"I didn’t think what I wanted to do was to effectively eliminate this ancient shadow monster." Qin Mu Ye casually found a reason to perfunctory replied.
When I heard this, the head office couldn’t help laughing. "This is not something we should consider, but something that the General Administration should consider."
He knows that the sky is falling and there is a high top, but he is not the highest one.
I may be able to save my life this time, but my official career is definitely not to think about it.
Fortunately, the car galloped all the way, and the ground shadow administration station was not built in the city center, but in the suburbs, and there was no big traffic jam. A spacious road led directly to the airport.
This ancient shadow monster was also attracted by those idle shadows in the city and didn’t pay attention to their two pieces of meat.
Most of the filmmakers in the film management bureau were sent to preside over the seal of the film industry and died the first time.
This makes them the shadow management bureau and no one.
The shadow management bureau is a big force, but it doesn’t mean that there are only 50 people in this municipal branch bureau who add up to five teams.
However, the official organization has the resources of the whole country. Although the number of people is only about 50, the actual combat power is far stronger than those who are idle or illegally organize the film. It may not be possible to do it, but it is still very easy to do it.
"It’s not impossible to kill Yinshan Jun," said Qin Mu Ye.
The general manager didn’t think too much when he heard this. He knew that Qin Mu Ye said it was Yinshan Jun rather than Yinshan Army.
It is said that this Yinshan gentleman is the founder of this Yinshan army, but he was the first person in the shadow of Zhongtian.
"This Yinshan gentleman is probably not someone or a commander-in-chief, but a powerful weapon."
"The shadow monster was originally called the Yin beast, while the ancient shadow monster was called the fierce beast. There was once a place similar to the myth. In unofficial history’s literature, it was recorded that the Yinshan monarch’s magic weapon destroyed the fierce beast."
Qin Mu Ye regardless of each other’s situation and then said
"Do you have any clues?" The general manager didn’t have much hope for this.
"It’s really a bit, but do you dare to gamble?" Qin Mu Ye said.
Indeed, even if there is an opponent, I dare not gamble. The reason is very simple. If I succeed, I may be able to rise to the top, but if I fail, I will die.
When life gets worse, it’s still time to run for your life.
"Where is the location?" The general manager gritted his teeth and asked him if he had decided … Ask a position first, and if he is delayed from escaping, he won’t go.
"Does Stephen Wong know?" Qin Mu Ye said.
The general manager looked up and looked at the mountains and rivers about 100 kilometers on the right, and thought to himself, "I know, but what didn’t you say before?"
"Oh, do you believe it?" Qin Mu Ye asks.
"don’t believe"
"If you don’t believe it, how can I believe it?"
"How sure are you …" The general manager asked.
If this really turns over, it will definitely miss the opportunity to leave, and then the real car will run away.
But he thinks that Qin Mu Ye is unlikely to give his life.
"Ten percent," Qin Mu Ye said slowly.
The pupil in the general manager’s eyes shrank, and after thinking about it for a while, he said, "I won the race, but I lost you."
After that, the car turned right and went directly to Stephen Wong.
Qin Mu Ye also didn’t expect this to be so decisive. He still doesn’t gamble.
"Well, there is a thirty percent chance," said Qin Mu Ye.
“? ? ?” The general manager has a black line. Why are you still rising when you are small?
It wasn’t Qin Mu Ye who led the rise, but the Gospel Grinch found the entrance and said that there was indeed a relic of Yinshan Mountain.
From the current point of view, the Yinshan army entered the film industry to suppress the dead shadow, which is not as simple as recorded in various documents
Huang Yuanshan’s geographical position is quite good. If a long-range killing weapon is placed, it can really bombard the film seal directly, which is also the case. Qin Mu Ye will have this speculation.
The general manager’s car is so fast that it doesn’t matter whether his car has been scratched or not. If he put it before, he will definitely feel distressed, but now he is almost half dead and he doesn’t feel distressed about the car.
If this order is made, then he will change to a new car. If this car is not made, he will be buried with them as a little wife.
Coming to this mountain road at the foot of Huangyuan Mountain is called rugged.
"How to get there?" The general manager asked
"Go here!" Qin Mu Ye identified a mountain and then stretched out his hand and pointed to the direction.
The general manager saw this shadow floating, and a giant wolf hit him more and more. His figure became a shadow, and then he grabbed Qin Mu Ye and sprinted in his direction.
The speed is quite good, even faster than the black hawk flying with wings. This is the training gap.
Black hawk is bitter, but the general manager has resources for the so-called lack of resources. Relatively speaking, compared with this group of illegal organizations and idle filmmakers, it is naturally a day by day.
Chapter 24 Ancient Weapons Yinshan Jun
Qin Mu Ye guided them to the place soon.
A hole covered by all kinds of weeds, falling rocks, etc. Even the head office may not be able to see it if Qin Mu Ye carefully identified it.
"You really have Professor Li in the sleeping trough. You are really awesome." The general manager felt that this was a big baby before he had to swear at this time. Now he thinks this is the ancestor.
Fold the work? No, no, don’t find the ancient weapon of the famous Yinshan Jun, then he will rise to the top directly.
"Come on, let’s go in." The general manager drew a wolf’s first knife from the waist and was easily cut into pieces by him.