an instant
The surrounding scene has changed.
The place where he and the sheriff lived changed from a bonfire party to a desolate house.
Not far from them, some little girls are playing while singing nursery rhymes.
"One, two … he will come to you.
Three, four … Lock your door.
Five, six … Hold on to your sheets.
Seven, … You will stop breathing.
Nine, ten … You can’t sleep … "
The song is deep and gloomy, revealing an ominous meaning.
In the face of this strange scene, the sheriff left a cold sweat on his forehead.
People know that he has fallen into the field of Freddy.
Few people have been able to escape from here for decades.
Ignored his nervousness and the strange atmosphere around him.
Olga seriously commented.
"This song is no good.
Rhythm and melody can be regarded as the golden mean, and even Lang Lang’s mouth is not. "
With his comments
After an ugly laugh, a figure in a red sweater appeared among the little girls. He asked Olga with a malicious grin.
Is this nursery rhyme really ugly? "
Olga answered seriously
"Of course!
According to the English pronunciation, the tone of the first sentence of the lyrics is suitable for lengthening, which will better create the atmosphere, while the second sentence of the lyrics is too simple, and it is a problem whether the third sentence needs to be changed directly to a synonym or intonation … "
Gold lecturers don’t joke at this time.
After a few minutes, I listened to Olga’s analysis.
Freddy froze.
The grimace of a grin disappeared.
Olga’s speech is too professional, and he has heard it.
He deeply understands that the ocean of knowledge is really deep, and he is too young to be true.
If possible, he wish he hadn’t ask that question just now.
I’m sorry, I really didn’t know you were so professional …’
Chapter 367 You shouldn’t take it seriously?
Ten minutes passed.
Looking at still bragging about Olga Freddy raised his hand and looked at his watch.
The charred face showed some difficulty.
"A … can you stop a little? I want to kill someone."
Olga frowned when he heard that the topic was only halfway through. "Stop what?"
Dream Chaplin-Freddy muttered some dissatisfaction.
"I’m going to kill someone. I’m in a hurry!"
Olga looked shocked. "Kill people?"
If it were for other reasons, he might be very dissatisfied.
But for this reason, he is obviously not dissatisfied with being an abyss demon
So quite happy nodded very agree and said
"That’s good!
Killing and setting fire has always been beneficial to physical and mental health. It really shouldn’t be delayed! "
“? ? ?”
Hearing these conversations, the sheriff felt that he was involved in the alien forum, which was full of question marks.
The way these two guys communicate made him completely unable to understand.
They said it was English, but he just didn’t understand
"that’s good!"
Freddy got excited when he got an answer from Olga for a moment.
Have a fierce look in your eyes.
After looking back and forth for a few times, Sheriff Olga grinned.
The neck has evolved into several flesh-and-blood springs just like it can expand and contract.
Head directly over the distance of several meters, Zhang himself was full of fangs and his mouth bit the sheriff’s ear.
Pull hard!
With screams, bright red blood gushed out.
Retract your long neck and spit out your ears with blood in your mouth.
Freddy felt the sheriff’s heartfelt fear and was so excited that he could hardly rub his hands with metal claws.
"I haven’t started work for several years …
This delicious smell of fear really makes me feel heart … "