The King of Cangya Fairy in the Great Jinxian Kingdom snorted coldly. "How dare he show up even in a windy day?"
"After all, he has condensed the land to achieve the fairy king. There must be some means," said another fairy king.
Pale cliff fairy Wang Weiwei sneer at a way "that again? He is just a small hole, and the fairy king has limited combat power, which is even worse than the peerless fairy king! "
The windy day is surrounded by a cold-looking man with a long knife in his hand, which is Shura Yan Beichen.
Yan Beichen is surrounded by a beautiful leisure girl wearing a long pink dress and smiling at the Nine-Sky Conference. It seems that it can reverse all beings!
Many monks looked at the girl and laughed, but they were unconsciously addicted.
"Demons are heretics!"
There is a secret method that the fairy king and the strong drink a little and benefit the range, which makes many monks wake up.
"Hee hee"
Ji goblins don’t get angry and chuckle at the group repair here.
Her every move and smile is full of charm and there is no trace, which seems to be spontaneous.
Ji goblin is surrounded by a young monk with clear eyes and seemingly full of poor wisdom.
On the other side of the pure land of bliss, a Buddhist man recognized his true identity and whispered, "He’s not dead?"
The monks who entered Abi Hell in those years were all buried except the truth.
Everyone has really fallen. I didn’t expect that I was still alive and that the Sect of Worship in Heaven has joined the demon realm!
Next to Zhen is a man and a woman.
The man holds the jade flute and looks melancholy, while the woman holds the guqin in one hand and the man’s arm in the other. Her eyes are full of love.
From a distance, it looks like a couple of immortals dancing together.
"It’s them!"
Jean fairy saw the men and women look a cold, deep in their eyes, passing a obliterating machine.
It is also the first time that the patriarch of Tianhuang Sect, Huangwu, appeared in the Nine-Day Conference with the seven emotions, which brought a very strong impact to everyone!
There are not many people in the other party, even if it is a wild weapon mount, it is just an individual.
However, this person’s confrontation between the two fields of heaven and pure land has not fallen in the wind at all!
Chapter two thousand six hundred and six
The number of days of wind disability was 100,000 years ago, and the celestial world was famous and won the title of true fairy.
Now he has stepped into the cave and achieved the immortal king. Such a big battle can’t stop him!
Sirius once belonged to the Emperor of Papman, and he followed Papman to fight in all directions and saw a bigger battle. These were nothing at present.
Now that you’ve come here, there’s no way out and you’re afraid?
"Who are those people beside Feng Cantian?"