Mo Yi, who was slightly stunned, immediately turned his head and was stunned. Xia Wei smiled and said, I’m too naked. I didn’t scare you just now.
Ah, you, you just got this
Xia Wei, this is white. Mo Yifan came rudely just now, not to insult and rape her in public, but to get a piece of cloth to cover up his shame. She heard the words and couldn’t help but give Mo Yifan a hard look and said, then you can’t let me say well. Hum, are you so bullying your apprentice master?
Mo Yifan touched his nose awkwardly, thinking that at that time, I had been touched by you for a long time and my heart was in a mess. When you return it, you can discuss it and delay it for a while. Where can your deadly little hand touch?
Of course, he didn’t dare to say that he smiled, then turned around and pointed to the two kneeling shivering students and said, let you get up together. What kind of man is this?
Chapter one hundred and thirty-six Who is more ashamed
Mo Yifan slightly touched his waist, and the cloth felt that it should not expose the critical parts. Then he raised his head and looked around, and exclaimed, God, this place is not a crematorium, is it? You want to practice me alive.
Xia Wei sighed for a while, then bowed his head and bit his lip and said, I’m sorry for us. We are all masters. You are dead. Not only the hospital doctor is so sure, but even I was on the fishing boat that day. Well, it seems that my medical skills are still so poor that I almost killed Master you.
Oh, I can’t blame you.
Mo Yifan finally remembered what happened before the coma. He remembered that he had stimulated his body potential by acupuncture and acupuncturing, and then he repeatedly entered a mechanical state of intense loss of vitality, and in the end he was almost drained of the last trace of life and spiritual strength.
After finally catching the bullet that shot at Xia Wei’s eyebrows, Mo Yifan knew that he had more time left, but suddenly he had some immature understanding of his new ability to integrate himself in the fierce battle, and vaguely felt that his vitality seemed to be absorbed and supplemented in the surrounding environment. If he could do that, then even if he lost more vitality, he didn’t have to worry that he would fall into a hopeless situation.
This new understanding of vitality saved Mo Yifan’s life. Although this understanding was still a rudiment, at that time, he had no time to think about it in detail, so he immediately kept his last vitality in the depths of consciousness, thus closing the body and the vitality of the other perceptual bases into a state of deep suspended animation.
In this state, his heartbeat and breathing have stopped completely, and even his brain nerve activity has become rigid. Therefore, in any sense, he is already a dead man who can’t die any more. It is no wonder that other doctors in Xia Wei have decided that Mo Yifan is dead.
However, Mo Yifan’s residual vitality after entering suspended animation is constantly absorbing the life energy around him like a bottom black hole and saving it bit by bit. Because most of Mo Yifan’s consciousness has fallen into silence, the absorption speed is not fast, and at that time, he set a limit on the value of life energy absorbed by himself subconsciously. When he absorbed enough life energy, his consciousness will be revived. It is like a brain setting program, and he can’t wake up even if he wants to.
Fortunately, he finally woke up before being sent to the cremation furnace. Otherwise, he would not wake up even if he was really put into the high-temperature smelting furnace in his deep suspended animation state, so he could change from suspended animation to real death.
Maybe it’s also because he didn’t integrate the surrounding environment at that moment of consciousness in the process of suspended animation. Just now, he didn’t need to enter the mechanical state, so he could manipulate some substances around his body instantaneously. This is probably every cloud has a silver lining.
Mo Yifan just broke the coffin, which caused too many people to see him off. The old man and the old woman were all scared and sat down on the ground. When they saw Mo Yifan walking and touching the ground, they would see the shadow behind them, and each section would bend to see if it was neither a ghost nor a zombie. Only then did they believe that Mo Yifan was not faking a corpse but resurrected.
No one can understand that people can be resurrected after a few days of death, but Mo Yifan, a medical god, is well known to all. He has tried to revive people who seem to have died several times, so it is nothing to change this matter to him.
If you want to know this, people will no longer be afraid. Instead, they will gather together to be caring and attentive to Mo Yifan, especially those old patients who have been treated by Mo Yifan but have not fully recovered, and they will have to smile.
Most of human nature is private, but it is also human nature, but in addition, there are not a few people who sincerely regard Mo Yifan as a benefactor and are sincerely happy about his rebirth.
Chen Sanye is also very happy to see Mo Yifan come back to life, but whether he belongs to the first kind of person or the second kind will be known to him.
Chen Sanye saw Mo Yifan tearing a white coat with black background from Xia Wei’s body, coping with the greetings from several enthusiastic people. It looked worse than a mess, so he let a bodyguard behind him hide in the car and take off his clothes. Then he took the suit and squeezed his way through the crowd. He smiled and said, Congratulations on your brother’s death and rebirth. Haha, look at it, bro. You are as strong as Sun Wu, and even dare not die, hahaha.
Mo Yifan saw that Chen Sanye had sent himself a set of clothes, although he knew it was an old suit at first glance, but Mo Yifan still felt that this gift was more valuable than the villa that Chen Sanye gave him. After all, he was a well-known doctor who actually accepted several condolences here naked, and many of them were big girls and kannika nimtragol. This face can be really lost.
So Mo Yifan snatched the clothes from Chen Sanye’s hand like a snatch, saying thank you again and again. Look around and see that there are many people around him. How can he change clothes?
Fortunately, Chen Sanye arranged a wave of his hand early. Chen Sanye’s black Lincoln quickly came over and squeezed from the crowd and stopped beside Mo Yifan.
Mo Yifan once again said thank you to Chen Sanye and then hurriedly got into the car with his clothes on his arms.
The windows are all single-sided light-transmitting brown glass, so I don’t worry about being seen even if I take off my clothes inside. There is also a driver in the car, but everyone is a man, even if I walk in front of him.
Mo Yifan immediately pulled the rags around his waist, then shook a pair of pants to wear, and he heard a magnetic stereo. Do you want to help Mr. Mo?
Mo Yifan suddenly froze when he heard this delicate sound in the car. He slowly looked up and saw that the driver sitting in front had turned around.
The driver’s age is just over twenty, and his hair is very short, even shorter than Mo Yifan’s hair. His clothes look like those bodyguards in Chen Sanye’s hands are no different. They are all in a dark black suit and nose with a pair of sunglasses.
But when the driver took off his sunglasses, he showed a face as white as if he could pinch water. Her facial features were perfect, and it was difficult for the most critical person to find a flaw in that face to be as delicate as if it had been carved by a craftsman with the highest skill.
Are you-are you a woman
Mo Yifan just took a casual look behind her back, so she tricked her into putting on her hair. It is only a man who will be so generous to expose his body parts, but where do you want people with short hair? It is not necessarily a man wearing a suit, and it is not necessarily a man.
The female driver’s naughty eyes quickly swept the white face like fine porcelain in Mo Yifan’s face, but she just didn’t turn her head away, but she bit Zibei’s teeth and smiled. Say yes, why can’t a woman be a driver?
Ah no no
Mo Yifan is not too fresh to be stared at by such a beautiful woman. Suddenly, she is at a loss and hurriedly covers her vital parts with clothes in her hand, and then she says with a wry smile, I’m sorry, I don’t know if you are a woman. Can you turn your head to me first so that I can get dressed?
The female driver covered her mouth with snow-white hands and made a series of bursts. Her beautiful eyes were bent into two crescent moons, but she didn’t turn her head. She looked at Mo Yifan curiously and asked, You are Mo Yifan. Aren’t you dead? Why did you suddenly live again?