The war between yellow hair and bald head is in full swing.
"Yellow hair is amazing. Today, because this brother beat my best hand to death, can you win?" The bald brother wiped the blood from his mouth and said.
"If you lose, you lose. What’s the reason?" Huang Mao touched his fist that was a little blue.
Huang Mao is a little strange. Why is Brother Yi sitting next to him without even looking at his eyes? Does Brother Yi already know the result?
Strange is not only Huang Maochen and Lin Keer, but also a little strange.
Isn’t Li Yi afraid of death? In this way, I don’t look up and don’t open my eyes, but I’m lucky that no one hit him
Boss is so domineering. You can be so calm in a place like this. You should study hard.
In this way, Brother Bald fled despondently.
The little brother who was dragged away by Li Yi was left alone.
"What about Brother Huang Mao?" Yellow hair asked with one hand.
"You go and see if that person is dead or not, just leave it alone. Pull it back and see if it is not dead," Huang Mao said.
"It’s Brother Huang Mao." The younger brother said that and passed.
I put my hand next to my nose and found that I was still breathing, so I said, "Brother Huang Mao is alive."
"Take it back later and ask, okay?" Huang Mao said
Huang Mao has been thinking about a problem. Brother Yi hasn’t got up yet. He has been sitting there. Should he go back or wait here?
Suddenly a younger brother ran out of the building and said, "Brother Huang Mao, there is a girl calling you."
"Do you know what girl wants to be called sister-in-law?" Huang Mao said
"Got it, Brother Huang Mao," said the younger brother.
Huang Mao seemed to think of something and said, "If you invite your sister-in-law, you must talk about it. If your sister-in-law doesn’t want to come, just say you want to dig grass, okay?"
"I’ll go as soon as I know," said the younger brother.
"Lin Keer, let’s go home. It’s time for the boss to come. If we are found, we will have something to do," Chen said.
"Isn’t it not back yet? Let’s look at it again for a while," said Lin Keer.
Chen Ye had no choice but to say, "If Huang Mao is ready to come, I have to go!"
"Mm-hmm" Lin Keer said.
After a while, Li Lu came.
"Who is that girl in Chen chen?" Lin Keer asked.
I really have something to do. Chen thought about this sentence.
"ah? Who the hell is Chen? " Lin Keer asked.
"I don’t know! What can I say?" I don’t even know what Chen looks like when he kills me.
"Sister-in-law, look at what happened to Brother Yi. I’m afraid that something will happen to Brother Yi after waking him up." Huang Mao said respectfully.
"Ah, let me see." Li Lu bowed his head with that.
"It’s nothing. I’ll wake him up immediately," said Li Lu.
"Thank you for your sister-in-law," said Huang Mao.
"You’re welcome!" Li Lu said
Li Lu wrote a novel in Li Yi’s ear: "Don’t practice xiaoyi until you get home!"
Li Yizhen woke up when Li Lu finished speaking.
"Finished? I still want to sleep! " Li Yi pretended to hit a hache.
Li Lu smiled and said nothing.
"Brother Yi, I haven’t invited you to dinner since you and your brother met me. Today, I will invite my sister-in-law and brother Yi to have dinner with the distinguished guest." Huang Mao said with a smile.
"That’s very kind of you." Li Yixiao said that Huang Mao is not very important, but he can’t do it without him. If there is a Xiao Pi citizen chasing his girlfriend, just let Huang Mao go out.
"Thank you so much for the noodles," said Huang Mao respectfully.
"We are all friends and brothers," Li Yi said.