Le Xuewei’s best friend Ruan Danning knows that she can’t be stimulated at this time and can wait for her to vent quietly.
"I’m sorry!" When Le Xuewei cried, Ruan Danning immediately apologized. If she knew that Qiao Wandong was Le Xuewei’s father, she would definitely not do such a thing! College students who don’t know that President Joe has a daughter studying abroad?
Think about it and know what happened to Le Xuewei’s daughter! It must be a half-bitch’s blood drama
"You … illegitimate daughter?" Ruan Danning of course so know who let LeXueWei not surname’ Joe’?
Le Xuewei’s eyes were red and the universe broke out again. "I’m not an illegitimate daughter. My mother is Qiao Wandong’s first wife! Kang Huizhen is a mistress! Kang Huizhen and Qiao Yuwei robbed my father and robbed my home! "
"…" Ruan Danning actually has such a thing as a successful junior three! Shit, it’s so inspirational!
Ruan Danning silently held Le Xuewei in her arms and patted her on the back. How poor the child is!
"Good good don’t cry! Go and take you to eat delicious food to retaliate against the society! " Ruan Danning even dragged Le Xuewei from the ground and dragged her to the student auditorium.
The student auditorium is divided into two parts, one is the conference area, and the other is the food area. The student union will have all kinds of food and drinks. Le Xuewei cried and went straight to the food area, grabbed a glass of juice and took a big sip.
"Mr. Han, please come here. President Joe has joined the horse."
Han Chengyi was surrounded by people and passed by the food court. He saw it at a glance at the table. Le Xuewei’s mouth couldn’t help but slightly raise. My little girl ate at home, but the lady became like this when she got to school. It seems that he is not relaxed enough in front of him.
"You look at you slowly." Ruan Danning saw that Le Xuewei’s mouth was full of juice and she wiped it directly for her.
Han Chengyi suddenly twisted his heavy eyebrows, and suddenly his aura was wrong … The more he looked at Le Xuewei, the more unpleasant he was, how could he wipe her mouth?
"Three Less" Ni Jun keenly discovered Han Chengyi’s fluctuating mood and quickly gathered around him.
Han Chengyi whispered two words in Ni Jun’s ear. Ni Jun nodded and answered happily. Xue Wei’s cell phone rang. It was a text message from Ni Jun. Where are you, Miss Le? You’d better hurry up and get your horse here.
Office of the President of the Grand Administration Building
A text message Han Chengyi recalled Le Xuewei to her side.
At the moment, Le Xuewei is sitting beside Han Chengyi without saying a word. Han Chengyi and Qiao Wandong are talking about an academic research they are doing in Kan Kan. Le Xuewei is not interested. She wants to leave this suffocating place quickly.
From time to time, she fanned her cheeks with her hands, turned pale and puffed with her mouth slightly open, which looked uncomfortable.
Han Chengyi noticed and thought, what’s going on, little girl? It was fine just now. Did you eat something wrong in the gourmet area? Those cheap foods look hygienic, but … she shouldn’t be given a holiday.
Of course, besides him, others also care about Le Xuewei.
"What’s the matter with snow eu? Is it very uncomfortable? "
The question is Qiao Wandong, who has never been shy about the fact that Le Xuewei is his daughter, and he has no scruples about the fact that there are others on the scene.
Le Xuewei didn’t even look at Qiao Wandong as if she didn’t hear him.
Qiao Wandong is used to it. She got up and went to the water cooler and poured a glass of water and handed it to Le Xuewei. "Is it too hot to drink some water?" Is it cold enough? Do you want to lower the temperature? "
"no!" Le Xuewei frowned and was extremely impatient. The paper cup in Qiao Wandong’s hand was knocked to the ground and the water stain spread on the floor.
The ringing of paper cups made the office suddenly quiet, and other school leaders, including Han Chengyi, froze. What was this? The headmaster’s ingratiation with the students not only refuses to buy it, but also disrespects the headmaster?
The atmosphere is too embarrassing. Le Xuewei looks very ugly when she gets up. She turns pale and looks like heatstroke. "I’m … I’m a little bored. I’ll go out first!"
Han Chengyi squinted at her noncommittally, but Qiao Wandong stopped her
"Snow EU you wait at the door? I want to discuss with you a walk to study abroad later … You are a senior, and your grades are very good. Your master also thinks this quota should be given to you. "
Qiao Wandong certainly doesn’t want to discuss her future with her daughter in this situation, but it is difficult for him to see his daughter now. If he doesn’t say it now, he doesn’t know what chance he will have.
Le Xuewei stiff pull pull corners of the mouth smile to "walk abroad? Sounds good, but what a pity! I just signed a one-year internship contract with the D&S group. You are going to send me abroad at this time for fear that our manager Han will not agree. "
The focus then turned to Han Chengyi.
Han Chengyi sipped his lip line, seemingly shallow, and his eyes were full of wisdom. What kind of person is he? How can you not see that Le Xuewei and Qiao Wandong are unusual? The headmaster begged for a female student in low spirits! What did you do?
I remember that Jile Xuewei was very unnatural when she saw Qiao Wandong’s information on his desk. At that time, she perfunctory it. Now it seems that it is not as simple as she said that students are curious to ask about the principal’s information!
It’s not that Han Chengyi is narrow-minded, but that he can think of men’s dirty thoughts on women in this situation! This made his original mood of pleasing the prospective father-in-law greatly reduced!
"Ah … President Qiao Xuewei is really capable. She is taking my personal secrets at present. I really can’t leave her for a moment." Han Chengyi threw a soft knife and refused Qiao Wandong.
Qiao Wandong argued slightly that "but she is still a student and still pays attention to her studies. Besides, she is studying design and doing secret meetings, which makes her neglect her studies …"
"President Joe!" Han Chengyi interrupted Qiao Wandong’s tone, although it was still stable, but he had been deliberately hiding his strength just now, but it was already exposed. "Since Xuewei is my employee, I will naturally plan for her in the future, so it won’t bother you."
The plate was blocked, and Qiao Wandong stopped and overbearingly announced the attributes of Le Xuewei.
The conversation ended in discord!
Coming out of the administration building, Han Chengyi couldn’t help but break up and grabbed Le Xuewei’s wrist and dragged her to wash her hands.
"What are you doing all of a sudden!" Le Xuewei didn’t understand why he was crazy again. Did she do something wrong?
Han Chengyi threw Le Xuewei into the lock door with a sullen face to see her struggling. Put her hands on her shoulder and let her move again. "What are you and Qiao Wandong? Don’t play with me and tell me honestly! "
Concentrated and enthusiastic, the proportion of eyes is almost perfect, and the lines are gentle but full of anger.
"Hum? Do you believe me when I say I am his daughter? " Le Xuewei sneered at herself and thought it was a joke!
"Daughter?" Han Chengyi frowned and shook his head decisively. "I don’t believe that Qiao Wandong has a daughter who has not returned from studying abroad."
Le Xuewei had no choice but to see that she was telling the truth, but he didn’t believe it. "Hehe … actually, I don’t believe it either, but Qiao Wandong always pulls me and says that I am his daughter. He claims to be my father. What do you think he and I are?"
God is my witness that everything she said is true!
But in Han Chengyi’s ears, this is equivalent to authenticating his guess! An old man dragged his students to recognize his daughter and arranged for studying abroad diligently …
"I can’t see that you are really a winner-take-all for all ages! You can hook up with the principal? He’s even willing to send you to study abroad? You are so charming! " Han Chengyi holds Le Xuewei’s jaw and his words are full of jealousy!
Le Xuewei blinked and looked at his pink lip, which was slightly opened by surprise. Was her mood shocked? Is this man’s brain hole too big? Can you imagine things like this?
"Did he succeed?"
See Le Xuewei didn’t deny that Han Chengyi identified his guess. Think about his woman and Qiao Wandong … My heart is sour as hell.
"Ha ha ….." Le Xuewei laughed at him and shrugged her shoulders. "What are you thinking?"
Han Chengyi naturally knows that Le Xuewei has never met another man except him, but it feels quite bad that she is coveted by another man! Anger bowed their heads and bit Le Xuewei, biting her lips like a vent.