"Humming young players" ice clan old man with a wave of his sleeve cold face.
"The ice emperor’s predecessors had heard that Liu Yu’s mouth was a set of unusual etiquette, and now it is indeed the case."
It is obvious that the genius of Tsing Yi Gate is sarcastic to Liu Yu and the code word is deliberately ridiculed.
"I have retired for many years, alas … I can’t believe that this short span of decades is so crazy."
The ice emperor seems to lament, but his face is full of murder.
"Oh, I have crazy money. What’s the matter?"
Liu Yudao’s routine is so dramatic that he has to force a lot of nonsense if he wants to fight or not. I stimulate you and call me crazy.
Can force Wang Cheng to admit it?
"Well, since you are so forced to die, the old man is too lazy to start work. Let’s die and apologize. Our ice people are dead. If you take your own life, you will leave a corpse."
The ice emperor said that he didn’t seem to feel any fear because Liu Yu’s strength was demigod.
"What about you?"
Liu Yu’s eyes looked at the bronze mirror hanging overhead at the Tsing Yi Gate, and his face was uglier than that of a genius.
"It seems that your consciousness is not high."
This genius is the most outstanding in Tsing Yi Gate. Although his strength is not demigod, the bronze mirror above his head is very mysterious and radiant, which is very magnificent.
"Come straight."
Liu Yushen had a blazing brilliance. Chen Jiali stepped back, and so did her sweet shoulder, which was the two fairy fish Xianbao.
"Liu Yuge, the old man is very strong. Let me do it."
Liu Yu nodded if others smiled, "That’s good to be careful."
Liu Yu’s head rushed up with an ancient pagoda. This ancient powerful instrument is extremely powerful. Although I don’t know if it can be compared with the mirror on the head of the genius of Tsing Yi Gate, it should not be too bad, right?
"The two sides are fighting, but both of them are demigods."
Someone in the Qingyimen camp lamented.
It’s too much to force the people in the government to be all ubers.
The genius in Tsing Yi Gate’s face sank slightly, and he read the secret method. Suddenly, the bronze mirror roared and the surrounding area of the bronze mirror filled with clouds.
Not only that, a beam of fairy light penetrated the sky, just like the fairy light rushed up in the door of Tsing Yi some time ago.
"oh? Isn’t the bodhi old zu of Qingyimen promoted to deification these days? But this mysterious mirror was refined by sacrifice? " Liu Yu coldly stared at the bronze mirror.
This is at least the sacristy, right?
But I don’t know what the ancient pagoda is in my own hands. Can it be positive?
It’s no wonder that the genius of Tsing Yi Gate dared to come out with the strength of Yuan House. It seems that it is this mysterious mirror that he relies on.
Each other without language directly against the xuan mirror killed.
It was a horrible scene, and the fairy light shone in the direction of Liu Yu, like a sharp Excalibur.
"Whoa, whoa ~ ~ ~"
Liu Yu rushed up a row of jade all over his body, and then exploded one by one to form a shining array of shields.
When the peerless Hallows came out, even Liu Yu’s hands were numb when he stopped them.
However, the ancient pagoda suspended above his head didn’t have any dynamic and static methods. Finally, Liu Yu couldn’t lift the bone and just smashed it out.
This move moved his physical strength and broke it.
In the face of the sacristy, the sacristy has been detached and sublimated to a rather horrible level.
But the most important thing for him is a magic weapon. This bone stick is very mysterious and has not melted after being swallowed by the gold crocodile.
"Knock! !”
Liu Yu banged on the mysterious mirror twice in a row with a white bone in his hand. The mirror is very thick and will be shot down.
"Ghost kill!"
The genius of Tsing Yi Gate set off again and the Xuan mirror rotated to nullify a fairy light again.
Liu Yu’s body transformation flashed the blow, but the earth was immediately blown out of a sinkhole.