Slowly said a green spirit root appeared.
Linggen flew out and landed directly on Jin Ao Island.
"KaKa cheep … KaKa cheep …"
The land of Jin Ao Island is faintly fractured, and this spiritual root is directly rooted here. This is that Tongtian Jianmu can connect with Heaven, but after a flood and quenching, it devours a lot of Heaven sources, and it devours Sanqing HarmonyOS purple gas, so now Tongtian Jianmu can naturally devour HarmonyOS purple gas.
At the moment, tongtian’s hands are faintly showing tearing pain and biting his teeth. "What is this feeling? Yuan Shen has a special energy collision! Ah … "
Roaring in the sky, lotus flower has appeared in the corner of my eyes, which is a sign of pain
The same is true of Nu Wa, who has a cold sweat on his forehead. His hands tightly hold the Imperial Heaven’s arm. "Imperial Heaven … What is this feeling!"
Yutian sighed, "HarmonyOS purple gas source is integrated with your Yuan God, and now Tongtian Jianmu devours your Yuan God HarmonyOS purple gas, which is naturally like tearing up your Yuan God, especially this HarmonyOS purple gas and this consciousness constantly resisting you, which is even more painful!"
Hugging Nu Wa faintly feels the pain of Nu Wa.
Imperial Heaven looked at Tongtian and continued, "Hold back … or you will have to go through this if you can’t get rid of the HarmonyOS purple gas restriction!"
Staring at Tongtian and Nu Wa’s Imperial Heaven is also a sigh. Now they are mixed-yuan, but it is too easy to mix-yuan. The Imperial Heaven proves that the mixed-yuan has experienced much killing and pain, and finally depends on the opportunity to enter the mixed-yuan. It can be said that it is also a little simple for the Imperial Heaven to enter the mixed-yuan.
According to Candle dragon, he has experienced the world, which is simply to go through all the wars and calculations before he can prove the mixed elements. This is to prove that the mixed elements have entered this realm without these pains, which is simply a greenhouse flower.
Imperial heaven experienced the crushing of the physical source, and Yuan Shen didn’t know how many times it was crushed. Only Yu Zhen’s spirit remained immortal, otherwise it would have been gone.
Nowadays, Tongtian and Nuwa can’t bear the pain of Yuan God’s tearing.
Imperial day shook his head, but the sword was blooming all over the sky, aiming at his Yuan God to cut it off.
"Tear …"
"Cut …"
Tongtian roared from the soul and instantly cut to the Yuan God himself.
At the moment, Yuan Shen was directly cut off by a third, and was directly attracted by Tongtian Jianmu and rushed out with a purple gas, which was the source of HarmonyOS purple gas.
"Boom …"
This source is swallowed up, and this sorrow swings in an instant.
The blood rain drifted again, but it was not dry yet. The blood rain fell again. This moment, the world roared again and the mountains shook in the dark. Once again, the fallen saints appeared, and the blood rain flew, making the whole universe look like blood.
The haze of mourning spread to the sky, and several people looked at the sky in horror.
What’s the matter? Another saint has fallen.
Zhenyuan "How is it possible … that another saint has fallen? Is it that the lead is not connected and the lead is killed? "
The ancestor of Styx "it’s incredible how a saint has fallen again, but this bloody rain contains the smell of death and killing of saints. Maybe after refining, it can enter the realm of half a step!"
Old "What’s the matter? Although the quotation was hit hard, it was saved by the teacher. How can there be a saint here?"
Yuan Tianzun "Big Brother … Could it be the Imperial Heaven!"
"It’s impossible. Although they are mixed, they are not saints of heaven. Only saints of heaven will show this kind of lamentation. Is it that Tongtian and Nu Wa are connected, but we can still feel the Tao is connected!" Old saying
Yuan Buddha also said strangely, "If it is Nu Wa, it is even more impossible. Nu Wa and Yu Tian will look at the situation and it will be white."
At this moment, several people deduced that there was no trace of the heavenly saint, but they deduced that there was no death in heaven!
At this moment, several people were horrified.
At this time, heaven and earth laughed. "Ha ha …… so that’s what the sage of heaven finished is a scam. What HarmonyOS Ziqi finished is a means to limit the growth of the seat. I think that I am a chaotic fiend who is not inferior to Pangu Yuanshen, but I have been practicing for several years only to mix yuan. The triple days turned out to be HarmonyOS Ziqi today. HarmonyOS Ziqi fell half a step and mixed yuan came to Japan to prove that mixed yuan is far beyond now! Abandon the party from the big … "
These words disappeared like the tide, cutting off HarmonyOS’s purple gas from the chaotic triple sky to the half-step mixed yuan, so this time the words of the universe gradually disappeared
However, the meaning in this discourse has surprised several people.
What’s going on, HarmonyOS? Purple gas is a scam. Tongtian abandoned HarmonyOS purple gas and fell to half a step?
"What the hell is going on here?"
This is the problem of large numbers of people in the wild.
With these thoughts, the sky roared again, and the blood rain became more and more majestic.