Wa palace
Nu Wa Niangniang gave orders to the palace deacon to say, "Jin Yu, go outside the palace gate to welcome the demon emperor."
"Respect for the law" Jin Yu just got out of the demon palace, and a young boy in Tsing Yi quickly saluted and said, "Jin Yu is willing to visit the demon emperor and sage."
6 long leisurely way "get up"
Jin Yu got up and lowered his hand to stand in awe, saying, "Empress, please enter and meet each other." Jin Yu nodded for 6 years and was flattered and led the way.
Nu Wa Niangniang looked at it for 6 years and said in surprise, "But it is no wonder that Xiao Jiu’s style is better than the past in just a few decades."
6 long shook his head and said, "The empress is wrong, grandmaster seal. Can I shake it? Is it his old man’s house who personally solves it?"
"Murphy teacher have any replacement? The saints of the heavens have not forbidden to let you out. "Nuwa Empress has a beautiful eyebrow and a full face of doubt."
"Empress is wrong again. Now it’s Jin Wu who travels instead of six years." Six years said with a smile.
Nuwa empress was frightened to disgrace and suddenly got up and said, "Xiao Jiu, how dare you be so bold? Why don’t you go back to Penglai Island and think behind closed doors? !”
For 6 years, I didn’t care about it and waved my hand and said, "Empress is overrated. This is what grandmaster meant."
Nu Wa Niangniang was intrigued and asked, "Oh, what do you mean?"
After six years, the Taoist priest who will make the world a great success personally told me in detail that Nu Wa Niangniang sat silently for a moment, and then a beautiful landscape of mountains and rivers, fish, insects, birds and animals floated on the top. It was the innate treasure-Jiangshan country map Nu Wa Niangniang’s jade hand led this map, and Ling flew up with a brilliance and returned to its original state and fell back into Nu Wa’s hands.
Nu Wa stretched out his hand and took it and rubbed it in his hand. He sighed, "It’s no wonder that Xiao Jiu really is a natural person. Now even I have benefited. In time, I will be able to evolve this picture into a world. Thank you." He said that he gathered his hands and gave a gift to Yingying for six years.
6 long sideways to let me say with smile, "I dare not accept this gift from the empress. I have something to ask of the empress."
Nu Wa didn’t accept it for 6 years and didn’t insist on asking, "What is it? Just let’s hear it. "
"Let’s look at my world first, Empress," she said, holding out her right palm. A bronze bell with the size of a speck of dust and full-bodied starlight flew out sharply.
Nu Wa Niangniang felt that the flower in front of her eyes appeared in a small world. It was pure and fresh, but something seemed to be missing.
After 6 years, the figure suddenly appeared, and Nu Wa Niangniang stood side by side and said, "Presumably, the empress has also realized that the laws of this world are incomplete and there is no living thing to control, so one of these two laws can be derived from the other."
If Nu Wa Niangniang realized, she said, "The two laws of saints in our generation are the ultimate. So Xiao Jiu came here to be the law of creation?"
"Exactly" nodded for 6 years and said, "The Empress controlled the law of nature and created Terran with one hand. I once witnessed the great achievements of the Empress, so please give me your advice." After that, I devoted myself to Nu Wa.
"It must be so" Nu Wa Empress sighed and frowned. "Xiao Jiu will be disappointed this time. Although I am mysterious, I know what it is, but I don’t know where it is, but I don’t know where they come from. Especially the true spirit seems to be based on the mystery of general life …"
Say goodbye to Nu Wa Niangniang with a lost heart for 6 years, and walk aimlessly in the chaos, regardless of the raging chaos and turbulence, although that thing can’t hurt half his head.
Looking at the gray and chaotic world for a long time, I can’t help but think of the great man Pangu, who created this vast world with indomitable spirit … Did you choose to incarnate the vast world because you evolved a complete world?
Pangu ….. Pangu ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….
A ripple rises from the corners of the mouth for 6 years. Hahahaha … After 6 years of laughing, it goes straight to the whole chaotic spread to stir up the chaotic gas nearby into a paste.
Work hard, Chiyou, and don’t let me down.
Chapter 14 Body Sword
Penglai Island
Yang Jian struggled to suppress his own practice and endure the body sword baby’s stirring just a few days ago, that is, just six years ago. Soon after his departure, Yang Jian Sword Baby Dacheng transformed his body and qi into pure shock wave. If he can guide the sword baby into the fleeting sword according to the circumstances, he can lay the foundation for kendo practice. 6 Pressure and the cloud watched him anxiously.
It is Yang Jian who stubbornly endured this sword baby’s impact again and again with his body several times more than ordinary people. His handsome face is full of pain. It is not so important for him to raise his mother. He must wait until the teacher who taught him returns.
I have practiced this method, and I deeply know that Jianying eats itself and persuades me, "My nephew, your teacher will be very happy to know your intention, so don’t delay the practice."
Yang Jian stubbornly shook his head and gnashed his teeth. "ShiShu’s brother can still support it." Beads of sweat rolled down from his forehead and read aloud that the teacher’s brother will insist on it until you come back …
In a trance, a blue figure flashed Yang Jian with a smile. Teacher, you finally came back. You lost your faith and supported Yang Jian to faint.
6 long eyebrows slightly wrinkled, right hand released hazy white light, turned to Yang Jian and asked, "Old Ten, what is this?"
At the same time, with a wry smile on his face, he replied with a hint of appreciation, "This little boy has been insisting on waiting for Jiu Ge to come back to witness his initial kendo. If it weren’t for his tough body, ordinary people would have died suddenly and violently."
"Mother … teacher …" Yang Jian’s face was mixed with pain and relief. After 6 long periods of stillness, he had already controlled the situation in Yang Jian and carefully looked at the situation in Yang Jian’s body. He couldn’t help but frown deeply.
Before the cloud, he asked, "What’s wrong with the teacher?"
Before 6 pressure, I looked at my debut. "It’s strange that Jian Ying actually has a physical phase and trend. Does Jiu Ge care?"
Six long silent moments ago, I said, "Although I created kendo, Yang Jian has taken a completely different road … and the body sword is not created by the teacher. It’s really a heart-warming, which is …"
Paused and sighed, "This method is too strong and fierce, and I am afraid that he will accompany the battle for life in the future."
"hmm ~!" Yang Jian groaned again, and even in a coma, he insisted on grinding his teeth for 6 long and nodded. The disciple’s mind was tough and his life only saw a handprint on Yang Jian’s forehead, which instantly cured his injuries.
Sword baby continue to destroy when the reverse recovery so after a day and night Yang Jian just wake up.
When I opened my eyes, I saw that I had turned over in my heart for six years and said, "My brother has seen the teacher."
For a long time, I was very happy, but I didn’t move my face. "Get up, I won’t kneel in Penglai again."
Yang Jian got up and should salute to 6 pressure and cloud again. "Thank you, Martial Uncle and Master Brother, for guarding En Yang Jian."
The cloud laughed and said, "Do your brothers have to thank you?"
6 pressure is turned around Yang Jian several times until Yang Jian was a little uncomfortable and said, "Martial nephew, show me what this real sword repair is like."
Yang Jian took a long glance at the teacher for 6 years, but he didn’t object to blocking his waist, head, neck, spine and legs, and ended up in the same straight line with a sharp momentum and scattered all the clouds in the nearby days.
6 pressure wowed, "Awesome! If you are a martial uncle, I will definitely not be your opponent. You will definitely be my Penglai Island God of War in the future."
Hearing Uncle Yang Jian’s praise, I was so happy that I suddenly remembered something, such as pulling the waist and holding the fleeting sword in my hands for 6 long. "Brother Jian Ying has lost this sword and there is no great achievement in following my brother. Please ask the teacher to take it back and find a good master in the future."