Yuanyuan dragged her to a very hidden corner and took out her pen.
"Why should I hit you? I never do it."
Yao Yang looked at Chen Yuanyuan.
"Then what do you want to do?"
Yuanyuan pursed her lips and then picked her eyebrows.
"You write, write everything you did that day."
Yao Yang threw the ball aside and stared at it.
"I don’t write"
Yuanyuan looked at her with her head down.
"If you don’t write that for a while, I will go to the street radio to broadcast your practice. I believe that your parents are not ashamed. After all, there are so many shameful things, and you think everyone will believe you and you will still believe me."
Yao Yang gritted her teeth. She always knew that Chen Yuanyuan was not easy to provoke, so she should blame herself at that time and hurry up without leaving any room.
"Well, if I write, you won’t broadcast me, will you?"
Yuanyuan nodded. Of course, she always keeps her word.
Yao Yang has no other way to broadcast this kind of thing, and Chen Yuanyuan will certainly be able to do it.
"pay attention to your motivation and your thoughts at that time. I want to see a clear thing."
Yuanyuan woke up close to 1.
Yao Yang began to write with a pen in his hand.
I enjoyed two next to Yuanyuan. This is really the usual writing. At that time, Teacher Xie asked her to study. Show her the excellent articles in the class. If you understand them, you can boast a few sentences, but you can’t write them yourself.
"Not the kui is a good writing. This central idea is consistent and does not stray from the topic."
Yao Yang feels that she has been insulted by Chen Yuanyuan, but there is no way. She is really afraid that she will resist Chen Yuanyuan and beat herself up. Anyway, just write a review. If she can’t broadcast, no one will know that this matter is over.
Yuanyuan, pick it up and look at it. It’s a thousand words too small.
The background and motivation in front of this are well explained.
"All right, you can go."
Yao Yang heard this sentence without even asking, picked up his bag and ran away.
Yuanyuan put this review in her bag and went back to Thirteen Hutong. She didn’t go home directly, but turned to the Street Committee of Thirteen Hutong.
Most of the people sitting inside are Ying Yuanyuan’s aunt or grandmother.
It’s kind to see Yuanyuan coming over one by one. Who doesn’t like obedient, good-looking and good-studying children? Anyway, they are happy to watch them.
There is a street steward named kannika nimtragol who calls her auntie Yuanyuan, and this generation is called grandma.
"Yuanyuan, why are you here today? Is there something at home?"
Yuanyuan took out the review in her bag. "Grandma, please see if this can be posted on our bulletin board. I want everyone to have a look."
Grandma took it to review wearing her own glasses before she read it carefully. When she saw it, she knew what this meant. She was also angry. Isn’t this signature Yao Yang, Yao Shangjun and Liang Yu’s daughter?
"Yuanyuan, isn’t it too simple and cheap to put this on the bulletin board? It’s not allowed to call the police and let the police comrades judge."
Grandma’s tone is very intense, and this incident is very evil. How can the child be so vicious when he is so young
"Well, just put it on the bulletin board. I can’t go looking for her. I have promised her that I will write a review and I won’t look for her again."
She just asked Yao Yang to choose whether to broadcast faster, but she needed someone to distinguish and believe this.
In this way, although the broadcast speed of things through the bulletin board is not as fast as that of broadcasting, the reliability is lost. After all, you can write either of these two methods yourself.
Since Yao Yang doesn’t want to broadcast, it’s equivalent to voluntarily choosing the second one. It’s all the same.
Grandma, look at this kid. It all happened on the day of the exam, and it was solved today. He’s a good kid.
"Don’t worry, since I taught grandma, grandma will handle it properly for you."
After Yuanyuan thanked her, she left Yao Yang with her bag on her back. She was sick many times, that is, she was busy every day and didn’t want to give her eyes. This time it was really touching the bottom line. If Chen Yuanyuan was a child who didn’t know anything, she didn’t know how many times she fell into her hand. This time, she was not absolutely light-handed.
When Yuanyuan got home.
Zhou Xingyue was cooking in the kitchen and saw people coming back through the kitchen window.
"Have you filled in all your volunteers?"