Chapter 11 Jiange of Shushan
Shout out that people are still in the distance at this time. The last word just fell and people have arrived.
I’m preparing to fight again with my bare hands. Brother Shushan immediately behaved himself when he heard this drink.
Qin Shaojie also withdrew the amber sword and looked at the royal sword. It was the old man who asked him to meet in Xiangshan.
"Ha-ha, Lord Qin, I haven’t seen you for a long time. Why did you call me in Shushan?" The old man gently smoothed his beard and said with a laugh that he was not angry at all.
"Oh, old man, you’re here. You help brothers. I said I was looking for you. They also said I was here to make trouble." Qin Shaojie said discontentedly
"How do you talk to Elder Tian?" Chen Feng shouted at Qin Shaojie before the old man could speak.
"Shut up and retreat" The old man drank to the younger brothers.
"Yes … long bro excused himself." A group of little monks excused themselves quickly when they saw Elder Tian angry.
"Ha ha, this is my negligence, but I forgot to tell you that I speak only when I saw Xiangshan." The old man smiled and said.
"I don’t have a road number per capita in Shushan. It’s my name. My old name is Tian Mingtian. Hehe, I haven’t introduced myself for many years."
What the hell? Qin Shaojie looked at Tian Elders with a face of surprise.
Sweets? Holy shit, this old man looks like he’s 90 years old. Who knows he’s a monster who has lived for hundreds of years? Qin Shaojie was struck by lightning. You are so creative. No, your parents are so creative.
Qin Shaojie’s expression was weird. He looked at the mouth of Elder Tian for a long time and shook his shoulder. He almost didn’t hold back his breath, but he was really embarrassed to laugh. How do you say that the elder of Jiange in Shushan laughed by himself? It’s disrespectful. Yeah, but I really want to laugh.
"Ha ha, Qin Xiaoyou, you can’t bear to know what you think of my name. My parents took it ha ha. At that time, the nomads and soldiers were under siege, and the people were miserable. The emperor was weak and weak, and he didn’t have enough food at home, so he gave me such a name." Elder Tian smiled and explained his name to Qin Shaojie.
"Ha ha, this name is a code name. I have lived for more than 700 years and have already read it."
"Er … more than seven hundred years old?" Qin Shaojie was really surprised this time.
Damn it, this spiritual world is really like writing novels. Everyone has lived like turtles for so long.
"Haha, Qin Xiaoyou’s 700 years old is nothing. You’re young and you’re a celestial being. When you’re brought together, it’s really Shoutianqi." Elder Tian said.
Then I’m not going to learn from the tortoise in the future? Live longer than anyone else?
Qin Shaojie thought.
"Ah, yes, Mr. Tian, ahem." Qin Shaojie really can’t name Tian Tian. "Call you Mr. Tian, so be kind."
"Of course, but why did you come all the way to Shushan?" Tian elder asked.
"Yes, of course I have something." Qin Shaojie asked the elder Tian out and he just said it again.
Tian elders listened carefully and thought for a moment before relying on the mouth to say
"According to you, the magic way is going to play the idea of Tianbao box?"
"Yes, but the most important thing now is to find them and save those children."
"Well, well, you go with me to Jiange, and several other elders are discussing with us that it is a trivial matter to have a child. If the magic way disturbs the Wanxian Conference and takes away the spell cheats in the treasure box, I can’t afford this charge in Shushan."
Tian elders think of the interests of Qin Shaojie said
"Don’t rely on me. I just came to you to help me with my eye. I’ll wait for no one myself. I have more than two days left." Qin Shaojie quickly said.
Children are small things? Feelings are not your home.
"Qin Xiaoyou be calm and follow me to Jiange. The old man promised you to help you save lives." Tian elders saw Qin Shaojie yelling and hurriedly said.
"This ….. well" Qin Shaojie hesitated or agreed to come.
Anyway, it won’t be long before I go to Jiange. Since the old man promised to help me fix it, it shouldn’t matter to me, which is not bad.
Jiange is located in the most square of the hanging island, and the aura is even more abundant. Qin Shaojie feels that if he practices here for half a year, if there is any miracle, he will definitely enter the lightning robbery period.
"Where’s Yi Jian?" Qin Shaojie asked as Tian elders entered Jiange and looked at all the walls.