Xu Le was a little excited by the sense of sight that this senior master kept martial arts cheats.
He hurriedly carefully took out the box and confirmed that it was an ordinary antique, not a relic of the ancient sound. After that, Xu Le black rod pried the lock.
The lock core is rusted, otherwise he can keep one.
A box of letters appeared in front of Xu Le, and Xu Le had a bad feeling when he saw this thing.
[Paper polluted by ancient sounds and multiple energies]
Introduce to my lover …
[Paper polluted by ancient sounds and multiple energies]
To my family …
[Paper polluted by ancient sounds and multiple energies]
Introduce the loss of my love …
See Xu Le corners of the mouth can’t help sobbing at last. Why do you say you are so affectionate in the tree hole?
He never did this kind of chatting when he was a child.
Even if he digs a hole to hide something, he’s a hoard of shit, and he carefully wraps it in paper and puts it in a box until someone finds it.
"I don’t know whether to say affectionate or worthless when I die with my own love."
There is a slightly different booklet at the end of the page.
In the Millennium, this thing has not changed at all, and it has not been polluted by the ancient sound and energy. It is a very special thing.
It’s the origin of ancient warlocks to cultivate secrets.
Without being polluted by ancient sounds, there would be no ancient sounds and many secret signs, which led to Xu Le’s illiteracy.
"Hey, illiteracy, take it back and let others translate it."
Xu Le glanced at it and poked it with a toad stick.
"Don’t go too far. Now I can’t take this tree away. If you eat it up, how can I tell those officials when I return to the city?"
"I know it."
"You have a hammer and the trees are bald."
Toad was driven away by Xu Le after all. The original idea of Xu Le was to eat the tree and find out that after doing this, he could also lick the leaves and branches.
After Toad left, Xu Le sank into the mother tree world with two bundles of old branches of Guyindo.
Tinkling once again, with previous experience, Xu Le already knows that this is a hammered prosthetic limb here in Chixiao.
Ordinary physical law was brought into this world, but many relics of ancient music can
That is to say, Chixiao has the ability to forge or modify relics?
"Why are you here again?" See you again. Chixiao is wearing armor.
"I’ll sacrifice something and leave immediately."
Xu Le put two bundles of ancient branches in front of the mother tree. After seeing these branches, Chixiao frowned slightly.
"There are many trees in ancient sounds?"
"it’s a dead tree"
It’s really a waste of time for Xu Le to cut off so many branches like this when he heard Xu Le say that it was a dead tree and nodded slightly if he was still alive.
"Can I have a piece?"
"Sure, but there are so many here."
Xu Le is very generous.
Chixiao nodded slightly to Xu Le after getting an ancient sound and many branches.
"Thanks a lot"
"You’re welcome. I’m also taken care of by adults in Chixiao on weekdays."