"sword worry!"
Ghosts and zombies are destroyed and mixed in this ghost. The body gives off light. Xia Qi suddenly appeared in suspension and looked at the sword with a little consternation.
Xia Qiyuan’s breath of convergence after the operation of the stone fetus made the ghost unaware of Xia Qiyuan’s vitality, but he didn’t expect to be attacked halfway and regarded as a treasure.
"How can it be you? !”
Looking at the sword sorrow in front of me is not only Xia Qi’s amazement, but also amazement!
Golden light is not a treasure, but it turned out that it was outrageous in Sanxiao Jianzong and robbed himself of his fortune when Xia Qi!
When Xia Qi robbed Jian You’s possessions, Jian You still can’t let go and vowed to kill Xia Qi one day! He didn’t expect Xia Qi to appear in front of himself at this moment, and he still came out from the Taikoo Magic Mountain Department!
"What’s in the Taikoo Magic Mountain Department in Xia Qi?"
Sword sorrow stared at Xia Qi. He wanted to kill Xia Qi with a sword, but he fought back his murder and looked calm. Sword sorrow asked Xia Qikou about the situation in Taigu Magic Mountain.
"Ha ha ….. I didn’t think it would be a sword brother. Why? Is Brother Jian You coming to give me a magic weapon again? "
Xia qi face a mocking smile light mouth said
When Xia Qi came out of the dungeon naked, he got his first fortune from Jian You Shen.
"Xia Qi, your master told me everything. If you want to live today, tell me the situation of Taikoo Magic Mountain at once, or I will let you die at once!"
Jian’s face twitched slightly. At the beginning, it was a great shame. He had to kill Xia Qi, but now he had to patiently ask Xia Qi about the Taikoo Magic Mountain Department.
Chapter 59 they nest
"Hum three clouds sword clan took the treasure of Heaven Sect from my hand, and I will get it back sooner or later! Today, I’ll kill you, the patriarch of Sanxiao Jianzong, and get back some interest! "
In the face of sword sorrow, Xia Qi didn’t care. His eyes flashed with cold mountain and cold murder. The sword sorrow figure flashed and the split heavenly sword was broken!
"Xia Qi you this is seasoned road! This place is guarded by the Three Swordsmen, and many elders are here. You can’t escape! "
The light of the sword hit the sword, and the great sorrow was filled with a feeling of unwillingness. He was rare in the world of Nine Spirit Roots, but now Xiu was surpassed by Xia Qi, a friar of Five Spirit Roots.
Difficult to resist the sword’s light attack, the sword is worried and secretly determined to stay away from Taikoo Magic Mountain, so we must close our doors and practice hard and never swear!
He also felt that nowadays, there are many geniuses in the cultivation of immortals, even if he doesn’t work hard and practice penance, he will also make a big splash at this moment.
"The three swords are proud of the sky!"
Sword sorrow is displayed. The sword light is like red, and the clouds are rolled into a huge sword, which means that the magic gas will retreat!
The Juexue attack from the top town of Sanxiao Jianzong is absolutely powerful and shocking!
"The big handprint of the sky!"
Xia Qi’s face shows signs of murder, and he frequently makes vicious moves. He has always been facing Brother Xiu, who is taller than himself. Now he is facing the sword worry, but it is just a three-layer monk in the then period. Xia Qi can suppress the sword worry attack!
A handprint shot of the real yuan collapsed and shattered the sky, and the giant sword that was condensed by the rolling clouds dispersed with the wind, and the sorrow of the sword was even more retrogressive!
Retreating sword sad face with a hint of panic and disbelief, he couldn’t believe that the strength of the five-story guy in the practice period had come to this point!
"F * * king! Who dares to run wild in our three swordsman sites? "
The great movement overshadowed the evil wind call sign, and the mighty sound of the magic gas alarmed the elders and the old woman of Fang Wu, and the two figures flashed like light, and the divine light came with great majesty.
If ordinary monks see the majesty of Elder Wu and the old woman, I’m afraid they will retreat directly. Is it Xia Qi and others who tremble in their hearts?
Even Brother Yuanying’s peak has seen a lot of fighting. Not long ago, he personally nullified an infant monk, Elder Wu. At this moment, the majesty of both of them can not affect Xia Qi at all!
"The two elders are Xia Qi. Catch him quickly and don’t let him escape!"
Elder Wu and the old woman just rose without any other moves. They were forced by Xia Qi to retreat repeatedly, and the sword sorrow was flustered, so they roared out anxiously.
He knew that Sanxiao Jianzong had now got a huge treasure, which was enough to make Sanxiao Jianzong flourish in a short time. This matter was very secret, and many sects didn’t know it. This treasure happened to be Xia Qiyou’s Sanxiao Jianzong, and now he had given orders to kill Xia Qi!
"Xia Qi!"
Sure enough, Elder Wu and the old woman exclaimed when they heard the sword sorrow!
"Ha, ha, ha ….. really is the first time to find a place! Xia Qi, where can you escape today? "
Elder Wu’s beard and hair are fluttering like sage like type, but his face is cruel at the moment, which destroys this feeling. He laughs solemnity and the old woman’s figure flashes toward Xia Qi at the same time!
Two Yuan-infant monks, both of whom are five stories in Yuan-infant period, have already felt a huge momentum like a mountain and severely suppressed themselves. It seems that it is difficult to act.
Is Xia Qi eyes without any panic.