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Chapter five hundred and thirteen All repression
Chapter five hundred and thirteen All repression
This man is a master of the virtual fairy peak recently cultivated by the Five Elements Sect. Since he was promoted to the peak, his status has risen. Most monks in the Five Elements Sect are respectful to him.
At this time, however, Xia Qi regarded him as something, and he didn’t even look at the whole Five Elements Sect, which made the monk’s anger burn uncontrollably.
He was killed for the first time, and when his hand was lifted, it fell like a hill. conan the destroyer made many monks move.
He wants to capture Xia Qi alive to gain favor in front of the great patriarch, the bodhi old zu in the hot sun.
He knows very well that his qualification is not good and he can rise to the peak by many elixirs, but after this step, there is no hope for his qualification base to soar to the celestial world.
And now is his chance.
He wants to make a good performance in front of the bodhi old zu in the scorching sun, which is enough to make the bodhi old zu in the scorching sun remember that it is absolutely possible for him to reward a few elixirs with this credit.
"Don’t give in easily when you are young."
This monk, like nine days arrival, is imposing and imposing, and the size of a palm falling down a hill will cover a small number of Danzong.
Roaring like thunder, the palm print is instantaneous.
"I don’t know if I live or die"
Xia Qi eyes flashed with a folded mans low drink a figure up and take the initiative to meet the palm print.
The palm print is as powerful as a mountain. It is obvious that the monk’s appearance is to destroy the Danzong Mountain Gate together. Xia Qi will never let this person succeed in public.
"the town soldiers are millions of fairy soldiers"
At this moment, the gathering of many monks is almost the top strength of human monks in the whole cultivation world. Under such circumstances, it is a good opportunity for Xia Qi to stand up.
At first, it’s the town soldier station, and it’s still urging. There’s no left hand
The sea of blood in the corpse mountain is faintly revealed in the middle, as if there are millions of fairy soldiers raging in it, and the power of heaven and earth is unstoppable.
It was easy to suppress, and the palm print was broken by the town soldier’s platform, while the rolling ShaQi directly impacted the monk’s mind, which made him slightly sluggish.
"If you dare to disrespect Danzong, stay alive."
Xia Qi binge drinking momentum is like thunder, fierce and violent, and the town’s military station never stops, as if millions of Xianbing were released neatly and uniformly, rolling with monstrous ShaQi.
The sky broke apart and spread as if to devour the world, and the town soldiers passed through it at a very fast speed and immediately suppressed the monks.
"Patriarch save me"
The monk was frightened and frightened, and he was almost frightened out of his wits. He didn’t have the courage to fight and turned to escape, and at the same time he asked the bodhi old zu for help in the hot sun.
"Xia Qi, don’t you dare"
Xia Qi’s moves are overbearing, sharp and clean, and there is no hesitation. It is as fast as thunder. Until the monks ask for help, the bodhi old zu in the hot sun and other talents react. The bodhi old zu in the hot sun did not personally make moves, but the bodhi old zu around him was binge drinking.
Although the leader of the Tongtian Sect was incorporated into the Five Elements Sect, it is undoubtedly the top in the cultivation of immortals.
As soon as the figure floated like the wind, it rushed to the friar of the Five Elements for help.
But Tongtian bodhi old zu didn’t come to save Xia Qi. The speed was too fast and the hand was biting, which surprised everyone. At this moment, the town soldiers roared down and fled. Friar Wu’s whole body directly exploded and the blood fog drifted away.
And this is not the end of the blood fog, but I saw a blood dragon appearing in Yi Long and singing a big mouth. This monk’s blood fog was directly swallowed.
Not only the bones but also the blood fog of the body will be swallowed up by the blood dragon.
Everyone was dumbfounded.
Not far away, the Godsworn is the Five Elements and the Justice League, and the four families are also shocked. I can’t believe Xia Qi’s moves are so ruthless and clean that he directly kills even the bodies.
All this is still in front of many top strong people of the Five Elements Sect, including the ancestors of the Five Elements Sect, the grand patriarch of the scorching sun.
After the shock, the Justice League and the four families looked at Danzong with a hint of awe in the distance.
Xia Qi is so ruthless that he has no scruples. Obviously, Xia Qi has something to rely on and he is not afraid that the five elements will retaliate against him.
"It seems that the mysterious strong did not leave."
At this moment, the Justice League, four families, and many monks are sure to guard Danzong’s mysterious strong man, and he must not leave Danzong.
"small death"
The Justice League, four big families and many Sanxiu are indifferent, and they have a little fear for Danzong, but the friar of Wuxing Sect is furious at the moment.
Many people roared and killed, and it was simply to destroy the whole Danzong.
And just to stop Xia Qi borne bodhi old zu is boiling like a volcano.
Instead of stopping Xia Qi, he personally let Xia Qi kill the monk and let his bones and flesh be swallowed up by the blood dragon, which is a shame for him.
"I’ll kill you Danzong today."
Tongtian bodhi old zu rushed to kill and was very overbearing and cruel. The turbulent momentum swept like a monstrous wave, which made people feel that this world was going to collapse.
Xia Qi remained motionless in the same place with a chuckle.
Tongtian bodhi old zu’s anger is more prosperous, and the speed is soaring to an appalling level. Almost in the blink of an eye, he appeared in front of Xia Qi with a big hand and covered it fiercely.
The momentum is so great that the palm of your hand suddenly falls, making it impossible to resist. It seems that all resistance is in vain and will be destroyed by this horrible hand.
In fact, Xia Qi did not resist.
He has been in the same place, smiling without any change.
"Is he scared silly?"
"What’s the matter? Is Xia Qi going to kill himself?"
"Is the bodhi old zu so terrible that people can’t resist by attacking?"
"Ha ha ha Xia Qi really can’t escape death. Let’s get ready to rob Dan Zongbao’s library."
Many monks exclaimed that this was unexpected. Everyone knew that Xia Qi was no match for the bodhi old zu, but Xia Qigen didn’t mean to resist, as if he wanted to take the initiative to die, which was beyond everyone’s expectation.
"Get ready to start work. We can’t let Xia Qi fall into the hands of the Five Elements Sect."
At this moment, the Justice League and the four major families all remained indifferent, and they all said that they were nervous and wanted to rob Xia Qi and forced him to ask where the treasure of Tiandaozong was.