"The bride rewarded me for not saying little flattery earlier." Zhao Bohao piled up the money directly after hearing the old cow’s words, and then put all the gold coins like hills into his backpack with a wave of his hand.
Ding-dong players get one million gold coins.
"It’s only one million. It’s so little, but it’s enough. One million gold coins is more than 10 million rb. You’re rich." Zhao Bohao couldn’t help but leave his mouth, but Ma Huai laughed again.
"Moo, don’t go soon, and the bride will run away." Old Niu Nai looked at Zhao Bohao smirking.
"Oh, oh, oh, but who knows where the bride is?" Zhao Bohao was suddenly puzzled
"Small mei know small mei know, after all, here used to be a small mei’s home" Fox Mei spontaneously took the lead and went out. Zhao Bohao and Qing Niu Rise of the Legend Wu also quickly followed Fox Mei and went out.
After the gold coins were moved, there was a pile of junk weapons left in the whole vault. Zhao Bohao was too lazy to tidy up and threw them away, but after they left, Li Er quietly got in.
It turned out that Zhao Bohao of Li Er hid in an empty corner for the first time after the war, dug a big D and lay there until it was calm before sneaking out of the soil and sneaking into the treasure house.
"This time it’s really going to be developed. God took me to Li Er. Fortunately, when I sent gold, I secretly left a mind’s eye. Finally, it’s time for my salted fish to turn over." Li Er said that he knocked on a floor and saw a bottle of Dan medicine and a secret book with a bloody knife appeared in front of Li Er
Without saying anything, Li Er put Dan medicine and secret books in his arms, sneaked out of the treasure house again and went back to his own dig D to hibernate.
Besides, Zhao Bohao’s fox Xiaomei led him through the fantasy city quickly, and after seven turns around, a huge stone house finally appeared.
"The master must be here," said Fox Mei, pointing to the stone house and rushing to Zhao Bohao.
"Then let’s go." Zhao Bohao took the lead in beating the past conveniently.
"What person" saw two bruisers and stopped Zhao Bohao in front of the stone house.
"Rise of the Legend Wu solved them," Zhao Bohao said at Rise of the Legend Wu.
"Let Xiaomei come. Firefox is ignorant of fire." Fox Xiaomei was anxious to show it.
Fox’s charming hand saw a blue fireball fly to the robber with one stroke.
After the explosion, the two robbers were burnt into two piles of coke by the blue flame before they could react
"Ding-dong fox and small flattery can’t come to the elite robbers. They have released Firefox and fire. Firefox and fire have hit the robbers. They can’t come, causing excessive damage to the robbers. The robbers can’t come. They are dead and gain experience. 3 points"
"Ding-dong, fox, small flattery, released Firefox, fire, and Firefox, fire has hit the robber, causing excessive damage to the robber. The robber has died and gained experience by 3 points."
"Good job" Zhao Bohao praised the fox and then slammed the door.
"Y thief dies" Suddenly a vase flies towards Zhao Bohao.
"What the hell?" Zhao Bohao was directly hit by a vase.
"Ding-dong Ma Xiaoyu released the hidden weapons vase to the player Bohao, and the vase has hit the player."
"Who dares to attack my master?" Fox Xiaomei saw Zhao Bohao knocked down and quickly stood in front of Zhao Bohao.
"Oh, I hit the wrong person. I’m the Y thief. What’s the carving?" I saw a woman in a red bride covering her mouth with a face of surprise.
"What the hell are you doing? I’m kind enough to save you, but you throw hidden weapons at me." Zhao Bohao stopped preparing to attack the fox and smashed his vase at the bride and said.
"I’m sorry, I’m sorry. Are you all right?" The bride kept saying sorry to Zhao Bohao.
"Forget it, forget it. Anyway, it doesn’t matter. You are the bride who was tied up. I killed the golden eagle. Now you can go home." Zhao Bohao said to the bride, clutching his head.
"You said you killed the golden eagle, really?" The bride Ma Xiaoyu didn’t believe it.
"Go or not, it’s up to you." Zhao Bohao took out the deadly golden eagle and refined the magic knife and rushed Ma Xiao to draw two strokes and then put them in his backpack.
"When I leave, please send Xiao Yu home." Ma Xiaoyu believed Zhao Bohao’s words when he saw the blood-refined magic knife, a deadly golden eagle sword horse.
"Ding Dong Ma Xiaoyu, the daughter of Anyang City Lord, issued an escort to the player Bohao Devil. Does the player accept it?"
"Name escort Ma Xiaoyu home.
Ma Xiaoyu, the daughter of Anyang City, was asked to return to Anyang City.
Rewarding the Lord of Anyang City will give players rich rewards.
Introduction Ma Xiaoyu brought her maid out for fun and was hit by a deadly golden eagle, so she was taken back to the fantasy city and forced to be her own wife. "
"Ding-dong player Bo Hao, the Great Devil, took the escort home and asked the player to bring Ann back to Anyang City."
"Bullshit, right? I’m still doing a job transfer." Zhao Bohao heard a burst of egg pain after the unified display and quickly shouted that he wanted to transfer his job.
"Ding-dong, because the player has completed the job change, the system will start to send the array." After the unified indication sounded, a glorious flashing symbol array appeared.
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= = = Chapter 31 Pseudo artifact Xingtian cloak = = =
Chapter 31 Pseudoartifact Xingtian cloak
Zhao Bohao saw the appearance of Songzhen and took them across.
"Ding-dong players can send when they finish changing jobs."
"Ding-dong player Bo Hao, the Great Devil, can’t send it because of his escort."
"Ding-dong conflict statistics"
Ding-dong, because the player is the first player in Genesis to complete the job transfer, the priority system determines that the player can send the team.
The light flashed, Zhao Bohao disappeared, and Li Erze emerged from D after they left, and his own cultivation brigade.
A white light flashing Zhao Bohao once again returned to Furong Town and quickly ran to the old warlock after telling Ma Xiao and Fox Mei.
"I’ll take care of the old man," Zhao Bohao said at the old warlock.
"Congratulations, Young Xia, please choose a new branch now" sounded in Zhao Bohao’s mind, and then the options of BM summoner and big summoner and animation G flashed out.
"I choose the great summoner"