Pan Hui looked up at the door and obviously didn’t think of punishment. If there is such a thing, the driving level is really good!
Gai Lian moved his ass to Pan Hui’s side, looked at the door and whispered, "Is it good for the girl to let the public drive the car?"
Pan Hui otherwise rolled his eyes and continued to look like he was not salty or pale, saying, "It’s nothing. He might have such a preference."
Anyway, this man delivered the door himself. No, she wouldn’t kindly go to this man to think about punishment. Since she didn’t invite the driver, she naturally decided to drive by herself. Many people wanted Boyi. Her love and sympathy really made her look like she couldn’t see it!
The punishment outside the car is really like shaking your head with a wry smile, but the reins are loosened and the speed is gradually slowed down, but compared with other carriages, it is still very fast
He lifted the curtain and pushed the door on the back side of the curtain. "There is a compartment on the left side of your seat with some tea leaves, a tea set and several cowhide water bags, which have been filled with pink mud stoves and charcoal. If you feel cold in the compartment on the seat surface, you can make your own tea."
Cover flow a listen to these words immediately delighted to rummage out the east and west on the right side of the spacious corner to boil water.
Pan Hui also looked up and turned her eyes from the page to the face of punishment. Seeing that his face seemed to be swollen by the cold wind, she couldn’t help but spit on it. I knew that this man must be deliberately not angry to protect her body so that she could see it, but she still had to ask, "How far have we gone?"
"About a hundred Li" punishment is really like laughing.
Pan Hui found that they walked out of a hundred miles in just over half an hour, which was really fast. "You can find a wider place to have a rest later!" "
Punishment is really like nodding with a smile and pulling the door, turning around and waving a whip, and the carriage picked up speed again.
Pan Hui was too lazy to look at it at the moment, staring at the there’s a stir of red in the quiet stove wait for a while. She didn’t react until the carriage shook gently for a stop. She pulled the door and went to see the outside situation, but she was directly preparing to come in with the curtains. Punishment was really like a bump.
Pan Hui light shout a fall back into the car, you see the punishment is really like a somersault firmly on the ground, she can’t help but turn her eyes and have a smile.
Punishment is really like looking at her smug little appearance. I got up and went up to the curtain and smiled. "Do you want to come out and have a look?"
She pretended to gently cough and flicker, and then jumped out of the carriage. Suddenly, the flat-bottomed wind blew her robe and a head of hair was blown away in the cold wind, and a little fine hair caressed her cheek, causing punishment to reach out to help her caress.
Pan Hui’s slight meal has not yet been reacted and he has fallen into the arms of punishment.
However, this time, I learned a good lesson and hugged it gently. I immediately let it loose in the wind position to help her block most of the cold wind.
Pan Huiqiao’s face sank, and he would get his hair back in the future. He was given a hard cut with cold eyes and turned around and walked to the rear of the car.
It’s not bad to choose this parking position. It’s just where the road widens. The roadside is no longer a pine forest, but a few catalpa trees. Although most of them are bald, they have branches, but tender new leaves have sneaked out in the cold wind in early spring.
Pan Hui looked up around and didn’t notice that punishment really came to her side again. It was in her heart that Youzi was feeling these endless lives and felt a little confused about the unknown fairy path.
She thought she would envy others after all.
Because although their lives are short, they have a cycle of reincarnation, and they can experience a variety of lives without past memories, and she …
She doesn’t know her past life, but she knows that she has no afterlife. She has already chosen her life path, even if she didn’t choose it herself, she must walk.
Only by practicing hard can she live up to the reincarnation that has been cut off by the middle, and only by practicing hard can she be regarded as living with the reincarnation instead of completely disappearing into chaos.
Chapter 16 Female in gray (2)
Pan Hui slowly closed her eyes and felt the aura of the afterlife in all directions, so peaceful and secure, and her resentment was as intoxicating as the breeze blowing on her face.
She walked forward step by step with her eyes closed, and gradually walked into the Woods. There were still some broken and unmelted dead leaves in the black soil that she lightly stepped on and made a little noise.
She didn’t go too far. At least she remembers Gai Lian staying alone in the car. If she goes far away, a little girl may be upset.
At this time, the wind has already smelled of muddy soil and fresh new leaves. Pan Hui’s mouth overflowed with a faint smile.
Punishment is really like looking from the side and feeling that Pan Hui is bathed in a soft light, and all the creatures around her sigh lightly.
Punishment is really like walking two steps to Pan Hui’s side and reaching out to hold her thin shoulder.
Just a moment ago, he had the illusion that Pan Hui might fly away at any time, knowing that she was not even in the fairyland, but there was no cause for a panic, and she had to be caught to calm down.
Pan Hui looks up at his face and struggles slightly.
The punishment was as calm as letting go at once, but it pointed to the distance and said, "Look, there seems to be a man there!"
Pan Hui’s anger stuck in her throat finally didn’t come out. She could gaze in the direction as pointed out by the punishment. Indeed, she saw a black land lying in the distance. If she didn’t look at the roots carefully, she couldn’t find them, but she could only find the man by her amazing eyesight.
"Small flow! Put out the fire! " Pan Hui twist a head to let out a cry. The gray figure is far away. She doesn’t trust to leave Gai Flow here alone or to call the little girls together.