Just now, he saw all the pain and suffering vanish at the moment of butterfly moon.
His heart is full of joy.
Sue ink red eyes loathe to give up any distance is stupid looking at the butterfly month very cannot bear to disturb her.
I don’t know how long it took.
The woman in the blood robe suddenly snorted, "You’ve been staring at me for a long time!"
As she spoke, the blood robe woman opened her eyes and looked at Su Mo’s side.
The bloody robe woman saw a smile in Su Mo’s beautiful eyes. "You are also interesting. How come you are so wronged and your eyes are red when I just said you?"
Su Mo’s heart trembled faintly and gave birth to a little uneasiness. He quickly stepped forward to the peach tree and said, "Don’t you recognize me, Butterfly Moon?"
"I want to know you?"
Blood robe woman stared at Sue ink for a while shook her head and said
Su Mo doesn’t think it’s like his joke when he sees the butterfly moon. He can’t help but flash his body and his face is transient than pale!
What that evil emperor had said came to his mind.
"Her universe is a new life, not a rebirth."
"The so-called new life means erasing all traces of this life."
"She may be a freshman in the world, and she will forget everything in this world, including you."
After all, the evil emperor was right.
Two people meet again but don’t know each other.
Su Mo has a pain in his heart.
Just now, joy has also been washed away a lot.
At this time, the blood robe woman added, "And my name is not Butterfly Moon. My name is Su Die."
Su Mo paused and asked, "Why are you surnamed Su? Who named you?"
"I’ll take it myself."
The blood robe woman’s eyes flashed with a proud way, "I was raised by a group of butterflies. The first word I spoke was Sue, and the first word I recognized was Sue."
"I guess I must have been a great person in my previous life. Sue is so important to me that it should be my last name …"
Blood robe female words didn’t say that finish only to see Sue ink eyes red is in tears.
I almost forgot everything in my previous life and forgot myself.
But I didn’t forget him.