A few months after the catastrophe, Gu Sheng practiced hard every day, and he didn’t pay attention to what was quiet and natural as before. He kept practicing, hoping that his strength would surpass that of the murderer, Taoist Luo Luo, and he didn’t go back to the base bone city to let Hanzhong Yuan fight with the elder. Although this might lose the strength of the base bone city, there were also base bone cities in the magic road that withdrew from the sunset world in time without loss. Other sects were wiped out in the setting world for almost hundreds of years, and no one could threaten the position of the first faction of the magic road in the base bone city. Even if this fighting loss, it wouldn’t have
On this day, Jiu Yin called Gu Sheng to the past, and there was a jade die at his hand. "Master, you wanted to see me." Jiu Yin nodded and reached for the jade die on the table. "This is a joint letter from a sect asking for rescheduling the twelve sects. They are going to call the monks’ meeting place in the East China Sea, and they are not in front of the twelve sects. This time, the twelve sects are in great trouble. It is the talent decline. When green and yellow don’t pick up, they jump out at this time because they want to be among the twelve sects. I discussed with your uncles. This time, the older generation won’t go. It’s time for us to leave things to you young people. We decided to send you to go with Jiuzhao Jiuhu and some other disciples. In addition, this time, your big brother didn’t go to his first song. I have already explained it to him. "Gusheng nodded." My brother obeyed. "Jiuyin said earnestly," It’s not because he didn’t upgrade the master’s orders that your big brother was better We are tall, but because he is steady, we don’t want to do anything. If anyone wants to do it, let him do it. We swordsmen don’t do it, but we must also grasp the scale to let others see our strength. Doesn’t it mean that the’ first’ is better than us? " Gu Sheng nodded, "Master, rest assured, my brother must assist the master elder brother with all his heart." Jiu Yin nodded, "Well, you are going to prepare soon." What Jiu Yin didn’t train Gu Sheng, their several bosses’ successors, was because he had already seen that it might soar one day like Gu Sheng, and it was not easy to train a boss. If it was difficult to change another one in a few years, it would be a bit uneconomical. So he still chose an ill-advised one who could work for hundreds of years.
"Brother?" Gusheng came back to his room before long. "Oh, it’s brother!" Gu Sheng warmly welcomed Wei Fang in, but Wei Fang was a little scared. "Brother, I really don’t know how Master wanted me to be the person in charge. Look at you guys. You are older than me, and you have saved my life. This makes me feel at home!" Gusheng walked over and said, "Brother, what are you doing? Do you have to find someone with the highest seniority and the deepest training? That’s troublesome. I have the deepest Zhu Zhao and the highest generation. What can I do? Do I need two principals? Hehe! " I didn’t see that he didn’t have any opinion on this matter, and I felt a little safe in my heart. "Yes, I’m still a little scared. If I can’t do it well this time, the master will be very disappointed." Gusheng patted him on the shoulder. "Big Brother, you are very capable, but you have always been bad at performance. You can see that your ability is poor and you are confident by" Fuck "before and after the master over the years! Don’t worry, this time, we will help you with everything. "We are still a little uneasy. The two of them said a few more words, and Nangongyi and Yinying found" Big Brother is not leaving yet? " "Let’s go for a walk." Gusheng has nothing to clean up. Everything is in the object. Gusheng and Weifang got up and left the Hidden Sword Academy with Jiu Yin.
Zhu Zhao, Dragon Fox and other uncles and cousins at the mountain gate have already waited for a line of people to join together and set off for the east coast.
Ying Zhoushan is a fairy mountain in the East China Sea. The East China Sea belongs to the sea, but it is not in the category of offshore waters. However, the country has recently lost its national fortune, and the monarch is weak and unable to control overseas islands. Ying Zhoushan is gradually forgotten. Fishermen in fishing villages around the East China Sea can’t bear heavy taxes. Many people have taken refuge in Yin Zhoushan, and gradually formed an independent community to mediate contradictions. They have also become some president institutions, and some state institutions have taken shape. It may not be long before Ying Zhoushan will evolve into a new island country. There are steep peaks, dangerous rocks, ravines in the rugged mountains, and complex terrain. Cui Wei’s road is easy to get lost, and Yingzhou School in the mountains has a "lost" array, so the villagers on the island dare not go too far into this Yingzhou School. Because it is located in the East China Sea, the news was not so well-informed. At that time, the fix-the-true world poured into the sunset world, and they finally got the news. When they arrived, there was nothing left for them in the sunset world, so Yingzhou School was disappointed and only to escape.
Gusheng is not far from them. Wan Li trekked to Ying Zhoushan, saying that trekking is actually a tour. They set off a few days earlier and stopped to play for a while when they met something beautiful. Most of the brothers didn’t leave the mountain gate, so they felt strange when they saw anything along the way. Gusheng was a super guide. Almost everywhere he went, he knew a little about his stories and told stories. Listen to those disciples. No one suspected that Gusheng knew everything when he was close to him. On this day, people are flying from the sky. The river is vast and rushing like a dragon, and the boulder is splashing on the shore. It is a magnificent landscape! "Brother, brother, look!" Someone found the scenery "color" of the horse, and hurriedly cried out to see the natural beauty of the horse. These younger brothers pretended not to hear it and continued to fly forward, but the younger brothers all saw the horse. The whole team was slow, and they kept pointing at each other and gave a wry smile. When he calculated, he came back. "Well …" His voice did not fall, but the younger brothers cheered and shook their heads. He smiled. "Don’t worry, it’s too early for the master elder brothers. These younger brothers usually rarely come out and walk around, so let them. Gusheng Road "is not famous for this landscape, but it is highly praised in ancient travel notes, calling it’ the first dangerous beach in the south of the day’ Feishitan"
The two men descended slowly, and the other disciples couldn’t wait to rush to the beach. Just as they were talking, a rock fell from a cliff on the riverbank, and before it fell into the river, it was "sou" by the rocks of the huge waves and flew to the other side! "It really is a flying stone beach!" Unfavorable admiration
Once you stop this day, you can’t leave. It’s never been so leisurely in the mountains. Before you know it, it’s too late to find a guest to rest. In the evening, Gusheng sits alone by the river bank, and Dragon Fox and Yin Ying are planning dinner. Everyone wants to try Zhu Zhao’s craft. Everyone is busy preparing for Gusheng. He sneaked out and sat by the river, not knowing what he was thinking.
"So much for the first dangerous beach on the south of the day." I don’t know if people are so boastful. I’ll see you later. A middle-aged man wearing a purple towel is behind him.
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The flying stone beach is more steep than this man said, which surprised Gu Sheng greatly. He smiled and asked, "How come Mr. Wang has seen more steep scenery?" The man glanced at Gu Sheng and said lightly, "I’ve seen it more than once …" He seemed to be unfinished, but Gu Sheng couldn’t understand what this sentence meant-I’ve seen it more than once-so what can I do except meet you? Gusheng smiled, and then he ignored him. When he saw that he was silent, he took the initiative to say, "Why don’t you believe me?" Gusheng said, "Although this flying stone beach is not very famous, it is worthy of the name. It is the first dangerous beach in the south, and it is a small one. It has been to many places. This flying stone beach is worthy of the name." The scribes laughed very disdainfully and said, "Wandering around? What a well-informed person! " Gu Sheng was a little unhappy. "The pavilion is also a reader. How can it hurt people?" The humanitarian "poverty" means that this smelly temper pavilion can go if it doesn’t like it. "Gu Sheng is angry." The point is that if I get here first, I should ask the pavilion to go if it doesn’t like it. Why should Gu go? " The man glanced at him. "Your last name is Gu?" Gusheng nodded and the man smiled. "It’s just a confirmation." Gusheng was very strange. "Confirm one? Did Ge come to see me specially? " The man is looking at Gu Sheng. "Well, it’s almost as expected, but it’s unruly." Gu Sheng just smiled. "It’s not fake to be ugly, but it’s five feet tall, but it’s not surprising in appearance. It’s perfect for a small body-but it’s unruly and seems a little biased."
The man was unexpectedly interested in him. "Oh, why do you say that?" "Small although not pavilion said is just argue, ever argue irrationally? If you can’t argue with me but still refuse to lose, it’s unruly. But in my opinion, Ge can’t say that urinating has buckled the unruly hat. This unruly title seems to be more suitable for Ge. "The man laughed." Hahahaha … Well, it seems reasonable for you to say that it’s not unruly and stubborn just because of your sharp rebuttal. " Naturally, it is well-founded that this scenery is not bad in any place, but if you want to move to the celestial world, it is just an ordinary stream. "Gu Sheng looked at him with a shock of doubt." Dare to ask who the pavilion is? " The man laughed. "It seems that you are just an ordinary person. When you listen to me in the celestial horse, you will be respectful." Gusheng snorted. "This is just being careful. I have been countered by celestial people several times with respect! It’s your arrival in the celestial world that makes me feel alert. "The man sneered at you." Did you plot against you? Hum … Then it seems that this account is not easy to settle. If you want to start from the beginning, who is the first to plot against who? " Gu Sheng’s heart was shocked. At present, this man seems to know everything. He and the bodhi old zu conspired against the immortal together, and now it is known. However, this man seems to know everything. Gu Sheng argued, "That’s not what I wanted!" "So you can still be here now," the man said with a sneer at Gu Sheng. "What’s the matter? Is it that the secret agent of the celestial world is specially looking for Gu?"
I’m a fairy, but I’m not a spy and I’m not looking for trouble. On the contrary, I’m the one who brings you good luck. The man smiled. "Have you ever heard of the name’ receiving the ambassador’?" Gusheng shook his head "No" and "As the name implies, that is, the person who led a monk like you to the celestial world". Gusheng was shocked again and the man smiled "Is it awe-inspiring to me this time? People like you will never go to the celestial world without my guidance. "Gu Sheng didn’t expect Yan Fu’s speech to come true so soon." So you are here to take me to the celestial world? " "I want to meet you in the celestial world, but not now," Gu Sheng asked. "What?" "The reason is very simple, because I don’t know you yet. Although someone recommended you, I want to see what kind of person you really are, so I made a special trip to the world." So what do you know about the pavilion now? " "Don’t worry, I’ve been out of bounds for a long time, and I don’t want to go back so soon on this trip. I want to stay for a few days before I go back and watch you slowly." Gu Sheng was alert. "Why don’t you want to stay with us?" "Why not?" The man laughed. "I just went to a conference to see if the monks are as good as now."
Gusheng stared at him. "Why should I believe you?" The man smiled. "Just because I know that you killed Bing Yan in partnership with the little devil." Gusheng sighed. "His name is Bing Yan." "His name doesn’t mean anything." Gusheng promised to come. "Well, how can I introduce you to my partner?" "It’s very simple. Just tell them that I’m also a small sect monk and want to go to Yingzhou Mountain with you. By the way, tell you that my name is Jiaotian," the man said lightly.
"arrogant?" Jian Paidi looked at each other and didn’t even know the name-they didn’t know how loud it was in the celestial world! "Ha ha welcome!" Wei Fang quickly took the arrogant hand. "What, are you the only one in your school?" The arrogant heaven sighed, and God’s "color" was dim. "Alas, my legacy is unfortunately thin, and now I am left alone. If I can’t receive my disciples, I’m afraid my profession will be extinct." His "performance" was sincere, and everyone’s heart was filled with sympathy. Gu Sheng had to admire this guy. He is really an old fox, telling lies without blinking an eye. "Come to the elder, please sit on a horse and beg for food, so that you can taste my craft." Zhu Zhao hurriedly took his place and invited the arrogant sky to sit down. Laughing, "You’re a good kid …" Gu Sheng shook his head and took a bite at Zhu Zhao’s barbecue. Zhu Zhao quickly asked, "Why don’t you like your predecessors?" Jiaotian shook his head and sighed, "Oh, it’s so good, there is no such delicious food …" Did he really get such a barbecue in the celestial world? Gu Sheng’s preconceived ideas hum a small whisper "What’s the joke?" Dragon Fox heard "huh? What did you say? " Gusheng hurriedly said, "Well, it’s nothing. I mean, I didn’t eat the pig barbecue." He grabbed a rabbit leg and took a bite with an open mouth. He immediately frowned and threw the leftover soil leg into the plate. "Piglets always taste like this. Can you change it?" It is strange that Zhu Zhao was suddenly accused of eating happily. "What’s wrong with this taste?" Gusheng sighed that he really had a bad day. "Forget it."
The arrogant God knows more than Gu Sheng. No matter what topic we talk about, he can pick up a few simple words, which can show profound knowledge and make everyone admire it. At last, when we discuss the practice, it is even worse. Every word from the arrogant God can often make my brother who is in a calm state finally ask for sex. Let’s ask the arrogant God together! Generally, there will be no expatriate brother present in this discussion, but everyone talked excitedly and forgot this taboo for a while. When they were arrogant, they answered the questions one by one. Everyone thought that the opportunity was rare, so they must consult Gu Sheng, who was left out in the cold. He wondered what this guy was doing with every bite of meat.
One night passed, and when we set out early the next morning, Gu Sheng had already clearly felt the respect of everyone for Jiao Tian. Some people had put the washing water outside his door early, and some people had prepared the door of Jiao Tian early. The "predecessors" greeted him with great courtesy, and nodded and responded with a smile. Gu Sheng finally seized an opportunity to push Jiao Tian into the door. "What on earth are you going to do!" The ancient litres of "color" all LiJiao days a smile "what’s the matter? What’s wrong with me helping one of your disciples? " "What’s your plot!" Gu Sheng deliberately asked me maliciously and pushed him gently. "You have to think about me, but you won’t be able to go to the celestial world without my help. Should you respect me?" Gu Sheng said angrily, "If you want to do something to my friend, I don’t care if you are a messenger or not. I will never let you go!" Pride day not care "you are a little too sensitive …" "Hum! I don’t believe you are so kind when I meet immortals. There must be some conspiracy. I will keep an eye on you. Be careful! " Gusheng dare not stay and slam the door and go out. Looking at Gusheng’s back, he smiled.
Gusheng angrily returned to his room and shouted "Gusheng is ready to go" outside. Gusheng walked over and asked, "You met the arrogant senior there. Hehe, he is such a good man. I wonder why he has never heard of it before, and he is worried that he won’t get disciples. If I have such advanced skills, wouldn’t it be easy?" "Hehe, it’s easy to find an apprentice, but it’s difficult to find a satisfactory apprentice …" Jiaotian walked over from behind and saluted hastily. "Oh, you heard the elder." Jiaotian said, "Yes, you’re right. It’s not difficult to recruit a few apprentices casually, but it’s difficult to find a good apprentice who can inherit my mantle." Unknowingly said, "The realm of the younger generation is too low to understand the kindness of the elder …" Jiaotian waved his hand and smiled. "What’s this? I have to invite
Gu Sheng wondered that this arrogant man claimed to be the celestial messenger. From his performance to now, someone told Gu Sheng that he was not an immortal. Now Gu Sheng doesn’t believe it. But what the hell is this guy doing? While talking about examining himself, he tried his best to get close to his companions. What did he do first when he went to Yingzhou Mountain this time?
All the way, Gu Sheng was preoccupied and secretly watched every move of Jiao Tian, who seemed unaware of his surveillance. He still went his own way and got along well with Jian Pai’s brothers, laughing and laughing.
A few days later, I arrived in the East China Sea, because many younger brothers had never seen the sea and had to stay at the seaside for one night. The next day, everyone got up early and rushed to Yingzhou Mountain, which is 500 miles away from the coast. The flying speed of everyone arrived in Yingzhou Mountain for half a day. I had already erected a light flag to show the direction of the venue. A sneer, "Poor people who want to enter the twelve sects actually have such strength. Look at the light flag, but the thickness of the bowl shows that this Yingzhou Sect is a second-rate sect in the front." ""Who said that if it weren’t for the Jian Pai’s brothers all felt unfair. Some people suggested, "Brother Wei, why don’t we give them a good beating this time? These guys don’t know how little they are!" Not hurriedly stop "! Before the trip, the head of the company strictly instructed not to be too jealous. "
The arrogant day smiled and said, "Your leader is also careful that it is not difficult for your Sword Sect to dominate the sky now." Gu Sheng generally pushed him. "These are the hearts of our Sword Sect."
When they spoke, they had reached Yingzhou Island, retracted their hands into their sleeves, took out a white jade die with a flick of their fingers, and the jade die turned a little starlight into Yingzhou Island. Unfang Lang said, "The Sword Sect came to the Yingzhou Convention without knowing where to go."
"Not square?" The old man Ying Tan, the head of Yingzhou Sect, reached for the jade die and took it in his hand. Here comes a group of young players. Hum Duan Long, when you go to meet them, tell them that the leader has something important to deal with. Brother obeys. The old man in Yingtan sent his three disciples to meet the Sword Sect.
The Sword Sect sent people to wait for a long time before they saw a light rising in Yingzhou Mountain. A younger brother came to "greet the brothers of the Sword Sect in Duan Long, Yingzhou, on the orders of the old man from Yingtan." Although he said politely, the God "Color Mountain" had no respect at all, but Zhu Zhao was very arrogant. "Didn’t your master see the worship? Your grandfather Zhu is also a nine-character generation. Why did he put up a stink!" Duan Long’s "color" changed, "Please respect yourself!"
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"Little pig!" Gusheng hurriedly dissuaded him from Duan Long, where Zhu Zhao laughed, and was ready to make moves. Zhu Zhao gently pushed Gusheng behind him and came to Duan Long with a laugh. "Children are not so nervous. Let’s go and take us there." Gusheng looked at Fang, and both of them were very surprised. What was the abacus in Zhu Zhao’s heart? His "sex" case will never stop there. Duan Long’s cold hum is just a little scared and he becomes a little puss-head. His god "color" is disdainful. Zhu Zhao seems to be very familiar with Duan Long all the way into the mountain, and he keeps asking him questions about all the scenery "color" in the short mountain. He wants to make it clear that Duan Long is getting impatient, but Zhu Zhao still grabs him and asks him questions as if he didn’t hear it at all. Finally, Duan Long gets angry and scolds him. I don’t know anything. I’m curious about everything. There is no cultivation at all! " Zhu Zhao suddenly smiled and spread his hands. "It’s not good for you, young man. This is an insult to our Sword Sect." Duan Long blurted out in anger. "What’s wrong with insulting you? I think it’s a pity that you Sword Sect are just a bunch of embroidered pillows. It’s a pity that you are so brave to occupy the position of the twelve sects in vain!" Zhu Zhao shrugged his shoulders and looked back at Wei Fang and Gu Sheng. Now both of them have understood what Zhu Zhao is playing. Duan Long has insulted the Sword Sect. There is no compromise any more. It may be "sexual". Wei Fang sighed, "Little Martial Uncle, it’s up to you …" He quickly added, "Don’t make a big lesson out of things!" Zhu Zhao ha ha smiled. "Don’t worry, Little Martial Uncle knows fairly well."Opposite Duan Long, I still don’t know if I’m going to die. "What do you want? Don’t be afraid of you. This is our Yingzhou Sect’s territory. If I call you, you will be … "Zhu Zhao didn’t wait for him to finish." Don’t worry, if I deal with you alone, you Yingzhou Sect will attack us with this scrap? "
"Talk big, fanatics look at the sword!" He pointed out a sword shadow behind him quickly and flew over his head, stabbing Zhu Zhao with a sword and laughing at Zhu Zhao’s "small skill of carving insects". He took a huge force with a palm and came to Duan Long to fly his sword. He was pushed by that extraordinary force and suddenly lost his goal. Like a headless fly, Duan Long quickly calmed down and recovered his flying sword. Zhu Zhao’s skill is not what it used to be. Even then, this dragon is far from his opponent. Now? He stood with his hands behind his back and didn’t take the opportunity to attack. "Why didn’t the young man have any strength? Was he in the teacher’s mother’s body last night?" He scolded this sentence to the extreme, and his younger brother frowned like Fu Yuer, the dragon fox. Look at Fu Yuer. What do you mean by discipline? Fu Yuer blushed and shouted, "Don’t be so vulgar!" Zhu Zhao smiled back "Hey, hey, I’m used to it". Duan Long saw him talking back, and he had an opportunity to "shoot" the flying sword again, only to find that the viper flying sword suddenly stopped in front of Zhu Zhao, and he couldn’t go any further because of how he urged the flying sword. Zhu Zhao Zhang’s hands were firmly tied with the flying sword of Duan Long like two strong ropes. "Haha, young man, you have to learn that you can’t rely on the flying sword all the time." Zhu Zhao slammed two real yuan and then "ping" a Duan Long flying sword.
This fight has already alarmed Yingzhou to send someone to add to it. Finally, Duan Long screamed and a boiling crowd. Yingzhou sent people to come around. "What’s going on?" Soon someone saw that it was Duan Long’s "third brother!" The words of the Yingzhou Sect brothers came in and surrounded the Sword Sect Gu Sheng, who was afraid that something would happen to Zhu Zhao. Zhu Zhao laughed. "Don’t worry about looking at me!" He pushed his body forward with his hands full of booze, and a blue "color" light poured out. The light was like a huge wave and lifted to Yingzhou Paidi. Yingzhou Paidi seemed to have a large number of people, but Uzbekistan was thrown like a boat in such a huge wave, and suddenly everyone was in danger and collapsed. There were many people screaming and screaming. Zhu Zhao laughed and waved a golden light with his hands. "Let you frogs at the bottom of the well see what a real flying sword is!" Jin Pengjian circled around the valley, and a golden light fell on one side of the mountain. I heard a loud noise and the mountain was cut off by half! The chopped mountain rumbled along the mountain peak, which is the group of panic "chaos" to win the boat. If it is hit by this boulder, the consequences will be unimaginable.
Just then, when the figure "shoots", it’s clear that the palm of your hand moves and the light "shoots" at the boulder. A giant is pushed aside by his palm, and the younger brothers of Yingzhou have narrowly escaped this robbery. There are some people who move in Gusheng’s heart. It seems simple, but it also hides the mystery. If the strength is heavy, the giant will still hurt the face. If it is light, it can’t change the rolling direction of the boulder. This palm must be properly balanced and not too strong. He smiled. " The old man in Yingtan stood in the sky and his face was livid. "What’s going on?" Zhu Zhao laughed and gave a slight hand. "What’s the name of brother Gan Wen?" The old man in Yingtan snorted with dissatisfaction. It’s really rude to see that you are so young but call each other brothers. The old man in Yingtan didn’t speak. The brothers in Yingzhou sent a shout, "This is our head master. Please kneel down and beg for mercy, or you will die!" Zhu Zhao laughed. "It’s really interesting that my Sword Sect met such an interesting thing for the first time in more than 3,000 years …" The old man in Yingtan frowned. "It was a Sword Sect." He looked at all the people behind Zhu Zhao. "I sent the Yingzhou Sect to call this friar’s meeting. All the major sects in the world have to give their leaders a face. You Sword Sect are very proud to send a group of young players, so you don’t take our Yingzhou Sect seriously!" Zhu Zhao laughed. "So you’re not happy here? Tell you that people are also nine-character brothers, and you are the same generation. What are you angry about? " "You?" He carefully recalled a "oh, you are the nine photos?I’ve long heard that there is a dude in the Sword Sect who makes trouble all day with his master’s protection. It seems that it’s you. "Zhu Zhaonu smiled bitterly." Gnome male-"… it’s my uneducated dude who beat your elite brothers everywhere!"
"did you do all this?" Some old people in Yingtan don’t believe Zhu Zhao with a cold smile. "Ask your good disciples yourself!" It’s no wonder that you are so arrogant. It’s a pity that you don’t buy your account when you meet my Sword Sect! " The old man at Yingtan was furious. "You young fellow accused the old man of not …" "You old man still won’t stop. I’ve already said that you and I are peers, and you still bite a young fellow!" Gu Sheng and Wei Fang Nai today, it seems that things can’t be cured. Zhu Zhaolai is not a provincial oil lamp. Is the Yingzhou school so arrogant? Gusheng sighed and went over to the old man in Yingtan and gave him a hand. "I don’t know what are the sects that are very friendly to the seniors and led by the elders in the faction?" The old man at Yingtan snorted proudly and said, "The angry gate of Sifang Temple in Qingyang Gate and Dragon Slayer Courtyard …" He remembered the name of these sects one by one quite well, and Gu Sheng disdained to laugh. "The predecessors said that these sects are just some second-and third-rate sects, so that we can come here, but you are very picky and deliberately snubbed us." Anyway, Gu Sheng has been stiff. "I can tell you that even you sects are not polite. You!’
"Well said!" The old man in Yingtan was about to make an attack when suddenly a sound came and the figure was flying fast. "Brother said it was true that this time the meeting was rooted in some buffoons directing farce. It was already very good for us to come. How can I calculate it?" "Uncle!" The Nangong was pleasantly surprised and shouted that a member of the foreign team, Nangong Wanguan, was flying with an abacus. The old man in Yingtan was very dissatisfied when he saw Nangong Wanguan. He snorted, "I haven’t said anything now. We’ll see you again when the meeting is over!" As soon as he left his sleeve, Zhu Zhao shouted behind him, "With your hands, these losers didn’t even get to the Dragon Palace in the East China Sea!" Jian Pai’s brothers burst into laughter. Yingzhou Pai’s brothers left the Nangong for a long time, missing their relatives very much. They couldn’t help asking, "How are you recently, uncle? You want to die of my nephew?" The Nangong Pai laughed and looked at the nearby printing surplus. "Uncle, you are still happy in the Sword Sect." Other Jian Pai’s brothers all came to visit the Nangong Pai, which was very lively for a while. The Nangong Pai said to them, "The head of this Yingzhou Sect is the old man who was just taken away by you. The area is also a famous master, so Yingzhou Sect is also arrogant. In this corner of the East China Sea, it is very arrogant from its natural enemies. "It is no wonder that Gusheng nods that Yingzhou Sect seems to feel that they are the best in the world. Generally, the Nangong family lives in the south and is more familiar with the coastal areas.
"Uncle, how many people are there at home this time?" The nangongshan asked the nangongshan wealth bobbing his head. "Alas, it’s as if you just said that we’ve given them enough face-it’s because we’ve given them enough face. They just don’t know much. If they depend on my roots, they won’t pay attention to such a meeting, but it’s ridiculous that a group of buffoons still want to be among the twelve sects. But your uncle insisted that I bring a few young players to see what it is, but the elders came to me alone." He couldn’t help saying that all the younger brothers in Yingzhou had already gone and no one had arranged accommodation for the Sword Sect. This is also their hospitality. "Nangong Wanguan waved his hand." "Come on, you live with us." "Don’t you live in Yingzhou School, Uncle?" The nangongshan wealth gave a hand, "Don’t live for a night, surrounded by some unknown sects, but also flatter each other very falsely. Uncle, I have been doing twelve sects’ big dreams in the Spring and Autumn Period all day. I can’t stand all those things in my ears all day, but I can’t stand it. I found an inn in the mountains to live here."
Sword sent all the people to the inn with Nangong Wealth, so there are few tourists in Yingzhou Island, so there are not many hotels. This inn is already large in Yingzhou Island, and there are only more than ten rooms in total. Nangong Wealth has already accounted for four, and two local vendors have bought local products here, accounting for one left and five left. There is no way to pay attention to one crowded together. The two brothers, one person and three people will make do until the meeting is over and the horse leaves this hellhole.
The next morning, Gusheng met Jiaotian in the corridor. He knew that Jiaotian must have a high position and a famous name in the celestial world. Has he suffered so much? Living with another person, he smiled with malicious intent. "Hey, hey, did my adult sleep peacefully last night?" Jiaotian smiled faintly. "Don’t talk about me, let’s talk about you. I’ve observed you deeply these days. Do you want to hear my conclusion?" This, after all, depends on whether you can soar to Gusheng or not. Although you are forced to pretend to be indifferent, you are willing to talk and don’t want to talk, and I don’t want to force it. But there is still some desire to know in your heart. Unfortunately, I don’t want to say that. He pushed Gusheng away and stood there for a long time before he reacted, gnashing his teeth and cursing, "This bastard is arrogant and I am not finished with you!"
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