"General, forgive me!" Death is imminent, and the soldiers are constantly kowtowing in fear. "Look, there are still wives and children in my family. Please ask the general to spare my life."
The sound is so sad that even Xu Huo can’t stand it. "Forget it, I’m not seriously injured. Let the general spare his life."
Xu Huo, the soldier who just spoke, has been able to take advantage of the difficulties. Gao Shun pike has penetrated his head. "You are to blame for not cherishing your family. I believe that someone will protect your wife and children instead of you in this troubled times."
Seibel walked towards the crowd again and didn’t know who it would be. "Ah!" Finally, some soldiers who have just made moves can’t stand this oppression and fear, shouting and rushing out. They just ran out and called to an abrupt end immediately. Seibel Qinbing was outside the door.
Finally Seibel put away his own pike hall, and people who are still alive can’t help but breathe a sigh of relief. Fortunately, this demon is no longer killing, and there is a feeling of surviving.
"I hope this is the last time you make a mistake. One more time, I swear that none of you can!" The pike slammed the hard big bluestone floor to the ground and immediately cracked all over the hall and town hall.
People in the field dare to say a word, even saying’ We won’t do it again’ along Seibel’s meaning, because Seibel said to tell them not to move, and they don’t know if their mouths are moving.
"My master maliciously needs to borrow a private soldier in your hand. Please rest assured that we will ensure your family’s safety." Gao Shunkou.
Although the gentry dare not reply, they are whispering in their hearts that they will continue to protect themselves. What protection can they get when the old private soldiers have been made by you?
Seibel also knows what they are thinking. "You may not know my master’s meaning. Well, I’ll let Chief Deng come in and talk to you."
Immediately shouted out, "Chief Deng can come in!" to be continued
Chapter three hundred and thirty-seven A firefight
Deng Hua has really felt like a thief, and he has been keenly aware that he has been sold by Li, so he will help him count the money. Now that he has come this far, it is good to go to the end.
Deng Hua already had a hunch that Li She would never give herself another chance to rebuild her private army. Whoever wants a small family root can’t stand Li She’s Deng Hua’s attachment to Li She.
Anyway, my family didn’t encounter any danger. It’s no big deal. The only anxiety is that the family security should be in the hands of Li She. If Li She destroys her family, it will be a disaster.
In fact, in this reality, almost all families have no absolute self-protection, and they must be attached to the state, which well limits the dominance of families.
The society is progressing, and every social change is a great evolution. Li She thinks this model is very good, which inadvertently suppresses the development of the family, but it does not limit their development. However, they can no longer control politics.
Li She sometimes comes up with a small idea. If one day she really unifies the sky, what system should she use to govern the sky, namely, the feudal system or the socialist system in China?
It never occurred to me that Li she was involved in capitalism because Li she really felt unreliable.
What is unreliable can be seen from their choice of the presidential model. They adopt the popular election system, and citizens vote. If you are a citizen of that country, you have a chance to become president.
It seems beautiful, but it’s not. Is it nice to have an election without screening?
It is said that the people’s eyes are discerning, but the people know what they are in front of the camera. Who knows their physical abilities, such as being ridiculous in the end, is to look at who can be elected president and who can be the most demagogic.
Looking back at China, it seems that the chairman’s identity is the same, but will the real scene be so simple?
To be a presidential candidate, first of all, you need to have the experience and ability to govern one or two big provinces, secondly, you should be mixed up at the grass-roots level, so that you can know all kinds of life, and finally, you should really want the people to do things and do good deeds.
There are several points to meet before you can be selected as a presidential candidate, and then we will observe who can win the position better.
From a way of selecting the top leaders, we can see the differences between the models, and we can’t say who is good or who is bad. We can say that a model like Huaxia will never select low-level leaders, and the most unbearable and mediocre leaders will never make big mistakes, so the capitalist system will have to be carefully considered
In addition, Li She always thinks that capitalist society is impersonal and people are too selfish. This is not because Li She wants to see Li She, a child who grew up in the red flag, who does not accept capitalist society.
Later, after several considerations, Li She still felt that the feudal social form was better, because this was not a normal society, where people used force to go against the fate and counselors turned their hands to destroy the army.
Li She doesn’t believe that in this kind of environmental socialism, it is feasible to learn some experience from socialism, such as dealing with these gentry, depending on the situation.
Dress arrangement is meticulous. Deng Hua holds out his chest and walks behind the hall, accompanied by Deng Zhi dressed in armor.
"What patriarch Deng appeared!"
"It’s really the appearance of Chief Deng. Please ask Chief Deng to be our master!"
"Who is the general behind? It feels a little familiar. "
"You are blind, aren’t you the Deng family? You wouldn’t know it if you changed your clothes!"
In the hall, the gentry became lively. Seeing Deng Huaru was like seeing the backbone. The Deng family was the most powerful family in Xinye. They believed that the Deng family would deal with Li She, but they didn’t know that the Deng family had already turned against Li She.
Deng Hua went straight to Seibel and made a ceremony "General Gao"