The third volume Chapter 42 Shaman wizard
Mongolia asked if it was a natural enemy, although the war between the two enemies has never really stopped since Mongolia retired.
Now Mongolia is not the superpower that fought all over the world in the past. Since it was driven back to the back of the grassland, it has been constantly divided, such as Waci and Duoyan, and they have been fighting each other one by one. However, in the eyes of Han people, they are still habitually called "Mongolia"
According to the ancestors, the word "Mongolia" is silver, which means that silver is the most precious and spiritual metal in the eyes of Mongols. At the sight of the silver mask with huge horns hanging around it, Liu Bing’s face turned ugly again.
"Since you have the courage to come to the Central Plains, why are you ashamed?" Liu Bing stared at the great wizard and said, "Is this what Master Ning Gu did?"
"You talk nonsense." You don’t answer. "My master is the most famous in the grassland. We wouldn’t come if you didn’t ask Khan to come forward and ask my master to be covered with gold and silver carts."
"Good" Liu Bing nodded. "It happens."
Shamanism is widely believed in the grassland, but shamanism believes that all things are animistic and that there are three celestial gods living in the world; Middle human habitation; Hell where ghosts and demons live.
Shaman shamanism is called shaman shamanism in shamanism, from which Mongolian ministries worship different gods, and each ministry also has its own shaman shaman shaman. Generally, shaman shaman shaman is called "Odgen" by Mongolian women, while male shaman is rarely called "Bo".
However, the status of male wizards is far higher than that of female wizards, perhaps because of its rarity.
Therefore, although Lu Bing doesn’t have feelings for the Ninggu wizard like Mei Qing, as soon as he saw his image, he guessed that it must be a first-class shaman from the north.
It is said that whether a tribe is prosperous or not depends on the number and ability of shaman wizards in its tribe, and the appearance of shaman wizards is neither the key to practice nor the completion of learning, but also the natural appearance.
There is no reason why a person can become a shaman. It is possible that he or she will wake up overnight and become a wizard. His or her knowledge and physical experience of practicing Dharma suddenly become a part of his or her thoughts. Later, he or she will become a wizard in the tribe to exorcise evil, cure diseases and pray for disasters. Although a shaman will accept the guidance of a higher level shaman, his or her ability to practice Dharma has actually been decided at the moment he or she becomes a wizard.
Perhaps it is to adapt to the fierce shaman’s strong fighting ability in the blood of the northern nationalities, which is even more frightening. The shaman’s life is not as long as that of a Buddhist monk, but the length and significance of his personal life are different for them. Their soul and thoughts depend on the will of heaven and earth, and they will naturally choose the right generation after their death. Therefore, they will not put time waves in the practice of prolonging their personal life.
Shaman wizards usually don’t take part in the battle, but rely more on their wisdom to guide their people. Even if they take part in the battle, they are more encouraging auxiliary soldiers. But when a shaman wizard chooses to join the battle himself, it is often tragic. When a battle ends, it is often the end of his life.
In the process of unifying the Heaven Gate, Zhang Liusun, the founder of the former Xuan Sect, had many shamans and wizards of the Yuan Dynasty to help him. The crazy performance of those wizards in the battle really made people in the Heaven Gate feel scared involuntarily.
Middle-earth monks come to cherish themselves, and whenever they fight, they seek to protect themselves first and then to hurt others. Therefore, in the competition, the metropolis left a line to force the other side to be desperate, and both sides lost their lives. However, once the shaman finished, they would not keep this style, which made people in all doors uncomfortable and suffered a lot.
However, the Free Dynasty pushed the Yuan people back to the Great Wall, and the Middle-earth Gate has been in contact with shamans for a hundred years. If it weren’t for Liu Bingshen, the commander of the Royal Guards, he was very familiar with the things in the gate of the former Dynasty, and he wouldn’t have known this.
Therefore, when I heard that the man named Buanshan personally said that it was the Canon real person who invited his master to come to Liu Bing, I turned my eyes to one side. Tao Zhongwen said, "Canon real people don’t know about this. Can you explain it?"
Canon reality Tao Zhongwen smiling tunnel "oh? What does Lord Lu mean? "
"I, the Mongols, are enemies for generations." Liu Bingchen said, "Now Tao’s adult asks privately without the permission of the court.
The witch stole into the country and didn’t know what she wanted? There must be an explanation for this adultery and collusion with evil spirits, right? "
Listen to Liu Bing tone aggressive Tao Zhongwen is still smiling "Lu’s adult is not a bit stubborn. This time being original to Anlu is a private matter with a legacy. Master Ning Gu is being original and asking people to be a witness. Although you and I are in the court, who can’t have one or two friends to fix the truth? There are so many overseas practitioners. Can’t we know each other according to the rules of our dynasty? "
"If it’s necessary to have an ordinary communication," Liu Bing shook his head. "But just now, I didn’t answer and said that Ninggu is a mage in his Ministry, but he was invited by Khan’s life to say what he meant by practicing Taoism? What’s more, even if you need to witness the affairs of our Middle-earth Sect when dealing with your private affairs, why do you need a foreign mage to testify? Don’t you learn from overseas? "
Tao Zhongwen smile inconvenience was about to high-handed when suddenly smell a sigh behind him.
This sigh is old and fascinating, but it can’t be heard in the center of the ear. All the people turned to see the Ning Gu master, and I didn’t know when he had appeared in the crowd.
I don’t know when he has taken off his scalp hood to show his face. This master Ning Gu seems to be very old, but his head is very sparse, but it has been woven into several long braids scattered behind his head. Two eyebrows are sparse, but a few long eyebrows hang down on both sides, and wrinkles overlap around his eyes. His face may be weather-beaten and full of wrinkles and cracks, and it is grayish yellow.
"I’m really not a real friend." Master Ning Gu’s accent is still very old, but he didn’t answer that strange accent, just like an old Chinese man talking. "I’m not here to witness my private affairs, and it’s not really because of Khan."
His cloudy eyes looked at him from a distance and his face was fixed in Mei Qing. "This friend, I am from you."
"Me?" Mei Qing was stunned. "Master wants to see me?"
"I don’t know," sighed Master Ning Gu, regardless of the different expressions of the people after hearing his words. "It was the gods who guided me to know that you could solve the puzzles in my heart, so I came."
Always smiling, Tao Zhongwen’s face finally changed after listening to Ning Gu’s words. He put away his smile and turned to Ning Gu and said, "Master Ning Gu Buddhist has an appointment with Khan …"
Master Ninggu laughed. "Khan knows and I know, but the fate of shaman is the fate of tribe."
Liu Bing listened to Ning Gu’s words and felt a joy. Just now, when he saw each other, he was worried about each other’s four masters. All of them are first-class candidates. If it’s true, it’s hard to start your own hands.
Now, I don’t know what this Ninggu wizard would want Mei Qing to explain his confusion. If he wants to come, it will be difficult for Mei Qing. If he can get rid of it, it will be much more convenient and beneficial for himself.
Tao Zhongwen obviously didn’t expect such a change, so he was in a hurry to make a deal with Khan, trying to force Ninggu to submit, but it seems that Ninggu’s position in the tribe is so detached that he didn’t buy it.
Liu Bing was so willing to miss such an opportunity that he interjected, "Master Ning Gu doesn’t know what’s confusing about finding Mei Qing? Is it inconvenient to talk about this matter? I wonder if it can be postponed? "
Master Ning Gu sighed and shook his head. "I came all the way here just to see Mei Qing. My life is coming to an end, but I can’t wait any longer."
Mei Qing Liu Bing looked at each other.
I don’t know why this Ninggu wizard gives people a sense of legal doubt.