Pizza Hut cheese tastes very fragrant and elastic. If you bite it, you can pull a few threads, which can be imitated. Either it becomes solid by water-water method, or it is not so fragrant and cannot be pulled into a thread.
Another problem is that imitation cakes are very characteristic, hard and solid, like pancakes made by Pizza Hut, but they are loose, soft and fragrant.
Finally, there is the PISA stuffing. It is impossible for people who don’t understand Chinese food to make such a material. Otherwise, Chinese food can’t be unique in China and has long been all over the world.
The secret of cheese cake is that yeast is a mixture of several plants. Although it doesn’t take much time to make it, Ye God knows that he is still too busy when the chain is getting bigger and bigger.
After much consideration, Yetian finally decided to lighten the burden and set up a professional workshop specializing in ingredient processing. Yetian needed some strains, and all the other things were done by workers and distributed to chain stores through delivery.
After the decision, Ye Tian finally breathed a sigh of relief and watched it get dark. For a while, Ye Tian didn’t know where to go. After thinking for a while, Ye Tian was going to see Nina.
Gently rubbed a bar. Although this body is only ten years old, the secretion of androgen is quite strong. Although it has grown a centimeter in a month, Hu Cha Ye doesn’t want to see Nina like this, and Ye Tianchang’s hair should be repaired.
Distinguished a direction Ye Tian turned and walked towards a fork in the road, where a good hair salon was specially responsible for men’s practice of long hair and beard.
Push a solid wooden door and a spacious hair room. Now, in front of Ye Tian, several guests are sitting in loungers, and their long hair and beards are repaired by the hairdresser.
Seeing Ye Tian coming in, an idle hairdresser warmly greeted him. Ye Tian sat down and enthusiastically asked Ye Tian for it. Then he grabbed a sharp knife and repaired it.
There are no scissors in this world, and there is no inference that it is a sharp knife for shaving or trimming hair. It is said that this kind of knife is the sharpest instrument in this world-although it is not strong enough, it is absolutely powerful if it is sharp. After all, if you are unhappy, you can’t shave.
First, I helped Ye Tian scrape off Ba Hu Cha, then I washed my hair and face Hu Cha in the waiter Ye Tian, and then I got to practice Ye Tian’s curled long hair.
The hairdresser carefully picked up a few strands of hair at a time and measured it. Only then did the knife cut off his hands and moved quickly, constantly changing Ye Tian’s hairstyle.
This is not an ordinary shop, and the reputation of craftsmanship is very good. The hairdresser is also very careful in pruning. According to experience, I have been here several times the day before, and it is impossible to end it in an hour.
Ye Tian gently closed his eyes and waited silently. Although it took a long time, everything was worth going through the hands of these masters. The hairstyle was absolutely cool and cool, which was by no means comparable to ordinary shop craftsmanship.
Bang, close your eyes and think about it. A violent roar rang at the door.
When I opened my eyes and looked at the door, I saw a warrior with a big sword in his back and a face of arrogance came in.
Looking around proudly, the Red Armored Warrior said angrily, "You have brought me the best craftsman here too many times. I can’t look at it quickly. Hurry up. I’m in a hurry. I don’t have time for mushrooms here."
Disgust frowned. Ye Tian didn’t say anything, closed his eyes and continued to think about his own affairs. At the same time, a hairdresser had greeted the blood warrior respectfully and called the warrior to sit on the right side of Ye Tian.
As soon as I sat down, the blood armor warrior became irritable and told the hairdresser around me that I was very tight when I didn’t have time to send it. I’ll give you ten minutes to help me shave off my beard.
Ok, no problem. Ten minutes to ensure that you hear the words of the blood warrior, and the teacher warmly interfaces.
Cold hum a blood armor warrior stare at one eye and say, I’ll give you ten times the salary if I tell you the truth first, but don’t blame me for being ruthless when you scratch my face.
Ah, when I heard the words of the Blood Armor Warrior, the hair stylist stood there on the spot. Although he was confident in his craft, he could not guarantee that he would never miss. If he scratched his face, his life would be over.
No one will think that the blood armor warrior is bluffing, not to mention that his body exudes cold murderous look, which is enough to express his meaning. This is definitely an outlaw who has stood the test of life and death. Now that he has said it, he will definitely do it.
I shook my head in a panic for a long time and said, I’m sorry, I can’t shave you.
When I heard the teacher’s words, the blood armor warrior frowned impatiently and said goodbye to his mother. I said I had a time limit. Ten minutes later, I didn’t say anything nice, so I would be angry.
Hearing the words of the Blood Armor Warrior, the poor hairdresser was dizzy, shook and panicked. He turned around and sent a look of help to other hairdressers. Unfortunately, he looked at him for help. Other hairdressers pretended not to see them turn their faces and continue to do their own thing.
Looking at all this coldly, Ye Tianxin calmly waves. This is the law of the jungle in this world order. If you want your strength, then you can be arrogant and have no strength. Then you can bully people.
Although I feel sorry for the hair stylist, Ye Tian didn’t intend to help without knowing each other’s identity. If you don’t call it a hero, it’s called a fool. Isn’t that Blood Armor Warrior still not really killing people?
Close your eyes and think about a tender sound in Ye Tian. It rang coldly. I’ll scrape it.