They and Juventus are not so good.
Lazio club officials have not explained that this is always a victory, and the Lazio coach has never talked about it.
Anyway, 4,000 Juventus fans have poured in, which is enough.
Juventus fans don’t understand why they can come so many people, but when they come, they will show their strength to Lazio, and they will make Lazio regret being lenient with them!
Although 4,000 Juventus fans are still few compared with 70,000 Lazio fans, Juventus fans are still determined to make their voices heard here and do their best to help their team cheer.
In addition, they specially made a large banner and transported it into the stadium to hang it on the railing in the stands.
It’s natural to cheer for your team and insult Lazio.
When you can see this banner in the stands, it means that the security guards at home in Lazio let Juventus fans enter the stadium carrying this slogan attacking Lazio.
It is reasonable to say that it is difficult for visiting fans to bring slogans, flags and portraits larger than a certain size into the stadium and do their best to prevent visiting fans from supporting their teams. This has always been the main working principle of Lazio at home.
Especially when Lazio coach is a very narrow-minded man.
But today, Lazio’s home court not only allows visiting fans who are far more than the previous record to enter the stadium, but also allows them to carry huge slogans to cheer for their team.
It seems that they are afraid that their slogan Juventus will not see it.
Although the game has not been played today, many people have been surprised by all the things before the game.
The reporters in the media gallery haven’t had time to get together to talk about this matter before the game.
They agreed that Lazio was abnormal today, and there was no reason, no reason and no reason.
Some reporters ridiculed that "Lazio can win the Fair Competition Award today!"
His remark made reporters around laugh.
Winning Lazio has never won the annual fair competition award issued by the Italian Football Association or UEFA, because Lazio has won a number of championships, but it is said that they are sportsmanship … that is really no victory at all, but they can’t do anything without the rules.
They have long been insulated from this fair competition award.
Some Lazio players know what the club will do today, and it is convenient for the visiting team everywhere.
Changsheng revealed the mystery to them in the locker room just before the game.
"When we beat them 5, they said that we won the game while the other side was proud and underestimated. When we won the game 1, they said that we won meanness, meanness, conservatism and negativity, and also won a ball, which was even less convincing. It is reasonable to say that we seem to ignore those flies, and their buzzing can’t change the fact that we are winners, but it is also annoying that flies are always flying in front of us. The best way to deal with flies is definitely not to ignore them, but to .. slap them to death!"
Speaking of which, Changsheng suddenly waved his hand as if he were really waving a fly swatter.
"So we want to beat them in this game and beat them completely! We gave them as many as 4,000 tickets for visiting fans in this game. We allowed them to bring everything they wanted to bring in. It was more convenient for us to give them a variety of things, so I think when we beat them again, the flies should not buzz any more. What excuse can they find? "
"Don’t let them have an excuse and don’t give them a face. We want them to lose their words! This game tells them that Lazio has been so awesome in the past ten years because we are fucking awesome! "
Lazio took advantage of their first goal advantage and launched a fierce attack on Juventus when they played Juventus at home.
There is no temptation and no rhythm change. From the beginning of the game, I quickly entered the fast-paced and high-confrontation competition.
Juventus made a lot of preparations, but they didn’t expect Lazio to reach a climax as soon as the game started.
This surprised them who were still looking forward to "foreplay"
Be caught off guard
But maybe they were lucky. This time, they didn’t lose the ball just a few minutes after the game.
But in fact, their luck is not much better.
They didn’t concede a goal for ten minutes.
Lazio’s offensive was fierce, but it didn’t score.