Inter Milan fans always miss the great international era, which makes their dilemma more and more prominent now.
In fact, Mancini chose the league title because of Inter Milan’s background, saying that he knows the history of his coaching team and the demands of fans.
The Champions League is certainly the highest-level club competition on the planet and the highest honor in the club competition.
But for Inter fans, this is not indispensable.
In fact, at this time, Inter Milan fans want a league title more.
Their first league title can be traced back to the 1910 s and 1919 season, when Inter Milan was still in the German troika era. Klinsmann, matthaeus and Bremer formed a troika against Rijkaard, gullit and Van Basten, the Dutch Three Musketeers.
At that time, the shining stars in Italian football were really a small World Cup.
Inter Milan, so powerful, can’t monopolize the championship, even if it has Dutch three musketeers AC Milan
Because in addition to them, there are three South American heroes, Diego Maradona, careca and Alemao.
Juventus have French Platini, Polish star Bonek and Danish rookie michael laudrup, the "three European swords"
Inter Milan won the championship or the most glorious period of Serie A.
Later, they never won the league title again.
Moratti Inter Milan later bought many stars, especially superstars, from Troika to djorkaeff, Roberto Carlos, Kanu, paul ince, robbie keane, Ronaldo, recoba, Vieri, Roberto Baggio, zamorano, Crespo … All these glittering names failed to help Inter Milan win a league championship.
Many stars came with great fame, but in the end they either left or were completely buried. Inter Milan also had the title of "star black hole"
Fans of AC Milan, the city’s sworn enemy, and Juventus, the Italian national derby opponent, have made jokes about Inter Milan.
It’s a shame to say that you can’t win a league title for ten years.
Inter Milan’s pursuit of the league title has become a nightmare.
Inter Milan fans don’t care about the Champions League, but the League title must be won.
And if Mancinico’s team brings a league title, it will definitely turn him around, and he will have a stable image in the eyes of Inter Milan fans, and his position in the club will never be questioned after that …
Solmancini chose the League title and gave up the Champions League.
Decided to wait until the end of the Valencia game before making a choice. Before this game, the goal was relatively simple. Naturally, Lazio should not be allowed to widen the gap.
Even if Mancini was going to Mestalla and Valencia in the middle of the week, he sent a main team away to challenge Livorno in the weekend league.
It turns out that he is right to do so.
Inter Milan almost capsized in the gutter and fell on Livorno because of the main appearance.
Finally, Ibrahimovic scored in the 66th minute to win Livorno.
Ibrahimovic scored his twelfth goal in the league and saved the international Milando network, but no one knows whether he can save the team in the Champions League in midweek.
Mancini doesn’t want to think about it anymore.
A day later, a first-team substitute Lazio scored the only goal in the game with a small victory over Sampdoria captain Rocchi Lazio at home.
Then both teams ushered in their Champions League match.
Inter Milan will play the day before Lazio.
This game is always better than watching the live broadcast in front of the TV
He is not worried about whether Inter Milan can break through Valencia-he already knows the result of the game, and there is no doubt that Inter Milan will definitely be eliminated.
At the level of Inter Milan, even with their own crossing, butterflies can’t change their fate of being eliminated.
He watched the live broadcast of the game for one purpose. He wanted to see if a great event would be on schedule.
This event is not the elimination of Inter Milan. Inter Milan has been very weak in the Champions League in the past two years, and it is not a rare thing to be eliminated. It is far from being a big event that can be recorded in history.
His so-called big event is the Mestalla group fight.
It turns out that some things are indeed legal changes.
Including Inter Milan’s elimination from the group fight and the most dazzling star in the group fight … Navarro.
Because the other team scored two away goals, the situation was very unfavorable to Inter Milan, and Valencia fans kept insulting Inter Milan players during the game, and the atmosphere was also very hot.
The dull draw lasted until the end, and the Inter Milan players became more and more active after the promotion.
Valencia centre-back Ayala was attacked by Inter Milan players Cruz and Materazzi when fighting for the header, and Cruz even elbowed Ayala, which caused the riots behind him.
When the referee blew the whistle at the end of the game, Valencia captain marchena kicked the ball out of bounds and made a verbal provocation to Inter Milan player Burdisso around him. This move angered the Argentines. First, they had a fierce argument and then they started to push each other. Many players from the two teams pulled their hands, but they still didn’t stop each other. In Burdisso, they kicked behind marchena and he was hooked by Valencia defender Miguel. On the other hand, marchena has been hugged by his teammates.
It’s just a general conflict when things stop here, and it doesn’t go to the later stage.
Just when everyone’s conflict ended, Navarro, a substitute player, rushed from the Valencia bench and hit hard with a right swing. Burdisso, who was held by Valencia players and was unable to fight back, was unlucky. Burdisso immediately couldn’t afford to go to the ground. After inspection, the Argentine had a broken nose.
This angered all Inter players, Cruz and Cordoba, who rushed to Navarro together. The Spaniard turned and ran when he saw that things were not good.
At this moment, Navarro seems to be possessed by Bolt at ordinary speed.
After being chased by Cruz, Cordoba and Mai Kong, he still managed to escape from the center of the stadium and rushed back to the dressing room, and the price he paid was that Cordoba tripped and Mai Kong kicked …
Then the big riot kicked off completely.
Being punched by Navarro and running away from cowardice angered Inter Milan players and burned the war from the stadium to the home team locker room.
Toldo rushed into the dressing room of the home team and challenged Valencia.
It wasn’t over until the Spanish police finally intervened.
Changsheng waited for 90 minutes to watch a boring scene, just to witness the drama with his own eyes.
When Navarro rushed into the channel, Inter Milan’s substitute goalkeeper toldo chased it in the first time, and the video broadcast was not filmed.
While Chang Sheng contentedly dropped his eyes and went to sleep.
God, it’s his team’s turn …
The next day, major European media were discussing the fierce battle in Mestalla.
The media showed the public how vicious they are.
"A 90-minute football match is not as good as a 10-minute conflict after the game. It is a shame for Valencia or Inter Milan to advance!"
"Thanks for watching the live broadcast of the European Championship. Navarro’s right swing is really beautiful!"
"I don’t think Navarro has a future to continue playing football. He’d better practice sprinting. If he practices now, he may even get a 100-meter medal for Spain at the Beijing Olympic Games in 2 years …"