Miss Lin has quickly opened her dinner and enjoyed it. The problem for Lin Jin is to pick her eyebrows and then shake her head without hesitation. "No! The live broadcast is not fun at all, okay? "
"Then you will stay at my house?"
"No, I’ll go back later. It’s almost a day of waves. My family will say," Teacher Lin raised her head with a bitter face and said to Lin Jin, "I’m 27 years old. My mother still treats me as a child. If I don’t come home one day, she will call me all kinds of words for fear that I will be trafficked."
Lin Jin nodded. "It really looks like you are quite easy to be abducted."
Teacher Lin took a white look and then continued to eat seafood noodles with his head down.
It was about seven o’clock before she finished eating and got up. Some nai said, "I’m going back, and I won’t be able to enter the island later."
"Go" Lin Jin didn’t mean to get one free after shrinking the sofa.
Teacher Lin did not hesitate to turn around and left Lin Jingu.
"Well, it’s almost summer."
Only a few minutes after Teacher Lin left, Lin Jin got up and picked up his carry-on bag and walked slowly towards the summer rental house.
It’s only seven o’clock now, and the street outside is full of lights. From the exit of the community, I can see several aunts sitting around and chatting while playing mahjong.
Lin Jin is going to say hello to her father and then go with two cups of milk tea.
However, just a few meters out of the community, she suddenly noticed that the black hands covered her sight and the people behind her quickly dragged Lin Jin into the alley.
Lin Jin’s body froze and panic rose from the bottom of my heart.
How can I be so unlucky? How soon did you meet another one?
"rob! Rob the color! " Behind him came a repressed sound, which, although depressed, vaguely sounded like a woman’s voice.
Lin Jin shivered and wanted to look back at the man’s appearance, but there was a hard thing behind his waist.
It can’t be him.
With a wry smile, Lin Jin was not so flustered after her experience. Although she was really scared at heart, but …
But what does it feel like to cover your hands so tender? Tender like a girl’s hand?
What? That sounds familiar, too. Although the voice is lowered, it still feels familiar.
Lin Jin wait for a while was in a daze. Although the gangsters scolded him many times, Lin Jin just turned a deaf ear.
"That teacher Lin?" She asked tentatively
"What teacher Lin? ! Strip me! " Behind people show some confusion.
Lin Jin finally breathed a sigh of relief and turned to look at it for the sake of safety. Teacher Lin was looking at herself with a wry smile, and she was holding a wooden stick in her hand. What was the murder weapon that she mistook for her lower back?
"You’re good at making trouble." Lin Jin gave her a white expression.
"I didn’t expect you to be quite calm." Teacher Lin walked over and patted Lin Jin on the shoulder. "It’s promising!"
"Will you go away?" Lin Jin turned a supercilious look at her.
Teacher Lin, this bad drama is a bit too much, okay? Before, she was full of her own bad dramas, but this time it’s the kind by stealth.
Besides, I just experienced almost the same thing some time ago. Fortunately, it’s not too dark now and I’m carrying a shock gun, so I’m not too flustered, otherwise I would have been six gods.
"Oh, I’m sorry ~" Miss Lin spat out her tongue.
Lin Jin continued to bowl some life can love squat down to faint said, "you know what? I really met a robbery in this alley two months ago … "
"If I hadn’t heard you sound a little strange, I would have really robbed." Lin Jin looked up and sighed and said, "Do you have to do something?"
"Well, I’m going home now?"
Teacher Lin continued to please Lin Jin and asked, "Otherwise, I will invite you to dinner to calm down?"
Lin Jin glared at her. "Go back and forth wherever you go!"
"Hey, Lin Jin, are you so cold?" Teacher Lin looked at Lin Jin pitifully. "You see I’m so pathetic …"
"Hurry back and you don’t like being an anchor! What’s the fun? " Lin Jin didn’t have a good temperament to ask
"I just want to scare you. Why are you so serious?" Teacher Lin has a sad face.
Lin Jinnai gave a hand, and Teacher Lin immediately ran out of the alley with a laugh after a bad drama.
Finally, I got rid of teacher Lin’s entanglement with Lin Jin, which was a sigh of relief. This teacher Lin really went a bit too far in getting things done.
Fortunately, I have experienced it and I am still calm.
Otherwise, I really want to be fooled by Teacher Lin.
She sighed, although she knew it was a bad drama, but her heartbeat could not stop, and the shock left her heart depressed.
When she came to the front of the summer rental house, she gently knocked on the door of the summer rental house and it opened in a moment.