It’s not enough that Li Yan smashed something. From time to time, she broke into screams in her room.
The two old people just sat on the sofa and Mu Na didn’t dare to ask questions. They were afraid that if they were not careful, they would become cannon fodder, so they could just sit and wait for Li Yan to vent themselves.
Seeing that the granddaughter’s dance training class is coming to an end, Li Yan has not planned to go out to pick them up, and she dare not ask and even dare not communicate. After all, she has not got through.
Li Yan, who was gentle and gentle before, let them say something in front of her, but today Li Yan is something they have never seen before, and suddenly they dare not provoke her.
"If Li Yan doesn’t pick up Ari, I can’t get through. We don’t know where Ru Ru is training. What should I do if the children don’t see anyone in class?" Mother Li is still worried about her granddaughter Chen Ruru.
If I had known, they should have taken the initiative to help Li Yan to take care of her granddaughter, otherwise they wouldn’t be so overwhelmed now.
"Why don’t you knock on the door and ask the child no matter what happens?" Chen Fu said to Chen Mu. Now it’s all like this at home, and no one but Ru Ru can make them worry.
"Me?" Chen’s mother is afraid that she has never seen Li Yan lose her temper before. Now she feels a little infiltrated when she loses her temper.
"Then call A Rui again. What’s the matter?" Chen Fu urged his wife to be embarrassed to knock on her door. He was a father-in-law alone.
I wish chenchen were here at this time. chenchen is not afraid of her eldest sister-in-law
Mother Chen hurried to call her son. Before Li Yan could get through, she knocked on the door. At the same time, Chen Rui entered Yemen. Li Yan was so bold that her eyes were red with Chen Rui.
At that moment, star turned white. Li Yan already knew everything, but he was framed.
Last night, there was a brother who had a good time on weekdays. Li Yan also knew that Li Yan didn’t go with these people because she didn’t like to deal with them on weekdays.
I also know that Starry may not come back one night. She also feels that it is good to stay at home with Ruru, and the next day she sent Ru Ru to a dance training class.
On the way back, I went to the vegetable market to buy the dishes that I need to cook at noon. With Li Yan, my two parents-in-law are really happy. Ru Ru was born, except for Li Yan, who helped her when she was sitting on the moon. At the rest of the time, Li Yan took care of Ru Ru personally.
Not only that, but also can keep the house in good order.
As a result, I didn’t know that Starry hadn’t come back yet when I got home, and there wasn’t a word. She went back to her room to call Starry, and her cell phone was disconnected and she called the store to know that Starry hadn’t gone to the store to watch it yet.
Li Yan was immediately upset. She waited for a while, but she didn’t wait for Starry’s words. Instead, she waited for Starry’s dirty video images. No matter how generous she is, she is also a woman.
Think about what she has suffered in their Chen family over the years. As a man, Chen Rui has never put her first. She has been silently enduring because she loved him in her early years. Now, because Ru Ru continues to endure the indifference of the Chen family, she is so disappointed in Chen Rui.
When she got married, Chen Rui made a promise. She still clearly remembers that she took a fancy to Chen Rui because she was honest and steadfast. As a result, now they are less than ten years old in Ru Ru. Chen Rui has done such a shameless thing. Can she not hate it?
"… let’s talk in the room." Chen Ruilai stepped directly to Li Yan without saying hello to her parents and prepared to take her to the room.
"There’s nothing to talk about" Li Yan flung Starry’s hand "What do you want to talk to me about if you have the face to do such a thing? Chen Rui, just wait for our divorce. I will sue. "
I don’t even want to talk about directly suing for divorce. Li Yan is also short of breath this time.
"I was framed." Chen Rui suddenly yelled. When the prisoner was sentenced to death, the judge allowed the prisoner to plead before he died. What about him? It’s not even better for him to be refused directly, right?
"…" Li Yan suddenly looked up at him with an incredible look. This kind of thing can still be framed. Someone else has been framed. Is he the second Li Ziyu?
Who is so blind? Who framed him and gave a beautiful woman a star?
"Hum-"Li Yan snorted a show of disbelief.
Chen Rui’s face immediately collapsed, and when he didn’t come back afterwards, he felt that he had been set up. Then his mobile phone also received a sexy video of himself with another woman. He called everyone who attended the birthday party yesterday one by one, and everyone was hung over.
No one knows what happened to him, and he himself is vague except this video, drinking wine with his friends and not knowing when he fell into a coma.
This video should have been taken after being unconscious.
"I’m telling the truth. I was drugged for drinking with them last night." Chen Ruiyuan didn’t want to say this in front of their parents, but now he is forced to do nothing.
"What about the evidence?" Li Yancai won’t believe that this beautiful job is spread to any man who is not willing to accept it and is framed and drugged to let men sleep with beautiful women.
She has heard that women are drugged and sent to men’s beds, but she has never heard that men are drugged and sent to beautiful women.
"…" If he had evidence, he wouldn’t come back with his hand, but directly with the evidence.
"All right, just wait." Li Yan pushed him to pack his suitcase and leave.
"What about Ru Ru?" When the son comes back, Chen’s mother will have enough confidence. This wife will leave if she wants to leave. What about her granddaughter?
"…" Li Yan looked back and glared at Chen’s mother. At that moment, Chen felt a little terrible and took a step back unconsciously. "That’s my daughter. Do you think someone like your son is qualified to raise?"
It means that they will never see their granddaughter again in this life
It’s really funny to say. Before, I didn’t play the role of grandparents well. The family just wandered around chenchen alone, and Ru Ru became the focus of their family after chenchen left.
She doesn’t need Li Yan. All her efforts over the years have been silently endured, and she will leave home in the future.
Seeing that they can have their own home by the end of this year at most, this is what happened at this juncture.
She is really angry, but she is also very angry. Li Yan is the most resentful of unfaithful men.
Chen Fu+Chen Mu "…"
It seems that at this time, the two old people were completely cleared up. Before what happened in the child’s body, they were just husband and wife bickering, but they were not at all.
They are always responsible for their families, their wives and children. Now, if Chen Rui is really sorry for Li Yan, they will not be biased towards themselves.
I thought it was framed a while ago, right?
"Yaner, I said I was set up." Starry was angry and roared, why didn’t Li Yan believe him? They have been married for nearly ten years. Is he like that? Will Li Yan, a man, not know?
And who gave him such a trick, so ruthless?