Huang Tianxiu advanced to the early Yuan infant period and entered the Danfeng Presbyterian Regiment. Naturally, he was no longer able to take Danfeng’s first seat, but Li Luo disappeared inexplicably and left Danfeng’s second seat.
In Danfeng, although you are the elder here, you are in charge of specific matters. The importance is self-evident, and you must never be short of time.
This day is finally an important moment for the selection of Danfeng’s second seat. In autumn, when the sun just rises, Hu Yong left the abode of fairies and immortals and gathered five people to fly to the place where the selection was held.
The second selection of Danfeng is a contest for alchemy. The venue is the open-air platform where the advanced ceremony is held in the middle of Danfeng.
Autumn six people together fuelling escape light but after flying for a moment, they came to the front of the open-air platform and fell.
"Big Brother, it seems that there are quite a few people who are interested in this selection. There are more than 30 high-ranking monks coming in front of us alone, close to 40 people."
Six people fell to the open-air platform and looked around. Zhang Fang was immediately surprised and said to Qiu several people.
"So many monks in the then period have we all come to Danfeng, and this seat is really touching."
One hundred thousand square meters of open-air platform in which more than thirty people are distributed does not seem crowded, but Fang Rui said at first sight that he was still depressed and unhappy.
"It’s only 30 monks in the then period, let alone all monks in the then period in Danfeng, even less than half of them. I was there when the master condensed the vision of Yuanying Day, but I saw at least 50 monks in the then period."
Cheng Duqiu, a hot candidate for the second place in Danfeng, has long been psychologically prepared to meet the many monks who have arrived. His face looks the same, but he is still indifferent, his eyes are slightly blurred, and he said in a tone of memory
"Good teacher younger brother, don’t underestimate our Danfeng strength. Thirty or fifty monks in the then period are definitely not all. I estimate that there may be more than 100 monks in the then period in Danfeng if you carefully screen them."
Then Qiu stopped Hu Yong and said that the voice echoed in the ears of the people. He really surprised everyone by saying it.
In the world of cultivating immortals in Daqin, the name of Danling Sect is as strong as its strength, and the foundation of Danfeng Sect is as strong as its strength. I have a general impression in autumn.
Knowing that Danfeng is powerful is just heard from various channels. Just after listening to Hu Yong’s general evaluation, Qiu finally has an intuitive understanding of how powerful Danfeng is.
After the arrival of the six people in autumn, some monks in the golden elixir period came one after another. As time went by, more and more monks in the open platform in the golden elixir period gradually approached fifty.
In the intermittent conversation of the autumn six people, it didn’t take long for a light escape from outside the open-air platform to fly very fast and land on the platform.
In the light package, a figure appeared. It was Qiu who met both sides and had a good impression on Mu Qingyun.
"Hehe, Brother Mu is here. Let’s meet him. By the way, I’ll introduce you to each other."
See the sky MuQingYun autumn eyes slightly a bright in the corners of the mouth unconsciously reveals a smile on the side Hu Yong five lang said.
"Ha, ha, ha, brother Hamu, I haven’t seen you for a long time, but your style is still the same."
Go to meet MuQingYun autumn in lang smile three hand MuQingYun briefly a gift spirit wind said.
"Each other, each other, the younger brother is also very elegant." Mu Qingyun’s charm is graceful with a slight smile on his mouth. After a ceremony, Xiang Qiu also said with a hint of different colors in his eyes. "It’s really gratifying that I haven’t seen you for several years."
When Mu Qingyun met for the first time in the first two times, the autumn was indeed the first time in the early stage of the then period, and the second time in the autumn, it was advanced, but his monty qi-gathering technique converged his own breath, and even dzogchen in the then period could not detect the abnormality. This is the third time we met, and Qiu was in doubt in the middle stage of the then period.
Muqingyun’s self-cultivation is good, and it can also be said that he is very shrewd. Generally, it is rare for him to look greatly changed, but autumn has made Muqingyun’s heart shake in a short time.
Muqingyun Hu Yong, the same five people, were also surprised after learning about Qiu Xiu’s re-entry for the first time, and then their attitude towards Qiu was more respectful.
"It’s just a fluke." Qiu didn’t even show a trace of complacency and pride with a free smile on his face. He didn’t want to talk more about this matter. Hu Yong, five people behind him, smiled at Muqingyun and said, "Brother Mu, this is my four younger brothers and a younger sister. I’ll introduce you to one."
"That’s very kind of you, teacher younger brother."
See autumn don’t want to say MuQingYun more in his big things, and don’t force him to pick up with the autumn topic.
Introduce Hu Yong five people to Muqingyun, and then introduce Muqingyun to Hu Yong five people and several people exchange pleasantries, and the conversation atmosphere will be harmonious.
"Brother Mu, you should come here today to participate in the selection of the second place in Danfeng. If you can stand out, you and Martial Uncle Qiu will take the second place in Danfeng together, which is a much-told story."
After introducing each other, Qiu teased Muqingyun with a slight smile at his eyebrows, and it also had a little temptation in it.
Although Xiu is one step higher than Mu Qingyun, the selection ratio of Danfeng’s second place is not repair or strength, but the strength of Dan Dao’s repair lies in the level of alchemy, which is greatly influenced by many factors, so Qiu can’t guarantee that his alchemy will be higher than Mu Qingyun’s.
It can be said that when the monk became an elixir in autumn, he was several years shorter than Mu Qingyun. He just made faster progress in alchemy, and the variables were not small.
"Ha ha, teacher younger brother, I’m joking. I’m just trying to accumulate some experience and win a second place. I don’t even dare to think about it." I gave a slight hand to Muqingyun with an unnatural smile, but the tone was plain and lightly said, "But I think teacher younger brother is promising. In terms of teacher younger brother’s qualification, he wants to come to Dandaoxiu, which is also very profound and is expected to win the first place."
It seems that Mu Qingyun’s manner is not ambitious at all, but Qiu will never believe it. Intuitively, he thinks that Mu Qingyun is not an easy generation.
And MuQingYun at this time in the heart secretly wary of depending on the autumn the selection of a big rival, after all, autumn show cultivate immortality qualification is very scary, and to participate in the Danfeng second selection must also be very sure.
"I’m flattered by Brother Emu, that is, I’m still practicing alchemy. I’ve long since left my place, and I’m purely here to accumulate experience and increase my knowledge."
When people communicate and talk, Qiu also knows that in the face of Muqingyun’s temptation, Qiu certainly won’t say what he really thinks, which is just perfunctory.