As soon as the tea lamp in his hand crashed to the ground, Master Long rose from the plush chair. "Is the news confirmed?"
"It’s true!" Longsheng hurriedly nodded and said, "Now all the major TV stations in Jiangcheng are rolling the news, and the police have posted a wanted order! And … "
"Wait! You mean a warrant? Has the murderer been found? " Master Long broke off his message.
"Well, I heard that it’s the Qin family bodyguards who seem to be called black?"
"That’s ok that’s ok …" A listen to the murderer has found the dragon master was relieved to sit back in the plush chair.
Suddenly he seemed to think of something. "No, you said that Qin’s housekeeper was dead, too? How can one of his bodyguards be an opponent of Qin’s old housekeeper? "
"Yes, I was wondering! I wonder if this is what the Qin family is up to? It won’t be aimed at our dragon family, will it? "
Don’t blame Long Shenghong for worrying so much. If there is a round of force in the four families, Qin family, the Gu Wu family, is the boss. The whole river can barely compete with the martial arts dragon family. Now that such a thing has happened in Qin family, the first doubt must be their dragon family!
Although it’s not their Dragon Family, there’s no guarantee that Qin Family won’t count this account in their Dragon Family!
What should Qin Zongzhe do if he decides that this is the dragon family’s anger and directly fights against the dragon family?
Longsheng Hongping quietly watched his father waiting for further instructions.
"Alas … Jiangcheng is going to be in chaos again …" Dragon Master got up from the plush chair again and then paced back and forth in the room with his hands behind his back.
Come here for a while before slowly saying, "Inform the scattered Long Gudi to let them all be careful. If nothing happens, come back. Although we didn’t do it, we can’t guarantee what Chyi Chin’s family will think and be careful."
"Yes!" Long Shenghong nature also white the seriousness of the situation without any nonsense and hurried to arrange it.
"Who will do it? Is it aimed at the Qin family or the Long family? "
Master Long’s mood is still not calm after his son left, and his worries are self-evident.
Compared with the dragon family, Zhang and Li are more indifferent, and they should do what they want after sending Qin Zongzhe a message of condolences.
The zhangs’ business, the lees’ politics, they don’t have the strength to kill congenital secondary fighters. How to calculate this thing seems to be less than their heads.
In addition to the four families in Jiangcheng, there is also a family that is busy this night, that is, the Wangs!
At one time, the strength of the four big families was not underestimated, especially in recent years, after several big projects were launched in succession, it showed a higher trend in the shopping mall.
Compared with the other three Wangs in the four big families, it was actually the first to learn this news because Wang Yi, the successor of Wang Jiayi, was on the scene when the murder happened at night!
Wang Yi, who was killed by Qin Xilai, also made a great contribution!
Wang Guyuan didn’t expect much from this, just holding a try attitude. He never thought that Wang Yi encouraged Qin Xi to clean up the poor student, which really brought disaster to Qin family. Even Qin Xi people were killed on the spot.
Wang Yi, pleasantly surprised, gave the news back to the Wangs at the first time!
So the Wangs immediately made all kinds of preparations, and once the Qin regiment was hit hard, they would jump out to harvest the fruit at the first time.
It’s a thousand calculations. They didn’t expect the old housekeeper to send a text message before she died, but it became Wang Yi, the death warrant of the whole Wang family.
Zhang Yuhang didn’t care too much when he received the text message from his father, that is, the old housekeeper. It was when he learned that his father Qin Xilai had died that his face changed greatly. He first turned out the text message and then found Qin Donglai. After hearing the same face change, Qin Donglai immediately took him to Qin Zongzhe.
"Whoops — — Master, you can ask my father and Ershao for revenge! " Zhang Yuhang gave his mobile phone to Qin Zongzhe in tears.
"Check what the Wangs have done recently!"
This is all the messages that the housekeeper sent to Zhang Yuhang.
"The Wangs!"
At the moment I saw the message, Qin Zongzhe finally couldn’t hide his anger. When this message was sent, it was only less than half an hour before the old housekeeper and Qin Xilai were killed!
Qin Zongzhe sent such a message to his son when he thought that it was probably because the old housekeeper had noticed some situations before!
No matter whether the killers of Qin Xilai and the old housekeeper are sent by the Wangs or not, the Wangs will certainly not be able to drag on!
Moreover, the Wangs also have such motives. In recent years, the Wangs have been trying to return to the four major families, but once the Qin family falls, won’t the Wangs return to the four major families as they wish?
In an instant, Qin Zongzhe figured out many things.
"By the way, Wang Yi, the heir of the Wangs generation, seems to have been invited to the Tang Dynasty nightclub by Xilai! He happened to be at the scene when Xilai was killed! " Qin Donglai added.
"Hum! Wang Lizong, an old man, I think he is impatient! "
Pa a Qin Zongzhe mercilessly dropped his mobile phone to the ground and then knelt on the ground and lifted Zhang Yuhang up. "Aerospace, don’t worry, I won’t let your father and Xilai die in vain! I’m your father’s brother. When your father goes to this Qin family manager, you should bear it! "
"Thank you, Master Aerospace, you will not live up to your expectations!"
Zhang Yuhang replied with a look of excitement that Zhang Yuhang was very sad because of his father’s death, but Qin Zongzhe seemed to play down this sadness to some extent.
[42] A short message caused a bloody case ()
? Wang Yi is missing!
There was almost no sign of the incident, so it disappeared inexplicably.
Wang Lizong didn’t care that he had been busy dealing with family affairs since such an accident happened to the Qin family, ready to give the Qin family a fatal blow at any time to replace him.
It was not until he saw no trace of his son for three days in succession that Wang Lizong felt that something was wrong and was about to send someone out to look for it. Suddenly there was a quick knock at the door.
Wang Lizong frowned. He hated acting. Mao Mao manic people felt that such people were not calm enough to succeed.
"Come in!" Wang Lizong some unhappiness shouted
It was Wang Lizong who came in. He pushed the door and came in. He didn’t come to say hello to Wang Lizong. He said in a hurry, "It’s a big deal. Two nightclubs and five express hotels in Wang Dongcheng were seized at the same time!"
"Seal up?" Wang Lizong frowned at once. "Is director Chen of Liancheng East Branch?"
"He got a horse!" Director Chen’s secret together is even more urgent.
"hmm? How can he be a horse when he is good? " Wang Lizong suddenly felt a hint of conspiracy, but he didn’t think much about it. The phone in his pocket suddenly rang, but he took a nervous look at Wang Lizong.
"Answer it!" Wang Lizong continued to think about the problem just now with the wave.
The secret immediately retreated to the window to pick up the words. After that, the secret changed his face and said, "Today, the stock market was raised by the National People’s Congress for two hours, and the valuation was raised by percentage points!"
"Huh?" Wang Lizong habitually frowned and asked, "Is there any big move over there recently?"
"no!" The secret quickly replied
"It’s strange that who will have nothing to do with such a large amount of goods?" Wang Lizong a face of wonder way
"Have you found out who the buyer is?"