After Lu Chen and Chu Hang exchanged ideas, they felt abandoned. Nowadays, people really have no fear of the so-called ancient god old gods. Both Li Shengguo and Xinghai Kingdom have killed the ancient god.
However, the two men also looked down upon the foreign gods, such as Li Shengguo and Xinghai Kingdom, and they were not United, so they could be so rampant because they were still sleeping.
It is estimated that the good day for the people of this continent is coming to an end.
Lu Chen also quite regrets that there are more and more evidences to show that this continent is the land where he has been abandoned. He can’t understand how the world got to the high world.
Perhaps some of them are unknown, and Yi Luchen is not clear.
However, it is clear that these years have been good after being abandoned and incorporated into the surface multiverse of the high world.
I don’t know how many creatures have expanded in the mainland, and they have become long-lived and powerful. When God abandoned the land, people were humble to the ancient gods, and now they dare to pee on their bodies.
Oh, of course, it’s a metaphor. No one dares to pee in public on the holy mountain of Lisheng
Lu Chen feels quite gratified. At that time, darkness enveloped the earth. After nightfall, I don’t know how many night watchmans have to fight to the death, and how many extraordinary people have to be with their families, where will you go.
Then, people with different positions on the battlefield are United with each other, and the era of Yingjie’s fall has finally created a new era.
After the world is no longer worried about darkness, just as those people who embraced the vision in the morning embraced Lebanon and ushered in the era of Lebanon.
These are all good things, but in recent years, people have been so comfortable that they have forgotten that our ancestors fought and shed blood.
History has become unreliable. Now it is before the after li era and before the Li era. Lu Chen doesn’t know if there is still a block, and he has been to that era for more than a million years.
Lu Chen felt that the Xinghai Kingdom had steam machinery and the national shadow was abandoned in those days. After World War I, both countries merged and developed science and technology vigorously. Lu Chen didn’t know how Xinghai Kingdom evolved.
Chu Hang doesn’t know much about this matter. Kama has consulted all the information through the database, but the establishment of Xinghai Kingdom is very vague. It must be a period of turmoil. It can be confirmed that Xinghai Kingdom was the same as when Li Sheng Jiao was founded at the beginning of after li era.
Now, the people of this mainland live a comfortable life, and the Xinghai Kingdom continues to bring alien slaves from outside Xinghai, and the population of alien slaves is growing rapidly.
Those alien slaves are not necessarily human beings, and there are countless strange creatures
Some of them firmly believed in the ancient gods, and the race was wiped out by the Xinghai Kingdom. Some of them were not so firm and succumbed to the great power of the Star River Fleet, leaving a sentence "Fuck the ancient gods" at the end.
Those Xinghai immigrants, or creatures who were moved as slaves, knelt down and kissed this land one by one when they just stepped on the ground, thinking it was a high land in the universe.
I don’t blame them, because their bodies were born from their extraterrestrial life sources. Compared with people abandoned by God, they are born weak and even difficult to walk.
Or the Xinghai Kingdom people injected them with genetic drugs before the slave migration, otherwise they could not bear the gravity of abandoning the land.
These alien slaves, Xinghai Kingdom, don’t make it very efficient because their production has been mechanized and they don’t need flesh and blood labor to retrain knowledge.
If alien slave owners sell them to Li Shengguo, many big noble people like alien pets, and some nobles have special hobbies. Simply put, they have to play something different.
Xinghai Kingdom earned the resources of Li Shengguo through the slave trade. Some scientific research resources of Li Shengguo are less than Canada, and Li Shengguo is willing to trade with Xinghai Kingdom.
The holy kings of past dynasties have also expressed their rejection of this kind of trade, but now the world stresses not only strength but also system. The holy kings have been educated since childhood, and they are all good people. They are guardians and people who take care of this continent. It is always bad to use swords and soldiers against their own people.
Plus, it’s great that big noble has been looking for the first place in the past dynasties. Some of them have also gone abroad to be holy kings. Even if they are holy kings, their motives are not good, which will make heaven and man centrifugal
This reckless thinking of Liu Chen seems a little incomprehensible. If he were in change, if he wanted to implement some kind of decree, it would be really beneficial to the country in the long run. If he cares so much about you, whoever doesn’t cut it.
The strength of the ninth order of the holy king is real, and all the people in Li Shengguo add up to be no match for him
Whether it is a holy king or a reckless man, a country has grown for more than 700 thousand years and how many old forces have been born in the country. big noble Root is an unimaginable number, and he can turn a blind eye.