Chen Hanxiu is worse than the other side. Although the third-order wind source Eucharist has certain advantages, there are two levels of boundary gap, but this gap is easily pulled to the same level in magic weapon and lighter advantages, and both sides show similar combat power.
The man was again surprised and angry, ready to make moves again. Chen Han waved his hand. "Okay, if I didn’t guess wrong, the pavilion should be a refined heart of the elders, right?" Hyun Jin Xian’s attack power is really extraordinary. It’s a pity that you are far from being found by your silent opponent. "
"You … who are you?" The other party’s tone was very surprised.
"We are naturally your clients."
"Then what do you want with me?"
"Because the animal husbandry was much stronger than expected, our first shot ended in failure, and the price you gave was not enough to kill people at this level."
"If it’s so easy to get you, I won’t do it myself?"
The cloak of the other person has been seen through by his disappearing identity, so it is meaningless to disguise it. This is a man of about thirty years old who is not very handsome, but has absolutely nothing to do with ugliness. He belongs to that kind of cool and elegant person. The most striking thing is that he has a pair of dark golden pupils.
This color pupil usually does not appear in the Terran body if it is body color, but his breath is Terran.
He looks transfixed at Chen Han and Chen Yan and asks, "Since you have accepted a fifty percent deposit, you should do what you should do instead of coming to me."
"Our aim is to take people’s money to eliminate disasters for others, but we charge what we do."
Chen cold viciously interrupted his words and said with a smile, "Thirty thousand pieces of immortal stone is really a high reward for Helan Star, a powerful force. However, for a big elder who is more powerful than a Chinese fairy with a special physique in the early days, what? Or how about I give you 100,000 pieces of fairy stone, which is three times the price you gave, and you help me kill Mu Ji? "
The level of commission accepted by killers is usually determined according to three aspects: the strength of the target individual, the background power and the influence of people in a certain area.
On the other hand, the client has the right to inform the target of all kinds of situations and let the hired killer know the details of his opponent.
Obviously, the information given by Youheng is not detailed, or the root is that the situation known by the outside world is not the real strength of grazing, which is the key to failure
"The information given by Ge is incorrect. We can not only give up this entrustment, but also have reason not to refund the 50% deposit. It is very reasonable to put you on the death list. Because your false information failed us, it not only caused losses to our reputation, but also hurt our master."
"What do you want?" Youheng said coldly
"Tell me the truth, including the origin of the jade brand with the word" Overlay "written on it and what it is."
"You … how do you know all this?"
"Anyway, what can’t you say about killing Mu Ji?"
Chen Han’s words made a crack in the psychological defense line of Youheng, as if the other party knew everything about themselves, and there was no need to hide it again.
That’s right!
He reappeared after two or three years. His purpose is revenge!
In those days, he got a Pian Yu Jane written on a nearby star ball and sealed a peerless treasure. Anyway, the place was not far from Helan Star, so he just went to find out. I didn’t expect it to be found by him. It took him a year to break the seal.
There, a powerful sacred object named Seal the Heaven and Seal the Earth was sealed in two parts, both of which were first-class and forbidden treasures.
However, this sacred object was not conceived naturally, but was refined and deliberately sealed up, which contained a great secret.
What’s the secret?
He couldn’t find the clue key after much deliberation. The Hallows spirit didn’t want to recognize that his Lord could return to Helan Star with the Hallows.
The elder, who was trained in body and mind, taught Pastoral Silence, and relied heavily on him, reaching the point of bidding. The two men were as lonely as brothers, and there were not many real friends. Wen Lingxuan, a literator, was also a man who treated people as brothers in his heart. He had nothing to hide. He told the overwhelming seal and let Pastoral Silence share the secrets.
Pastoral silence naturally agreed to come, and there was nothing special at that time. Youheng split the overwhelming seal into two halves and meditated.
Unfortunately, before he realized what had happened, his secret room was surrounded by heavy troops, and he finally escaped with the help of his hand.
Because the other hand is quite powerful, the other half of the Hallows has brought a large number of experts to besiege Youheng, but he was also seriously injured. He found Wen Lingxuan and entrusted his half of the Hallows to himself, and led his pursuers to other places as much as possible.
The pursuer did lead, but the same sacred instrument guided the shepherd to find the writer Wen Lingxuan, and he was afraid of bringing trouble to the family, which led to the tragedy.
"I want revenge!"
Youheng’s tone was full of pitfalls and he shouted, "I killed Brother Ling Xuanxiong, killed hundreds of writers, and even Ling Xuanjin lived and died. I treated him honestly, and he did such a treacherous thing. If I don’t kill him, I will die unsatisfied!"
Chen Han, a person worthy of deep friendship, commented on this man with a full chest of hatred and said indifferently, "Then you should know that the Wen family is fortunate to have established the Juxian League now, right?"
"I can’t go to the literati again, and I can’t let them get involved in this pool of muddy water. The power of gathering immortals is not enough to fight against Lian Xinzong, and it’s not enough to fight against the master of pastoral silence. It was I who hurt the literati at that time, and now I can’t implicate them."
"I’m sorry, we can’t accept this entrustment unless we get the other half of the sacristy. No one is a silent opponent."
"You … how can you renege? !”
"Isn’t the target strength quite different from what you said?"
Chen’s cold figure flashed up and said, "I’ll give you one last piece of advice as the half of the down payment for information. The strength of Juxian League is far from simple as it seems. You can go to Wen Gu to discuss countermeasures and maybe have a chance to kill that fellow."
Of course, he can’t reveal his identity now, keep the killing secret, and the members of the killing god must never reveal their identity before giving Youheng that so-called advice.
Seeing the two figures broken away, Youheng frowned and meditated. It’s a pity that the other party is printed on the hand. Even if it’s hard, it’s far from his opponent Wen Lingxuan’s life and death. I don’t even know where I am now. It’s really the only way for Wen Gu to join hands with them in the rise of Helan Star.
Before, I was worried about dragging Wen Jia into this pool of muddy water and stepping into the footsteps of being almost wiped out.
Now, I heard that there is a great potential for the writers to form the Juxian League. The two mysterious people know a lot of things and there is no reason to lie to him. It is likely to be true.
"Let’s go and see the situation first, and then if the writers are strong, join hands with them. If not, we can’t think of other ways."
The distance of thousands of miles is not far for Luo Tianxian. When Chen Chen’s cold and Kirin Chen Yan’s front foot have just returned to the gate, Youheng has been waiting outside the gate.
Bring trouble to the writer again. He deliberately hides his identity. Even his name is not his real name.
"Creek wind?"
Wen Yingchang heard a child.when someone asked for leave, he waved and said, "There is no brook wind in my memory. Let him leave."
Chen Han came out at the right time and laughed. "If you don’t know someone, it shouldn’t be so abrupt. If you don’t have time, let me receive this person. Anyway, it’s idle."
"Ok, my furnace of Dan medicine is still being watched by people to meet you." Wen Yingchang should leave as soon as he answers.
"Uncle Wen!"
"You …"
I was just about to turn away from Wen Yingchang when I heard a distant sound, and suddenly I froze on the spot. Then my face changed greatly. "The other people will retreat as soon as possible, and the two elders will follow me into the Hall of Immortals!"