This punch actually hit Jiyangqiu in the face, making him see golden light, and the whole person was stunned.
A clear fist print appeared in Jiyangqiu’s face.
"Ah …" Jiyangqiu covered her face with pain.
His eyes were full of disbelief. "How dare you hit me?"
Muhai cold hum a punch boom in the jiyang autumn belly.
"Oh …"
He covered his stomach and shouted, falling to the ground and bowing like a shrimp.
He screamed with his mouth wide open, but the sound he made was inaudible.
"Bang bang …"
Then Muhai sat in Jiyangqiu’s body with his left bow and punched him again and again.
Ji Yangqiu is completely stupid.
Eyes with hatred and anger staring at Muhai.
A red air stream slowly surfaced from his head.
Muhai saw this red airflow, first one leng, then he was overjoyed, and he didn’t fight with his fist in the middle.
"Is this the magic thought? It was like this. If someone hates me, they can receive the magic thoughts. "Muhai secretly nodded, his eyes staring straight at Jiyangqiu’s head.
It’s the feeling that the red airflow floats for a while and stays there motionless, and then the color becomes lighter and lighter, and it will disappear at any time.
Jiyangqiu resented staring at Muhai and turned a blind eye to the red airflow overhead.
"Is it because the magic read too little Jiuding magic furnace disdain to absorb? Why can’t he see? Is it because I know the Lord in Jiuding Magic Furnace that I can see the magic thoughts in this world? "
Muhai secretly thinking about corners of the mouth.
"Bang …"
Another punch at Jiyang Qiutong point.
"Ah … oh …"
A very light scream jiyangqiu face thin sweat kept overflowing.
He gritted his teeth and stared at Muhai with bitter eyes.
The red light above his head is getting stronger and stronger.
Then this red light flew rapidly into Muhai Dantian and was swallowed up by Jiuding Magic Furnace.
"Hum …"
In Jiuding Magic Furnace, a reddish light in the first row of vertical bars lights up.
"Great, I got a magic energy!"
Muhai was in a great mood and nodded secretly.
If you have magic power, you can make a Jiuding magic furnace seal.
What else will happen? Everything is unknown.
Maybe if you are lucky enough to get an artifact, it will be against the sky on earth.
If you are unlucky, there is nothing.
Look at Jiyangqiu’s head again, and a ray of red light slowly emerges.
"Muhai, how dare you hit me?"