This treasure, Hongjun Daozu, has extracted a wisp of innate source after the Xuanqing contact with Dharma.
However, it was unexpected that Xuanqing had given up hope and this treasure actually appeared in his hands.
What a pleasant surprise!
"Disciple Xuanqing thanked his father!"
Put away the western plain cloud flag, Xuanqing hurriedly bowed down to worship.
I don’t want to know that this treasure must have been given to him by Hongjun Daozu
Should be a reward for him this time!
"Thank you, you deserve it!"
Before Xuanqing worshipped him, a sound suddenly sounded in his ear.
But even so, Xuanqing still insisted on a ceremony.
When he saw Hongjun, the ancestors never stopped him.
After waiting for a while, I didn’t relax until there was no sound.
"Today is really a big profit!"
Touching the treasure flag in his hand, Xuanqing still can’t hide his excitement.
Nature violet is about to become.
"But this thing is a heavenly treasure. Will it cause and effect if I take it?"
In the end, I don’t worry about the significance of this treasure in the future.
Gather the fairy flag!
As the name implies, I know this treasure.
There is definitely a big cause and effect.
But soon he seemed to think of something and put it behind him.
This treasure was given to him by the ancestor Hongjun, even if there is any cause and effect, what should he have?
The ancestor of the mysterious doorway
Heaven is the strongest.
The oldest living thing in the wild
You won’t cheat a younger generation and give him a problematic treasure, will you?
Chapter four hundred and twenty Right time, right place and right person
Hongjun is now a Taoist ancestor, and he is no longer the top avatar in the wild.
Before the status is significantly different, the pit personnel should not do it, right?
"Absolutely not!"
Cheer up as if talking to themselves. Two Xuanqing turned their attention back to the world of Oriental Qinghua Changle.