Master Guangwen said, "It’s not difficult to find out such things as Miss Tooth Wisdom, so I’ll forgive the poor monk no longer."
Duan Mufu still stubbornly asked, "Can wu-tang clan be involved?"
Most teachers are silent, and anyone who refuses to answer this way will be at a loss because of his status and martial arts accomplishments.
Duan Mufu said, "Master, if you feel inconvenient, don’t say anything. Just give me the default if I say it right!"
Now, if you don’t deny it, it’s like answering Master Duanmu Fuguang’s question, "I don’t care if you ask a hundred schools. Can you count all 100 schools as a part?"
Duanmu Fu said with a smile, "If I ask three schools, you don’t answer. Even if these three schools ask me about it in the future, I can tell the master’s name."
It is widely known that the master said, "In this case, it is good to deny everything."
Duanmu fu issued a feminine smile "such as? Can a master deal with the world in silence? But if you want to deny it, that’s fine. It can also be said that it is just what I want. "
After a pause, she said, "I’ll start from the beginning, but the four factions are one?"
It was widely heard that the master said, "Didn’t the poor monk long ago deny that it was one of the four factions?"
Duan Mufu said, "What about wu-tang clan?"
Master Guangwen was about to deny it when he suddenly found himself caught in her trap.
What’s more, she specially asked him from the beginning to deny that Shaolin Temple was one of the four schools.
Then, if he denies his family’s share, it is enough to prove that he denies that his position has failed, but he feels that this Duanmu Fu is really a clever policeman who is full of cunning and resourcefulness to prevent people from being punished.
He can’t guess whether the other party really wants to use him to make some excuses. If so, wouldn’t this blanket denial help each other instead? Secondly, he glanced outside the house several times, but he couldn’t see anything. It was dark, so it was a great mystery that some people outside were listening to the house.
He thought to himself, "I might as well tell her the remaining three factions as she intended, or I could stop her by temporarily distracting her and letting me know her exact position."
I read this for a lifetime and said slowly, "Since Miss Duanmu is very determined to know what happened in the past, the poor monk might as well make you get what you want. Then wu-tang clan was also one of the four factions who besieged the jade-faced fairy fox together."
Duanmu Fu mused, "wu-tang clan is one of the Shaolin Temple suspects, so it has been reduced! Because this wu-tang clan is also the most powerful temple with the potential of a family. "
What’s the secret of Miss Duanmu? Don’t tell the poor monk honestly to see if there is anything I can do? "
Duan Mufu said, "Master, if you really have such sincerity, I really want it."
Master Guang Wen said, "I can’t think of a sincere reason?"
Duan Mufu was about to hear Cui Abo say, "Miss, we have another visitor!"
Duan Mufu said, "Since there is a guest here, please wait patiently for a while until I have seen the guest before continuing to talk."
It’s no good saying, "Go ahead, miss. I’m not in a hurry anyway."
Duanmu Fu walked out, leaving Master Guang Wen alone in the dark. He waited for a moment and then moved to the door.
Took two steps to the right corner with a sepulchral accent. "Master, please don’t move. This room is decorated with a lot of poisons. hidden weapons naturally can’t stand the master as usual. However, Master Mu’s hands can’t move. With Miss Duanmu’s decoration, Master Fa may not be able to be safe."
Master Guangwen did not dare to move himself. Fortunately, he was a monk with dozens of patience, and he was able to keep looking and saying nothing. After a while, the boss listened to Duanmu Fuyin coming out from another corner. She said, "I am deeply sorry for the waiting."
Master Guangwen said, "Miss, will you be back soon? What a surprise to the poor monk! "
Duan Mufu said, "Is the master surprised?"
Master Guang Wen said, "The poor monk’s visitor must be the head of wu-tang clan, Cheng Lao Xian Chang. If it is his old lady, how can he return to this place in a short time?"
Duanmu Fu said, "Master, that’s right. I thought so earlier. But things are so strange that the old immortals are so sorry for their status that they won’t make moves."
Master Guang Wen thought for a moment, and then added, "Old Immortal Cheng traveled in the Jianghu to practice good deeds before he ascended to the position of the head of the household. At that time, he was not only skilled in martial arts, but also more witty. Therefore, his behavior today makes people guess. It is not really a strange thing."
Duan Mufu said, "That’s what I think."
It is widely known that the master said, "As an old saying goes, great minds think alike."
Duan Mufu said, "Master didn’t flatter me too much."
It is widely known that the master said, "On the contrary, the poor monk dared to attach himself to the young lady, fearing that it would be difficult to do more than he could do, and even the poor monk himself gave birth to this feeling."
Duanmu Fu said, "A master must be too modest, but he can argue for the length of a day, but when it comes to his extensive experience, I am far from being a master."
He paused for a moment and then said, "Cheng Lao Xian Chang is really wily, like crossing a river like a gazelle, which makes it difficult to find traces of personnel before and after. I am so upset!"
Master Guang Wen said, "I don’t know what strange means Cheng Lao Xian Chang has used to make a smart lady even frightened?"