Coaches, on the other hand, think it is unnecessary to be so kind to any players.
Rudy Gonzalez said, "The game against Vallecano is in three days, and now you are given two days off in one breath, which means that we have one day left to prepare for the game, and the last day, considering that the next day is the official game, the training and intensity can’t be too much … you might as well rest until the game!"
Even physical fitness coach Elias Dominic feels that winning is thoughtless.
"In fact, their physical condition is not as bad as yours. I have been tracking and observing that their physical condition is slow and always recovers quickly. In fact, you need to give them a day to rest and relax."
Chang Sheng said that I can’t tell you that their physical fitness is slow because they are old and can’t die.
During this period, considering that the team has many games and the players can’t rest normally after the big game, he has adjusted his strategy of making the game skills. He abandoned the second-level competition skills and chose a first-level skill [running undead].
Let the team’s physical energy consumption slow down by 5% in each game, and then match different game skills according to different opponents and different games, but the defensive type can also be the offensive type.
These things always win. There is no way to tell the two coaches that he can make excuses.
"I gave them a two-day holiday not for physical reasons, but for psychological reasons. I fought in high-intensity training at home and away for several consecutive games and didn’t get a rest. In fact, the players complained that they might not be tired physically, but they must be very tired psychologically. If they don’t find an opportunity to let them vent, they will have a big problem sooner or later. The two-day holiday is not to relax their bodies, but to make them mentally clear and full of emotions to face the next game."
Constant victory is an excuse to find watertight Rudy Gonzalez and Elias Dominic, no matter how professional they are, they can’t pick out the problem.
Because player psychology is a very idealistic topic.
Since it is idealism, it is natural to be free to prove that there is no strong and powerful evidence.
In addition, Chang Shenggen is not worried that the players will take two days off to delay training and prepare for the world because he has training skills. Even if the players don’t train for a day, they will benefit from it, at most, they will benefit less than normal training.
Three days later Valencia beat Vallecano 21 at home.
The 442 formation was tested for the first time in the league.
Performance barely meets the requirements
Valencia won a small victory because the team is not used to the tactics of beating mad dogs.
Changsheng believes that if they get used to it, they can switch back and forth between the two formations of 442 and 4231, and make different adjustments according to different situations.
Now he has to continue to practice hard in his usual training.
In November, there will be four league matches, two UEFA Cup matches and one King’s Cup match.
Now I have played a UEFA Cup match and a league match.
The team kept winning.
In the league, the team has nine wins and two draws, and so far it has remained unbeaten. Twenty-nine points hold the top spot, and Barcelona, the second in the league, has dumped more than six points, which can be regarded as soaring all the way in the league standings.
The media found an interesting thing by comparing the record of coaching Hertha in the winning season.
When he was still coaching Hertha in the second division, he played eleven rounds in the league. Last year, his score was ten wins, one draw and the same unbeaten, and he held the first place in the league.
In Valencia, the same is true now. In eleven rounds, nine wins and two draws remain unbeaten, ranking first in the league.
So the media have said that Changsheng is good at leading the team to grab points in half a season.
Why would this happen?
Because his opponents didn’t know enough about his tactical characteristics and style at the beginning of his coaching team, it was easy for him to drill.
For example, when he coached Hertha, he chose defensive counter-attack, which made many teams unable to adapt and cope, so Hertha grabbed many points.
And his coaching in Valencia has changed even more, eh
Everyone thought that he would continue to follow Cooper’s defensive counterattack tactics in Valencia, but he chose a completely opposite tactic-holding high the banner of offensive football and playing pleasing offensive football.
Killed everyone by surprise again. Hertha came to study his opponents in vain in those seasons
It is this novelty of tactics that makes other teams suffer when they face Valencia.
However, the media has also drawn another conclusion that is not conducive to constant victory.
That is, after a while, when the opponents in La Liga are used to the tactic of winning, they will definitely start to analyze and study the tactics of winning in European football. Someone will always find a way to crack the tactic of winning.
By then it will be time for Valencia to go uphill.
Now, no matter how unhappy you are, you always win because of his achievements.
This young China man doesn’t know what ability and magic he has to lead Valencia to the top. Except for the second round and the third round, the other nine rounds are the first in the league.
This performance has never appeared in the former Valencia.
The local media in Valencia no longer question the ability to win.
Although they really think that Changsheng is too young, they really think that Changsheng lacks experience in leading the first team, but it can’t change the fact that the team led by Changsheng is now the first in the league.
In addition to outstanding performance in the league, Valencia also performed strongly in the cup.
The first round of the King’s Cup was promoted to the first round with a 3-0 win over Luda, and the first round was held on November 20th.
In the UEFA Cup, they advanced to the knockout stage of the top 32 with three wins and one draw. In the sixteenth final, their opponent was Su Chao’s overlord Celtic.
It can be said that the UEFA Cup is not real until this time.
The first leg between the two sides will be held in Valencia on November 22 nd.
The schedule is not good for Valencia