At this time, in the eyes of punishment, Pan Hui’s frown and a moment are already amorous feelings, especially those eyes that roll from time to time, which make him lose seven souls, and his hands directly take people into his arms.
When Party A touches the soft lip, the punishment is really like a mind, and the breathing becomes heavier and heavier. His hands can’t help but hold the person in his arms more forbidden.
Pan Hui’s mind is in chaos at this time, although she also wonders if the master elder brother can appear beside her quietly. Has he really restored the achievement method? But since the achievement method has been restored, is it different for her to make it clear?
It is now that she thinks of people in her heart, but she can’t move her eyes closed. The other party will stick her hot lips straight into her mouth and hook her tongue, and she won’t let it go for a long time.
Chapter 175 Mountain spirit is precious (3)
The other person’s kiss came so hard that she was a little breathless, and she was already soft unconsciously, so she could climb her shoulders with both hands before the man slipped.
Punishment is really like seeing Pan Hui not only not resisting, but also taking the initiative to cling to her body. The evil fire in the abdomen burned more vigorously for a while.
He wantonly plundered the fragrance in Pan Hui Tan’s mouth, and his left hand tightly took hold of her slender waist, and his right hand had quietly crawled over Pan Hui’s chest.
Pan Hui suddenly had a little awake eyes and cried. He was trying to push people away with his hands open when he saw this familiar face in front of him. He was in a trance and then swallowed up by a hot kiss.
Punishment is really like gently rubbing the girl’s chest, and the round kiss has been transferred from her lips to the other party’s eardrop. The warm breath makes Pan Hui tremble slightly, and punishment is really like dumb low smile and then kisses her slender jade neck.
Pan Hui’s knowledge is not clear, and she has never experienced the feeling of numbness spreading from earlobe, neck and chest to her body. She feels like a duckweed floating gently on the water at this time, gasping with the ups and downs of water waves.
The surrounding environment has changed quietly, but they didn’t realize that it was dark. Shan Ye has gradually turned into a new house. At this time, they are standing on the bed with a big red bed. A pair of big red candles are exploding with snuff by the bedside candlestick.
Punishment really seems to be suddenly beating a snuff flashing red eyes feel dissatisfied with the status quo and listen to the ear I don’t know who is talking softly "to her! Want her … "
His breathing gradually increased, and he directly picked up Pan Hui and threw it on the bed, took off his coat and pressed it.
Crazy kiss swept through her tongue and kissed her almost without breathing. My hands were unwilling to touch her through my clothes and reached for her belt.
Pan Hui’s eyes were half open and half closed, as if she saw each other’s skirts gradually, and her heart suddenly moved without considering that the horse was about to be undressed. She stretched out her hand and pulled the other side’s front, and then her pupils shrank and she suddenly woke up.
Five long lights suddenly appeared beside her, and the oppressive breath instantly showed the man pushing Zhang Yuan Pan Hui to turn over and sit up, then tightened his belt again and manipulated the long lights to attack the man.
At this time, Pan Hui’s eyes were so cold that he couldn’t wait to cut the man to pieces.
When she just lifted each other’s skirts, she didn’t see that she had carved the butterfly mark with her own hands on her chest, so she knew instantly that this person was not a big brother. The big brother had promised her that she would never erase that mark, and even if she restored the achievement method in the future, she wouldn’t think that this person was fake!
And she was blasphemed by this person. If she doesn’t kill this person, it will be hard to get rid of her hatred.
The original inexplicable bridal chamber has disappeared around Pan Hui after waking up, and it has returned to the original darkness. The punishment is really like seeing a scarlet figure and five long lights in this darkness, followed by a chest pain, which has been taken upside down by the other party.
Pan Hui blow successful but also see clearly who was just shocked by himself. The anger in my heart is more prosperous.
Isn’t it the man who just treated her lightly when the punishment is really like this?
She wondered how she suddenly lost her mind and took a long time to get this humanity! It’s really hateful to be such an evil person!
It should be killed!
The punishment was really awakened by Pan Hui’s palm. Looking at the woman’s eyes, she was dressed up, but she suddenly lost her soul and immediately shouted, "Listen to me!"
Pan Hui’s cold glance was too lazy for him to talk nonsense, and he attacked again with a murderous look.
Punishment is as good as retreat, and I feel that the mountain forest behind me is accelerating and approaching, so I can’t help but feel his heart sink, and then his right foot retreats and stops his figure. The toes are on the ground, and the person has spun and directly jumped over Pan Hui’s head and landed behind him.
Pan Hui’s palm fell and he was about to turn around, but when he looked up, he saw the other side was dark and close to the mountain forest. He couldn’t help but show his horror in the face.
She didn’t feel that she was meditating at this time, only to find that there was a strange smell in the air, like dust, but with a little rancid and a little fishy and sweet smell. She was in a trance again and quickly bit the tip of her tongue, waking herself up to the pain and judging what had happened to the other side.
She stepped back two steps and looked back at the punishment. "Do you smell anything?"
Punishment is really like a face slightly heavy and nodded. "It’s very light. It should be from the beginning. Originally, we paid too much attention to the surrounding environment and ignored the smell."
Just now, the two of them had an illusion and everything happened because of the smell.
Punishment is really like eyes full of malice. Although he really wants Pan Hui, he hates being manipulated. Today, he is inexplicably overcast. He wants to dig out the people behind him.
The mountain forest in front is still pressing into the darkness where the two can continue to retreat. No one noticed that the woodshed and the well behind them have quietly changed. The well hook turned into a sharp claw and attacked Pan Hui in the middle of the back.
The long aquamarine lamp suddenly shone brightly on the remaining bones and claws, and a burst of charred light smoke came out instantly. The bone claws shrank back with a strange call.
Two people hurried back only to see where there were woodshed and wells behind them. There were dense bones everywhere, and a dozen skulls were flying in the middle hole, burning with two deep and green wildfires.
Punishment is really like a latosolic red flame in the palm of your hand, and the palm wind sets off a heat wave and sweeps away at those bones.
The skull made a few strange calls and scattered, and the wildfire in its eyes jumped more and more violently, as if fearing those fiery air billow but unwilling to leave.
Pan Hui’s long lights have been scattered in the middle of the school at this time, and the five-color lights are shining in Zhongda, but when they come into contact with the lights, the bones emit dark smoke and gradually melt.
Harsh screams came in an endless stream, one to one, piercing the eardrum and stabbing them directly into their minds, shaking them into a trance, hurting Vulcan, or stopping for a moment.
Rolling hot air billow in a moment, and the long light is gloomy for a moment.
Although it was only a moment, it also gave those bones a break.
They are unwilling to go to the skull and wait for Pan Hui’s punishment to return to the absolute being. They are no longer scattered skulls and bones, but more than a dozen skeletons, each of which is the height of an adult male. These skeletons are approaching them step by step.