talk about the merger first."
Su Yunbing breathed a sigh of relief. Hang Yu said so. That base is equal to agreement.
Join Hangyu in the merger?
Su Yunbing has also considered it!
She really doesn’t like living in a house and thinking about doing a big vision.
But if Hang Yu can give her more imagination and ensure that she has enough display, it is not impossible to join in.
Imagination is already there.
Hang Yu holds a wise fisherman in his hand.
He intends to take over the control of a group of fishermen’s forces.
In this way, you will have the opportunity to get a lot of cheap productive forces and combat effectiveness, and it is difficult for other forces in Jiangcheng to have an advantage at this stage. If you want to do this, Hang Yu can’t do it alone, and Su Yunbing can’t do it alone. The two must unite.
Qinglong drugstore huobao
It also proves the team ability of Qinglong
However, it is precisely because Qinglong drugstore is so popular that it attracts people’s attention
In the future, there will be more and more troubles and challenges. It will be difficult for Hang Yu to continue to hide behind the scenes. After all, many things are uneven and even he is not easy to settle. It is necessary to recruit a person like Su Yunbing and replenish fresh blood.
"I will join in with my core team, production team, reserve land, fixed assets and contacts," Su Yunbing said. "But I want a 4% stake in the Qinglong Club."
Hang Yu is completely in control of the Qinglong Club.
The influence of the Qinglong Club is equivalent to Hangyu’s private property.
If Su Yunbing is given 4% by the team after the merger, Hang Yu still holds 6%.
Look at it this way
He is still that most powerful lead in this field.
But you can lose a potential opponent and gain a large number of talent resources.
"Ha-ha, although I am thirsty for talents and attach great importance to Su’s teacher team and resources, 40% is impossible." Hang Yu shook his head and said, "I will give you 15% and let you report directly to me. Your treatment will remain unchanged."
Hang Yu is willing to give Su Yunbing 15%
But can promise Su Yunbing one person all.