After the shock, Xia Qi immediately calmed down and looked at the blood dragon that was about to break the swamp. Xia Qi didn’t turn around and escape, but held a sword to slay the blood dragon!
It is said that the blood dragon is stronger than the dragon at all, but it is still unfinished, and it is still in this masculine Xia Qi that I have the confidence to slay the blood dragon here.
If you slay the blood dragon Xia Qi, you will refine this blood dragon essence enough to make Xia Qi deify a hole again!
The hexagrams brush out the swamp and finally the blood dragon roared out and attacked Xia Qi!
The blood dragon is very small, but it is full of red blood, and its head is covered with horns and scales. Its face is ferocious, especially its eyes are red as blood and full of murder and resentment. At first glance, it makes people feel shaken.
"Powerful magic ape palm!"
Xia Qi made up his mind to kill the blood dragon, and he didn’t turn back his handprint. The blood dragon fought fiercely together, but the blood was shining, and the sword mans flashed. This cave collapsed again and again, and several geocentric magma surged in.
This geocentric magma is hotter than Gangyang, and it is the most restrained for such evil creatures as the blood dragon. At the moment when the magma pours in, the blood dragon screams bitterly.
But even so, the blood dragon didn’t escape, but became more and more fierce and attacked Xia Qi. The small body and strength were poor, and the bombardment of this cave collapsed everywhere.
Xia Qi’s divinatory symbols in his hand are his greatest reliance. Every time he can’t hold on to them, he plays them. When the light comes out, the magma will roll and turn into a swamp. It’s far from being a magic weapon.
The blood dragon roars again and again. In a short time, it has had several opportunities to talk about Xia Qi’s killing, absorbing all its essence and blood, but at every key moment, Xia Qi will play divination and the blood dragon will be trapped immediately.
Anger, roar, shock, big holes, and a lot of magma rolled without stopping bleeding. The fierce impact of the dragon broke the swamp again in a short moment and attacked and killed Xia Qi.
Although Xia Qi can trap the blood dragon, all kinds of attack methods can’t hit the blood dragon in a short time, and the blood dragon is still alive and kicking until now.
At that time one Yi Long seemed to be deadlocked.
Every time the blood dragon is fierce, Xia Qi will be forced to be in danger, but a crisis in the divination map will be lifted immediately, and you can also take the opportunity to leave some scars on the blood dragon.
The blood dragon, with its tough strength, physical body and dexterous figure, was seriously injured when Xia Qi was trapped in the hexagram for a short time, and the blood dragon never gave up. It seems that Xia Qi must be nullified.
This vein was bombarded by a fierce killing by one person, Yi Long, and several geocentric magma surged in and wrapped Xia Qi both of them.
I haven’t been able to attack for a long time, but I’m still in the magma where the blood dragons have great restraint. The blood dragons are getting more and more violent. Finally, after tearing a swamp again and getting away, they roared and roared, and the blood mans surged and flashed again and again.
The huge roar and spoof brought up the sound waves, which forced several magmas to retreat. The sudden change of the petite body of the blood dragon in the flashing of blood mans actually increased by more than ten times in an instant!
The original look at the ferocious and terrible blood dragon is even more frightening after it gets bigger. The eyes are red and resentful and straight through the soul. The big mouth Zhang Longya reveals cold light and shines like a sword, which is chilling.
All this is only done in an instant. When Xia Qi reacts and wants to escape, he has already come, but the blood dragon roars and a huge body sweeps directly towards Xia Qi!
This cave collapsed immediately after being swept by the blood dragon’s earth body, and several red rocks rolled down one after another to smash a part of the magma.
And the blood dragon dragon tail has not been affected at all, sweeping towards Xia Qi!
Don’t hesitate to hit the hexagrams again and brush out a swamp, but now stop in front of the blood dragon tail to stop it.
However, it has been tried and tested, but this time, the brush out of the swamp is unstoppable, and the blood dragon dragon tail almost collapses at the touch of the swamp!
Xia Qi reacted quickly and felt bad at the moment when the swamp was broken. Ice armor immediately prompted the magma in the cave to be frozen. A thick layer of ice armor solidified in front of Xia Qi.
The dragon’s tail swept and the hard and thick ice armor immediately collapsed, and the splash of ice debris could not stop the dragon’s tail at all.
In the huge dragon tail sweep, Xia Qi’s body is wearing ice armor, but most of the strength of the earth still surges into the body. Xia Qi suddenly vomits blood and his ribs are broken.
"It is really tough for heaven and earth to breed creatures!"
Xia Qi horror than never thought blood dragon so earth.
Without hesitation, Xia Qi turned and retreated.
At the moment, the blood dragon is too tough, and Xia Qi is really hard to match. Only retreating temporarily.
However, how can you watch Xia Qi leave like this when the strength of the blood dragon has risen sharply? Angry roar loud body plate lying will all these caves are blocked red eyes coldly looking at Xia Qi as if Xia Qi soul will be detained.