These days, the media have reported that Starr and AC Milan have renewed their contracts and suspended their reports.
The media are really miraculous. What else have they dug up? AC Milan and Starr are deadlocked in negotiations.
"allegri thinks Starr is old and can’t keep up with his own requirements. In the game against Lazio, allegri listed his physical fitness and body as his own team-building policy, so those old guys naturally can’t enter the eyes of allegri … Pirlo and Gattuso have both terminated Starr’s contract renewal, which is probably one …"
Wei’s Gazzetta dello Sport said that it is the truth that they don’t know enough about Lazio and often make jokes, but they still know a lot about the two teams in Milan.
This incident has caused a lot of uproar in the whole Apennine Peninsula. AC Milan fans hope that the club will stay in Stada, but this loss to Lazio has made the club very determined.
Galliani also came out to support allegri after the game. Although he didn’t support allegri in cleaning veterans, that meant almost the same.
"I was very excited at the half-time against Lazio. This kind of excitement is rare when I watched Milan’s game. I think allegri is right. We have indeed found the right road, which leads to success and victory. I hope Milan can go further on this road …"
He supports allegri. That’s a metaphor. He won’t let Starr stay.
Changsheng also noticed this matter.
One, he looked at it purely as his own divination news.
This has nothing to do with him.
Does AC Milan have Starr and himself, and he doesn’t need a central defender?
But then he suddenly realized that maybe he needed Starr.
Not football, but from the political level of the club.
Starr used to be the flag of Lazio, and then Incla Niotti sold him to AC Milan to pay off the debts of the club, and he has been the main central defender of AC Milan ever since.
But for many Lazio fans, especially those who have watched Lazio football for more than ten years, the name Starr still has incredible magic.
When AC Milan came to Lazio to play at home in Rome Olympic Stadium, AC Milan players were not very popular here because of their constant victory. Many AC Milan players were booed by the stands when they took the ball.
Starr is an exception.
Not only will he not be booed, but he will also be cheered.
He is the only one in AC Milan who can enjoy such treatment at the Olympic Stadium in Rome.
People like and miss Starr.
Although he may never come back, after all, he is a flag figure trained by Lazio itself.
And it’s actually not good. Lazio fans really feel sorry for this
Starr is now a player of AC Milan and two clubs. Now AC Milan naturally cannot sell Starr to Lazio. It is almost impossible to see Starr playing in the Biancocelesti jersey again.
Look at Rome next door. Although their grades are not as good as Lazio’s, the flag in their team has always been there, which is something they can be proud of.
Roma fans are now attacking Lazio on this matter, saying that although they have won many titles, they have no soul and flag of their own.
At present, all the outstanding players in Lazio are foreign players, but none of them are trained by Lazio itself.
Changsheng knows how Lazio fans feel about Starr.
It would be a great gift for those fans if Starr could be brought back.
Starr’s age and physical fitness are in Lazio’s tactical system. In fact, he can’t play many games.
But I don’t need him to play many games myself. I’m afraid it’s enough that he can come back
Anyway, his contract is about to expire, and it costs nothing to dig him back to the club, just to give him some salary.
Lazio is his parent team, and it is estimated that Starr is also willing to accept the salary reduction request
This is completely different from AC Milan’s salary reduction …
The more you think about it, the more you think about it.
And most importantly,
Let Starr go home out of a "habit" that always wins him.
This is still his "bad taste" when playing FM games before crossing.
That is, he will especially like to accept those retired star coaching games. When he hears that a famous star is going to retire, Changsheng will add him to the betting list and wait until he retires. If he sees that he has the coaching attribute, no matter how bad it is, Changsheng will definitely dig him up to be the team coach.
I don’t ask them to help with team training, just to look good in the coaching group.
What Zida, Kahn, Ronaldo, Maldini, Beckham … These stars have all been dug up by him if they can become coaches.
It’s a habit of his, and he hasn’t changed it since he crossed over. It’s just because reality is not as good as in the game, so there are not many coaches, but they are all elites.