In this game, Mourinho arranged a three-waist formation in midfield, a group of iron men who are good at grabbing tough guys.
They formed a meat grinder. Lazio midfielder will enter their meat grinder if he dares to come.
The midfielder almost gave up organizing the attack, which was to intercept and destroy Lazio’s attack.
It is somewhat surprising to arrange such tactics at home.
But no one questioned and criticized.
This is Italy. If it had been Spain, Mourinho would have been scolded to death by his team’s media.
In Italy, the result is greater than the process. Who cares how you win the game?
The four midfielders are all midfielders except one Steer.
They simply attack them. They just need to defend.
Mourinho has three midfielders in midfield, Cambiaso in the middle and mohamed sissoko on the right and Montari on the left.
Especially this Sissoko.
Unlike what Chang Sheng remembered, Lissoko should still be at Juventus at that time when Chang Sheng was familiar with it.
But I didn’t expect to come to Inter Milan now.
What does this say?
It says that he has influenced many things.
Sissoko was not the absolute main force after being recruited from Juventus by Inter Milan. He had to compete with Stankovic, Cambiaso, Sid and others for playing opportunities.
But this time he was arranged in the starting line-up.
Obviously, unlike the winning memory, Sissoko’s transfer is aimed at him.
Mourinho needs a meat grinder who can work tirelessly in midfield.
Sissoko meets this requirement.
He was praised by the media as the "new Vieira" when he first debuted in Liverpool. His excellent running ability and grabbing the card position made him the main midfielder of Liverpool.
However, an eye injury almost ended his career.
Later, because Liverpool brought in Mascherano, he fell behind in the competition with the Argentine midfielder, and then Liverpool brought in young Lucas from Brazil.
Sissoko finally had to leave Liverpool for Juventus.
Sissoko is not the main player at Juventus because of his advantages and disadvantages.
Mourinho was impressed by this player.
And recognize him as the important person he needs.
He also coached Chelsea and Liverpool in the Premier League in his early years, so he naturally knows this opponent better.
Before the 2627 season, the Community Shield Cup was played against Chelsea. Liverpool finally beat Mourinho 21 times and Chelsea won the Community Shield Cup.
Sissoko was voted the best in that game.
Mourinho was deeply impressed by his performance in the game.
So when Mourinho wanted to organize Lazio, he immediately thought of Sissoko.
Mourinho’s plan is to organize the strongest defense in midfield to curb Lazio’s midfield operation.
Sissoko is the key part of this wall.
Because of his characteristics, Lazio can be restrained.
Tireless running, fierce shoveling and grabbing the accurate card position … Desperate Saburo momentum.
It’s fitting that he should be the one who upset Lazio’s midfield.
Sissoko is not specifically responsible for keeping an eye on anyone in this game.
But with the other two midfielders in the midfield constantly sweeping.
Even if we can’t break Lazio’s ball, we must infect and delay their advance.
Or simply a foul to interrupt Lazio’s offensive rhythm.
So the game was frequently suspended from the beginning.
The referee whistles frequently, and Lazio players can often be seen falling to the ground.
If it is placed in the Spanish league, Li commentator may accuse Mourinho of being anti-football.
But here Caressa, the Italian gold medal commentator, is praising Inter Milan’s tactics.
"Mourinho slightly unexpectedly discharged three midfielders in midfield. The most eye-catching thing was Sissoko’s appearance … It seems to be very successful. Inter Milan’s midfield strangulation tactics made Lazio’s attack difficult to advance. Although Lazio has many players who can organize attacks, all of them are caught in the strangulation trap carefully arranged by Inter Milan …"
Instead of advocating offensive football, praise those who stifle offensive football
This is the characteristic of Italian football, where more attention is paid to tactical research and tactics are emphasized.
Mourinho was able to use tactics to contain Lazio and achieved unsuccessful results, which deserves everyone’s appreciation.
No one will criticize him. If Inter Milan wins Lazio in the end, he will get overwhelming praise. Even Lazio people will not say sourly, "If something happens, you will attack us."
Such idiotic remarks will be laughed at in Italy.
When the two sides are at war, they show their magical powers according to their own circumstances. If you have offensive football, why can’t I defend tactics to contain you and limit you? Instead of trying to compete with you if you are not good at it and you are good at it?
Isn’t that what psychopaths do?
It is precisely because Inter Milan have something to win that it is impossible to play against Lazio.
Only those who have nothing to do will fight Lazio because they have given up the excuse of "we bravely meet the enemy and die" to comfort themselves.
Unfortunately, this practice is not "bravely facing the enemy" but turning around and giving your back to the enemy. This is a shameful defeat!
A man who perseveres in the pursuit of victory until the last second, no matter what tactics he adopts, is still a soldier if the rules allow him.
And those who thought before the game that we would definitely not win, we just kicked the game and the team was finally blown up by Lazio.
Why can’t Inter Milan use midfield strangulation tactics against Lazio?
Such a problem never occurs in the minds of Italians.
Chang Sheng didn’t yell at the referee on the sidelines, but frowned and squatted on the sidelines.
Inter Milan’s midfield strangulation tactics are completely different from those of Atletico Madrid.
Although the tactics of Inter Milan are fierce, there are often cases where people go belly-up.
But I didn’t mean to hurt anyone