There was an interesting episode in this issue. When the local people heard about the handling result of the incident, they went to the military camp to express their condolences and sent a lot of condolences.
The masses may have this enthusiasm, but it seems impossible to say that such a uniform action is completely spontaneous. Of course, it is not difficult for someone to organize a new alliance behind the scenes.
The key point that Hua Zhenxing should observe is that a large number of condolences from that company were sent to the company’s resident for special stacking in a barracks. The door of this camp was not locked, but a curtain was simply hung and no special person was arranged to be on duty, but no one took anything without authorization for three days in a row.
According to the disciplinary requirements, all condolences must be managed, deployed and distributed in a unified way. It was not until the evening of the third day that the barracks received an order to unseal these condolences so that the company could decide which ones could be distributed to soldiers and which ones should be included in the company’s public property through self-negotiation and distribution plan.
When this order arrives, Shen Si and Hua Zhen will be outside the military camp to show their knowledge, but they can clearly know the situation inside. Hua Zhen asked with a smile, "The idea of Shen Zhuangyuan is that you want to come out and see what the effect is?"
Shen Si nodded. "I’m going back to the front headquarters, too. It’s a relief to go back!"
The rainy season has come. After a short period of reorganization, the New Alliance Allied Forces continued to go south. This time, it was the complete liberation of the country, and the military operations in the remaining four States were in full swing. The New Alliance mobilized the largest reserve cadre team to quickly follow the progress workers.
The new alliance’s military and political cadres are trained by stages, batches and rolling. In this process, one industry backbone takes a pair of reserve cadres to learn from their work experience in practice, starting from the Klin district of Somalia and then extending the Klin district model to other neighborhoods.
After the liberation of Somali port, the new alliance extended the Somali port model to Banda city. It is the best practice to teach activities in various blocks, actively participate in the process of social transformation, and then be sent to new places to continue this process. If new problems are encountered, feedback adjustment will be made.
It is like going through different historical stages from the port of Somalia to different parts of Banda City and Wago City. Port of Somalia is the source, and this tide has flooded the whole country, and the ranks of cadres have expanded like snowballs.
The follow-up cadres of the main force of the new alliance moved south to Wago City, and various social transformations continued, just like Banda City in Somalia.
Hua Zhen Bank still keeps the appearance of Wago Mining Walich, but he actually supervises the whole operation and everything in the rear area is delivered with briefings every day.
On this day, don’t abandon the report to the office. By the way, one thing happened. Don’t abandon Wage Mining. Some mining areas, including some blocks in Wage City, have found many traces of yin.
It’s nothing to make a fuss about the overcast atmosphere here. Shi Shuangcheng once asked Hua Zhen about this when she first came to the port of Sofia, but she didn’t do it again after a trip to Banda and Wago.
Don’t give up, but be very careful, and make a detailed comparative study. It is impossible to recognize that some places are full of traces of law, which is naturally formed!
Chapter 334, send the door
What can you find these anomalies? One of the most important reasons is whether he is a newcomer or observes everything here from the perspective of a bystander 2.
A friar of the Five Realms perceived that the Yin-like smell in the city of Wako was once everywhere, and Hua Zhen and others had long been accustomed to it, and they would not pay special attention to it on weekdays. It used to be a scene of purgatory, and the so-called Yin-like smell was just like filth in sewage.
When the new alliance liberated Wago city, along with the heavy rainy season, the city was gradually being washed away, and the residual sinister smell dissipated, but most people did not pay attention to this. The turning point of fate of various communities and ethnic groups was really remarkable.
Don’t abandon such a recent foreign monk, who is not familiar with the history here. Only when he sees the present situation will he be keen on his knowledge, notice the residual smell of Yin and then track down the record and find traces of suspected hidden array.
It’s never a good thing to form a law with a sinister atmosphere. If it happens in the East China area, it often means that evil practices will definitely disturb the Kunlun League, and scattered practices nearby, especially Zongmen, will take the initiative to find out what they can’t abandon, so they will be particularly sensitive to this.
Now that this kind of trace appears here, it is also the responsibility of Yangyuan Valley to find out, otherwise it will be impossible to get rid of its own suspicion. Unfortunately, now that everyone has been sent to Hua Zhen, we can inform the local executive instructors to pay attention to the clues around them after work.
Wage Mining, where Huazhenhang personally sits, and Sima Value, Mo Abandon, Zheng Tongjun, Zhou Xingyuan and other friars in the five realms, of course, they are mainly responsible for this matter.
There used to be a group of third-and fourth-level students in the work group, such as Meng Qi and Mao Dudu. Now, with the implementation of many works, many people have also been transferred to the southern front line, and a group of reserve cadres have been added. After all, this is the rear area, mainly to ensure the stable advancement of existing workers, and it is impossible to transfer the backbone from the tense front line.
Due to the rainy season, the popularity and vitality have changed dramatically due to the fierce social changes. It is difficult to identify the residual breath of the Yin Sui array method. It is difficult to trace the Sima value, including the pedestrians in Hua Zhen. After some tracing, they have not found a direct clue. If they don’t disturb, they may still be lurking in the dark. Their investigations are also conducted in secret.
Judging from the Sima value, it was not long before these Yin special laws left traces. In several places, it should have been half a year. However, in this half a year, it is precisely the recent three months that the city of Wage has changed so much that it is difficult to trace it because its breath has been washed away too much.
It’s normal that there were evil practices in Wago City, and they are not the only monks in this world. Didn’t Hua Zhen, the port of Sofia, also touch the so-called gun god?
At that time, the God of Guns was not evil in a narrow sense. He was self-cultivated and proficient in imperial objects, but his marksmanship was particularly accurate. Moreover, from another perspective, the social tragedy here was far more terrible than one or two evil practices.
If we go back a few months, a few evil practices will blend in. The community here is like sand falling into the rubble, and it is not obvious at all.
According to Sima Qian’s analysis, there used to be at least one or a group of evil practitioners who were active for half a year, but they may not be active for the time being because of the latest move of the new alliance, or they may have been scared away. If they don’t stir up themselves, it will be difficult to trace them.
Does Hua Zhen want those evil practices to stir up again? Of course, he wants to find out all these guys, but at the same time, he doesn’t want them to make any more moves. This is a rather contradictory mentality
This matter can wait for a while, and then pay attention to it when there are clues. There are still many different things to worry about every day, and everyone is really busy.
After more than half a month, the new allied forces solved the problem of occupying the cities of Mowang and Gadi. The vanguard of the armed forces of the Hope Front continued southward and entered the southernmost city of Bala and Shaken in Guinea.
The rapid progress of military operations is like a magic weapon descending from heaven and destroying everything, but according to Li Jingzhi, it is not so fast. It took them more than a year to occupy an absolute advantage before they hit three big counties.
Indeed, in the eyes of many orientals, the comprehensive scale of the three state areas, namely, Port-of-Somalia, Banda City and Wago City, is only equivalent to that of a larger county, and even a prefecture-level city is barely.
Now there are four "county towns" left, and it is impossible for the military to drag its feet any longer. The faster the action, the smaller the casualties. This is the so-called "strategic contempt", right?
More than 10,000 armed police officers belonging to the Hope Front were stunned by man-machine before they joined the battle. After the various units were deviously divided, most of them surrendered voluntarily.
According to the theory of "conventional experience" in this country’s history, there has been another successful military coup, and Charles can announce his successor as president as soon as he wants.
However, Charles was not in a hurry to do so, and he did not want to inherit the original legal position. According to Cove’s original statement, there was a word for the new allied forces to liberate Guinea-the country was ordered to reform.
This was when Ke Mengchao’s new alliance had just established the Kling district government, saying that although his old man’s house is no longer in charge directly, his original purpose has been implemented to the present.
The follow-up cadres of the United Allies all the way south immediately followed suit, which was distributed like a pie. Of course, the core was Mowang City. It is said that the current president of several countries did not escape or did not come to escape, which has been controlled by the United Allies. Charles is still preparing to talk to him.
At this time, about Gao Le suddenly appeared, and Wage Mining came to visit Walich directly, which was actually a trip to Hua Zhen in the face of Walich.
The great god magician is always elusive, but he didn’t tell him his action plan, but he seems to know it already.
Hua Zhenxing borrowed Walich’s identity for such a long time without showing the slightest flaw. With the help of illusion, of course, Walich didn’t come here for a long time, and he was usually lonely or fooled.
However, it is impossible to hide this trick from the great god, who was taught by Hua Zhen after the assassination of Charles by Gu Wentong.
Hua Zhenxing, sitting in Walich’s office, has recovered his appearance and looked at Yue Gaole with a wry smile. "How did you get in, Mr. Yue?"
About Gao Le laughed "is directly pushed the door and came in! You will dress up as Walich, and I will not forget that I will teach you illusion. "
Hua Zhen trip "That’s not what I meant. How did you know to find me here? Not many people know that I am Walich in Wage Mining. "
About Gao Le "I actually went to the front line to find you, and I was still waiting for the presidential palace in several miles. It turns out that you didn’t go. It seems that you are determined to be behind the scenes!"
Then I judged from the clues that you came here to have a look, and it turned out to be the old saying,’ If you want people to know, you must do it yourself’. "
Hua Zhen line "this words I feel zha so uncomfortable? But I’m relieved to hear you say so. "
About Gao Le, "What is boss Hua relieved of?"
Hua Zhen trip "no one tipped you off and you are not ignorant, otherwise you wouldn’t have gone to the presidential palace to wait for me."
About Gao Le smiled, "Of course I didn’t know that I would have told you that I am not a god."
Hua Zhen trip "When will you say?"
About Gao Le "Ah, haven’t I told you? That’s the same now. "
Hua Zhen said, "Let’s not be distracted. What do you want here for?"
It’s the end of the year. I’ll wake up boss Hua. Our sole agency agreement will continue for another year. Are you ready for enough spring pills? I think you’re a big boss in the mine and you won’t forget it, will you? "
Hua Zhenxing wondered, "Is that what you want? I deliberately ran to the front presidential palace to wait for me and then found it here? "