Several barriers rushed in.
In a moment, I will cover these old monsters with others.
Their strength is borne by the sky, and their bodies fly backwards involuntarily, and finally they fall heavily in front of Muhai.
"I said none of you miscellaneous fish can escape."
Muhai looked at these Johnson with a pair of Gherardini eyes.
Hundreds of Johnson bowed their heads and looked gloomy.
Now you can escape, but you can’t beat it.
There is only one way left, and that is death.
After living for more than 2 years, I should say that I have seen through many things.
However, in the face of death, a hundred old monsters are all reluctant to give up.
"Plop …"
Soon Johnson aimed at Muhai and bowed down and quickly kowtowed.
"Forgive me, my Lord. I deserve to die. I shouldn’t have invaded the Dragon Kingdom. Please let me go. I’ll never come to the Dragon Kingdom again." Then the old monster started to tremble and the magic energy rolled in.
With the first, there is the second.
Then MuHai front kneeling full of Johnson.
Every one of them is in tears and looks miserable.
"My Lord, I have a ten-year-old mother and a three-year-old child. If I die, they will starve to death. Please be kind and let me go."
"My Lord, I am not a fart in front of you, or how comfortable you are to treat me like a fart."
"My Lord, I shouldn’t be blinded by immediate interests. Please let me go. I will never come to China again."
Seven tongues have different sounds.
When people around the theater heard these words, they didn’t stare big eyes and showed confidence.
"Oh, my God, even the Mihuang knelt down. Is this to Long Guochen?"
"It seems that the dragon country is the world’s first rice country and can be pulled over."
"Yeah, Long Guo, don’t offend us. We’ll go back after the play and never visit this muddy water again."
"That’s right. It’s the most important thing for Ann. The roots of this monster can’t be invaded."
Tens of millions of people in the audience are all stunned for a long time before they come to their senses.
Muhai stared at hundreds of Johnson and shook his head slightly.
"Whoever commits my dragon kingdom will be punished far away, so just accept your fate."
Say that finish MuHai a wave of his right hand in front of him thousands of sword light with all over the sky.
Seeing this scene, hundreds of monsters all stare big eyes to reveal their disbelief and panic.
The first thing to react is that Mi Huang wants to let the baby out of the body without thinking, and then his mind wants to explode Yuan Ying.
For a second, he just stared wide-eyed and showed confidence.
After Yuan Ying was separated from the body, he found that Yuan Ying had lost contact with himself.
He gawk at yuan baby was MuHai grasp in your hand as a treasure away.
With the exception of other Mihuang Johnson, Yuanying was put away by Muhai after being separated from the body.
Such a horrible scene made them look stunned and their eyes showed unbelief.
"No …"
Not yet
All over the sky, the sword light came rapidly, and in the blink of an eye, they pierced their bodies and died tragically on the spot.
Chapter 66 Chi Shaoyang
"Bang …"
Exploded like fireworks, 100 horrible monsters, one exception, materialized dust disappeared from this world.