It’s just that I bought enough this time for a while. Let’s talk about it again.
However, Tang Ru is a dedicated person, and this is something she always likes. Of course, her mind has been put into it, so the progress has been much faster.
Yuanyuan went to senior three on Monday.
However, when she arrived in Class Three of Senior High School, Yao Yang was frightened. I never thought she would come.
In the past two days, she also checked the Chen family’s affairs. I didn’t expect that their store had been open for so long, and it seemed that it was still very profitable. Although I had heard of it before, I didn’t expect that it was the Chen family.
Class 2, Grade 3 is still very happy. No one in the school doesn’t know that there is a genius in Grade 1.
Geniuses are naturally different from them. Usually, they don’t have classes, and they don’t still get the first place in the exam in the morning and evening, and their scores directly pull them to the second place by many points.
The class leader surnamed Xie is a kind and sometimes stubborn little old man.
"Come on, just sit in the front row. If you are not tall, you will be blocked in the back."
Yuanyuan walked to the first row of seats with her destiny in her arms.
After all, she is low.
"All right, let’s continue to study by ourselves. Don’t forget to do math papers in the afternoon."
Teacher Xie arranged it before going out.
Yuanyuan doesn’t have a deskmate this time. It’s a single table
Yao Yang knocked her off while pretending to pass by in class.
Yuanyuan corners of the mouth looked at her with a smile.
Yao Yang looked at her eyes with a sense of oppression and slowly picked it up.
"I know it’s you"
Yuanyuan, she handed it to me and blurted it out instantly. The voice was very low, but make sure Yao Yang heard it clearly.
Yao Yang is wrong when he is in a state, and his face is stiff and he pretends to be calm.
"I don’t understand what you said"
Yuanyuan nodded slowly. "Oh, oh, do you understand that you know I advised you not to mess with me?"
Yao Yang will slow down and swallow a mouthful of saliva.
"I didn’t mess with you. We are cousins. How can we mess with you?"
Say that finish turned and went out.
She trotted all the way to the front of the senior one classroom and had Qiuhua Wang called out.
"Did you tell Chen Yuanyuan about me?"
Grabbed Qiuhua Wang by the wrist.
Qiuhua Wang frowned and pulled out his hand.
"I didn’t" and then looked at Yao Yang with a look.
"Oh, you were told by Chen Yuanyuan that she should be so clever that she would guess Yao Yang as soon as she saw you. I advise you not to mess with her. You are really not to be taunted."
She also advised the last wave, depending on what she thinks.
Yao Yang has heard this sentence twice in just a few minutes. She can’t provoke anything. Speaking of it, she is the only girl in the Yao family without Chen Yuanyuan. Chen Yuanyuan’s life is her, and all the departments should be her.
Yuanyuan is very adapted to senior three life, but skipping classes is not very simple.
Teacher Xie is very responsible, but she is not willing to give up. If she doesn’t work hard, she has to talk about it every time she catches someone.
And Yuanyuan is also excellent. Since she came to the third year of high school, the first place has been changed to her, and she is still pulling others a lot.
The only course is that the scores in Chinese class will go up and down, as if they were all depending on the mood. Some questions are always answered speciously.
However, his subjects are very good, and it is not surprising that he would get full marks every time if he didn’t have to find fault when correcting the papers.
Chinese is really Hu said.
Teacher Xie didn’t go to Yuanyuan first, but went to Yuanyuan, a Chinese teacher who had been taught by Senior One.
This Chinese teacher is used to it, which does not affect Yuanyuan’s high score. Even if her Chinese writing is off topic, she is still the first place firmly.
"Teacher Xie, I don’t think this is a problem. Yuanyuan won’t delay her best university."
The Chinese teacher is very open-minded
Teacher Xie scratched his skull. Why is he so unhappy? He thanked the Chinese teacher and turned around and went back to school. He found several Chinese volumes at his office desk and sent them with Yuanyuan.
Yuanyuan is looking at the picture gallery at the main desk. I am going to study several new recipes and send them to the store.
"Come to Yuanyuan, I have observed that your grades in Chinese are not very good. You still need to do more questions. How can you not learn Chinese well if you are so clever and small?"
Teacher Xie looked at her with loving eyes.
Yuanyuan is embarrassed to receive these volumes, and she knows her Chinese problem, but this problem is not only now, but she has it and can’t change it.
"Teacher Xie, I don’t think Chinese scores will affect my college entrance examination. Can this be forgotten?"
Teacher Xie’s expression suddenly became serious. "No, no, you have to write."
Yuanyuan picked it up with a smile, then took the extracurricular activities aside and began to write Chinese test papers.
In fact, she is also quite confused. Many objective questions are not bad. When it comes to understanding subjective questions, she always has some other ideas. Some of these ideas are normal, while others are getting more and more biased.
However, Yuanyuan has been obedient a lot now, and it is not ideal to write a monthly exam with a Chinese test paper.
Teacher Xie is giving up.
The 1991 college entrance examination is still on July 1 ST, and students can review their studies at home when they leave school
Teacher Xie was afraid that the students would lose their admission tickets, so she kept them for herself and sent them to everyone before the exam.
Yao Zhizhao’s questioner is not at home. He has been away for more than a month.
Yuanyuan is under no pressure.
Chen Shaoyuan watched with her at home these two days.