The thunder in the eyes of Emperor Lei has reached its acme. Suddenly, generate came out and fell into the body of a true fairy elder.
The true fairy elder hurriedly blocked the front with a long sword.
But his sword root can’t resist this thunder blow!
The true fairy was directly torn to pieces by the pupil of Lei Huang and died!
"Ha ha ha ha!"
Emperor Lei laughed at the sky. "It’s just a condensed truth level. Even I can’t resist a look and come to die!"
At the same time, the thunder emperor’s gun suddenly changed from just fierce to soft as water, and a true fairy’s defense will fly directly!
This change is really amazing, and this person can’t resist it.
Being stung by an evil spear, Leili instantly poured into the sea of knowledge and destroyed the Yuan God.
At the same time, Emperor Lei’s hands were pinched, and a huge thunder prison came to envelop another true fairy!
Emperor Lei’s hands suddenly closed!
The thunder prison also quickly collapsed, and the real fairy and the strong can escape. The Yuan God was stunned just after flying out!
Calculate Jingyue true fairy was originally eleven true fairy strong.
But now there are only six people left in dozens of breathing battlefields!
With three heads and six arms, the thunder emperor has a monstrous momentum, and he has occupied the wind with a shocking gun!
"Thunder handprint!"
Leihuang light drink a outstretched palm across the virtual toward the two true fairy took to the strong.
The raging thunder surged out along the palm of the thunder emperor’s hand, and it was condensed and gathered to form a huge thunder palm.
This huge thunder palm covers the sky and falls from the sky!
These two true immortal roots can’t each sacrifice Lingbao and release all magical powers to fight.
But these secret methods of Lingbao avatar are hard to stop the thunder handprint from coming!
Thunder’s handprint hits the heavens and the earth and vibrates.
The original is crumbling, and Leicheng has completely collapsed at this moment!
There are three true fairies left!
Deep remorse rose in the hearts of the three people.
To provoke this man?
This man is a wind-ruined day. In those days, Jin Wang contended for the front and swept the nine immortals!
What if we let him go?
Nowadays, even if he can escape from this place, it is difficult for him to be in the mainland!
On this, the two true fairy elders split into two directions and turned and fled.
Emperor Lei sneered at his body, and the light flashed towards one of them to kill the past.
At the same time, he threw an evil gun with his backhand and it passed as if he had crossed the night flash and pierced another true fairy elder!
Emperor Lei beheaded another person!
Chapter one thousand nine hundred and sixty-one Leave
The true fairy who escaped didn’t run far before she felt the crackling thunder behind her, which was surprisingly fast!
The old man’s posture is no faster than that of Emperor Lei.
"The wind can ruin the sky!"
Seeing that it is difficult to escape, the true fairy old man suddenly stopped his body shape and shouted, "You insult others too much!" "
"I am deceiving others too much?"
Emperor Lei sneered, "Compared with my killing you, your means are merciful."
The King of Heaven imprisoned the Emperor Lei and suppressed the dungeon in Juelei City for hundreds of thousands of years, and the chain will lock the long knife hole and nail the stone pillar.
Such physical, mental and psychological torture is simply unimaginable!
Death is nothing compared to death.
"I will fight with you in the windy days!"
The true fairy old man’s eyes were wide open, and in the eyebrows, generate showed a series of gorgeous brilliance, and a horrible breath filled him.
"Want to blow yourself up?"
Emperor Lei squints slightly.
Tao Guo’s explosive power is certainly powerful.
But Tao Guo blew himself up and may not even have a chance to escape into reincarnation in the end.
Generally speaking, few people will choose this road if they practice to a certain level.