But there is no mourning hall in Huaisi Hall. Tables are put together and boxes are placed on the tables.
In the first box, there is a piece of patched clothes and a string of polished clothes. There is a piece of paper on the face of the money box with words written on it.
In Lingxian County, Linchuan County, Wang Fugui, Renshi was unmarried at the age of twenty-three, and his father died young, but his mother still lived in a high school. Because of poor land and houses, she had to join the army and pay a small salary to support her mother. She didn’t dare to pay a penny for flying snow for three years, and the total wire was strung together with her every day. Every three months, she was asked to go to her hometown to do business and bring savings to her mother. Her favorite thing at ordinary times was to calculate the salary she earned as a soldier for three years. In addition to her food and clothing, she should be able to buy
In the second box is a piece of simple Yu Pei’s letters tied together with neat strings.
Liu Erzhu, a native of Guangping County, southern Jiangsu Province, joined the army at the age of 27 for military service. He left his hometown and went to his loved ones to fight bravely and do things conscientiously. He is honest and sincere. The most cherished thing at ordinary times is that his neighbor’s sister sent peace when he left home. Yu Pei’s greatest happiness is that he always asks his parents, neighbors and sisters to send letters to him at home. Every time, he repeatedly asks the literate soldiers to help him read. Then he keeps reciting and reciting every word. When he dreams, he says that he can go home and marry next door when his military service expires in another year. He On December 14, 2008, when the Qin army was intercepted, it disappeared because people could not read. Before the incident, they failed to leave a word for their distant relatives. The riverside bone was still a boudoir dream.
In the third box is a dagger that has been nicked.
Fang Gang’s ten orphans were abandoned in the wilderness in his hometown, and were picked up by the flying snow defenders. They grew up in the military camp at the age of twelve, that is, they were brave and never afraid of the wealth of their enemies and relatives, but they were willing to help others. In addition to picking him up when he returned to the veteran to give him this dagger, he didn’t hesitate to give away what others needed, but the military veteran was willing to stand up and cherish him. He and his children disappeared when they stopped the Qin army on December 14, 2000, but they didn’t find the legacy. Only this dagger was lost because of killing too many enemies,
The fourth box is
Chen Yifei walked slowly over to look at the past Huaisitang. It was so quiet that he was left with his own footsteps. Then he heard something cracking in his heart, and his ears seemed to hear several times that his comrades who died in bloody battles called for laughter in their eyes.
It’s temporary. After it’s rough, you should carve a plaque. It’s not very luxurious, but you should be quiet and calm. These relics should be boxed up after I pick them from the things left over from death. Everyone’s deeds should be engraved with wood or stone and never be forgotten. If you say it gently in front of the door,
Chen Yifei looked back at him and felt a little sore throat, which was hard for a while.
If I sigh gently, I hope I can leave a permanent memorial. It is common to die on the battlefield. When living life disappears, even the body can’t be found, but I hope every soldier knows that the country will not forget their partners, their history and their lives. They really lived. This is what I can do.
Chen Yifei felt sour in the nose but still didn’t speak.
If I say that I know people who died in the army, everyone will avoid their bodies again. They may not be found. Their things were either divided or thrown away by others, and then they will never be found again. I want to leave some traces of them. I want to leave some memories and feelings. Can you do this after General Chen died in the war? Try to save their bodies, leave their relics, leave their deeds and leave their marks of fresh life.
Chen Yifei finally said that it was really difficult to finish the war.
If I say softly, I want to make the soldiers not afraid of death and cherish life more. I want them to try their best to live on the battlefield. I hope that even if there is a war, the relics in the Huaisi Hall will not increase too much.
Chen Yifei nodded to control the agitation, and then said it was about how much fighting happened. If I had to breathe again, I would put the dead brothers and souls in my arms.
If I’m low, I know that it took countless wars and wars to get my life in Chu today, but apart from the famous generals, people still remember who were the soldiers who rushed to the front and fought at least after the hardest battle. They shed their blood and complained, but in the end, no one even knew their names. I want to make a copy of my thoughts and send it to every senior official in Beijing to have a look. I hope that when the court officials discuss the overall situation of the country in the DPRK, they can remember that every soldier is a living person, their family, their dreams and not the war report is indifferent.
If you close your eyes, take a breath, and try to restrain yourself, you suddenly get excited and continue to say, I hope to make a national census on the military roster and record every name of the dead. A monument will be erected outside the ancestral temple in the capital, which is tall and strong and will never destroy the stone and carve the names of soldiers. This country is not royal, and it is because of them that Chu is today. They are qualified to be respected and sacrificed. The ancestors of the royal family are in the same blue sky. I hope that soldiers will know that no matter how many years have passed, even if the names of emperors and princes have been dusted and turned to dust, their names will still be deeply
Chen Yifei was shocked and moved for a long time before he realized that it was enough for soldiers to build a monument, but standing outside the ancestral temple, he was afraid that all the ministers in the DPRK would not let the royal clan refuse and the soldiers could not afford it.
If it’s plain that they threw their lives in this land privately, why don’t the ministers and clansmen refuse? If people object, I’ll ask them what the ministers and clansmen of these countries did in the rear when the soldiers were fighting at the front. I’ll write to Uncle Qi to discuss this matter carefully. Uncle Qi is a man of great insight, but he will definitely agree to ask me to nod his head. Who can object to this matter and dare to object to it?
Chen Yifei said, thank you for your help.
If I don’t wait for him to finish, I will shake my head, whether it’s a memorial or a memorial. I hope I can do more things in practice, and let’s discuss some ideas.
Chen Yifei immediately told the truth with sincerity.
Chapter IX Military Life
I know that the soldiers’ pay is not much, even if they die, the pension is not too much, but most of the soldiers are poor people and young people at home. When the old man dies, he loses a lonely and weak family and is disabled all his life. From then on, the lonely country is not unwilling to care about its strength. I hope to establish an insurance policy to protect the dead and wounded soldiers.
Chen Yifei frown puzzled insurance degree.
He doesn’t know how the country can better protect the interests of soldiers if it can’t get money.
If you smile, it is actually to deduct the salary of the soldiers from the soldiers’ sergeant by case. The amount deducted once a year is very small, which does not have much impact on the soldiers’ income, but the amount of the military deduction is very large. This money says that the compensation for the casualties of the combatants will be allocated from the insurance money in proportion to the severity of the deaths and injuries. It will be a large sum of money. It is a very strong sum of money if the insurance money is levied on all the troops of the country just in the snow. Then the families who died will not have to worry about their livelihood and be seriously injured, and they will never be afraid of living in the future because they have to pay the country
Chen Yifei couldn’t restrain his heart from shaking and took a deep breath. He said that the idea of public welfare is feasible and can really benefit soldiers. This sum of money must not be too large. In case of any change, it will easily arouse the soldiers’ chaos.
To take the account public
It is the imperial court that wants to select a number of officials who are proficient in financial affairs to take charge of this account, and it is better for these officials to be in the army. The sergeant knows that the number of people who are warm and cold is slightly larger, and it is not easy to supervise each other. Every month, it is necessary to report to the military and let the soldiers know that every penny is finally in their own body.
If he paused, he said that he would be kind to his family who died in the country, and which young and strong military service would be taxed until his family went home as a soldier, and their family died in the war, and their family would have to be taxed for ten years, and they would have to build an old home, raise their children and die in the old age, build a public school for the elderly, teach soldiers who died in the war to read and let every soldier know that their country died, and their parents, wives and children would get the best care.
He was silent for a while, and finally he couldn’t help but say, I don’t want to know that when people die in battle, they still can’t send their salaries to their mothers, fearing that their mothers will starve and freeze and die unsatisfied. I don’t want to know that poor old mothers can die in poverty and illness every day.
Chen Yifei is in a good mood and deeply admires that it takes a lot of manpower, material resources and financial resources to really implement it.
If you smile, things are not afraid of being difficult and you don’t have the heart to do them. I believe Uncle Qi will agree with me after listening to my opinion.
He thought about it and said, I also hope to establish a military postal service
army postal service
However, soldiers are often far away from their hometowns, and people guarding border towns can’t go home for ten years, and they can’t see their relatives. At this time, a home can be worth ten thousand dollars, but ordinary people can’t read, and it’s hard to send letters from all over Wan Li. I hope that military mail, paper and pen envelopes can be set up in various places, and the official recorder will help people write letters, and then put them in different categories according to the different garrison areas. Every five or ten days, the special military post will take the letters away and distribute them to different places according to the letters in different areas, so that people don’t If you want to ride a fast horse with a big cloth bag, you can bring the army to the home, and then the soldiers will write back. The military can also arrange special people to write letters for them, and then classify them according to the different places where the letters are sent. The official responsible for sending the letters will bring them back to the army post, and the soldiers’ families will go to the army post to get the letters.
Chen Yifei’s face can’t help showing shock any more, and she stares at Ruogong. How did you think of these things?
Is my idea feasible if I smile?
Chen Yifei was so excited that I asked Ai Bing, but I was never so considerate. Considering their greatest needs, whether it was the silver family or the state of mind, I thought so deeply.