"archer!" As soon as he wanted archers to attack the female monk who was also a martial arts practitioner, he saw the light flash, and then the two archers were directly turned into coke.
He had seen the female monk clearly, but the result made him desperate. "It’s then!"
It’s definitely a female monk then. The eagle hook nose can clearly feel that the unique aura of the monk then is followed by a female practitioner in the construction period. Think again about the silver sword female practitioner who is raging in the samurai array. His heart seems to be frozen and shouted, "This is a misunderstanding! This is a misunderstanding! "
It was his voice that just fell over there and he recovered his breath. Liu Qingyun has already shot "Comet attacks the moon!"
A half-moon ring exploded just as the friar at the beginning of the preconditions had painstakingly launched a dragon and collided with it. As a result, the dragon was chopped and collided with the half-moon circle, and then the comet dragged its long tail to defeat the whole dragon and manipulated the dragon. At the beginning of the preconditions, the friar was shocked and sprayed out with one mouthful blood.
"predecessors! This is a misunderstanding! " Hawk hook nose shouted as he prepared to display the LeiFu that he had hidden for years. "Misunderstanding!"
But he hasn’t caught LeiFu water over there. Ling Bo has cast a Ziyang true ice tactic. This is when she resisted the Armageddon killer’s cash. It was even more powerful. The four wooden dragons were all in a cold place, and several purple ice flowers fell from the sky. Two monks in the gas refining period even cast a magic skill and were directly destroyed.
Eagle hook nose and the younger brother beside him didn’t see blood, but they were all cold. I don’t know how much blood has gushed out of that eagle hook nose.
Yelled, "I’m Mulongzong. You can’t kill me. My master is Bai Sven …"
His words haven’t finished yet. Mei Lansi has imposed a magic. They can’t move. They can’t even speak. Bai Yujin has killed the silver sword. Yin Hua flashed Mulongzong. This scout team has been destroyed.
"Stupid disciples should turn around and run when they meet such a strong opponent. It’s really stupid to have to hold on!" Bai Yujin has washed the blood of tapiscia sinensis’s sword with a hydraulic stroke. "After encountering this situation, you should ride Zhu Er and run quickly!"
Then she stepped on the eagle hook nose angrily. "I’ll kill you if you want to kill my apprentice!" Well, I’m in a good mood to leave you a corpse! "
There water Ling Bo took out a handkerchief to help LiuQingYun wipe the corners of the mouth blood "Qingyun after this kind of situation to listen to Yujin! Hum, you ignorant things! "
Melanie over there bowed her head and said in a low voice, "It’s all because I shouldn’t let Qingyun come out to act alone! He refused to run, and it must be because of me! "
She said softly, "You are so stupid! No matter what I do, I can get rid of them if you bring them here in the later stage of the foundation! "
She didn’t know that Liu Qingyun was suddenly coming or not, but Liu Qingyun was afraid of leading this group of people to the lake and hurting herself. Here, it was difficult to speak, so she took a little affection
Mountain hare, Liu Qingyun’s shoulder, jumped around with the three women’s tone and shoulders to make Bai Yujin’s eyes light up. "What a beautiful rabbit!"
"That’s right! Is it cute or Mountain hare is not afraid of life at all! "
"Master Ling Bo, don’t underestimate it!" Liu Qingyun was afraid that three women would take this little Mountain hare to add vegetables. "It helped a lot and put a bunch of ice arrows!"
"yes! Know! " Over there, Mei Lansi has already robbed Mountain hare, and he likes it very much. "This is Blue Moon Valley’s unique Mountain hare who is timid and can put ice arrows … Well, it’s still less prestige. What can Mountain hare feed?"
"No, I just finished feeding!"
Mei Lansi touched Mountain hare’s supple hair and scratched his long ears and looked at it carefully. "The order is really not low. It must have helped you put a lot of ice arrows. These Mountain hare Blue Moon Valley are full of its monster food. Let’s just take it!"
"hmm!" Bai Yu, Jin Shui and Ling Bo all like such a cute little Mountain hare. "We will come to you when you take it to feed, disciple!"
"hmm!" Although this condition is very unreasonable LiuQingYun promised Mountain hare jumped his shoulder again "not timid? I’m not afraid of life at all! "
Bai Yujin over there is to put tapiscia sinensis sword back into the scabbard "apprentice to work! Make more efforts to get you more meat later! "
Liu Qingyun asked inexplicably, "What do you do?"
Bai Yujin rightfully said, "Destroy the bodies! Stop it and dig a hole! If there is any war profit, it will be yours! "
Digging a hole is a manual job, but the reward is also very rich. Liu Qingyun has now harvested a dozen bags.
Now he has hung nine on his left and ten on his right. I don’t know where to put these twelve bags.
Chapter 7 Poisonous Spider Mountain