Although Su Lejun controls the Korean family, Han Chengyi’s confidants are not Su Lejun who can control them or Ni Jun who follows them. There is Hao Xiyin among them.
Ni Jun handed over the protection of’ Han Chengyi’ to Hao Xiyin and went back to the company as a special assistant to deal with some things. He was busy until seven o’clock. As soon as he came back, he went upstairs to see Le Xuewei, but she was not in the bedroom.
Turned into the room, and she was inside, facing the easel, drawing.
No oil paint is the simplest, but Ni Jun can also see the clear outline of the paper at the door, which is exactly as vivid as Han Chengyi’s. How can I draw my lover so vividly?
Le Xuewei didn’t know that someone put a pen at the door, raised his hand and stroked the painter, muttering, "Chengyi, I thought you were particularly handsome before, but I thought you were more handsome when you were painting Chengyi. I miss you so much. Now think about how I got through the past four years without you?"
After a pause, Le Xuewei raised her hand to hold the easel’s cheek and slowly leaned over to stick the lip to the painting, and the tears fell off and wet the painting paper.
"I kissed you, why don’t you kiss me back? At that time … At that time, four years ago, didn’t you hug me and tell me what a real kiss was? You wretch took my first kiss and lost me for four years for the first time. What are you going to do now, leave me completely? Han Chengyi, if you dare to make an agreement with me forever, I will forget it! "
How can the painter respond to such a warning?
Le Xuewei’s hand was raised to tear up the painting, but it stopped. The painting could be torn up, but it was impossible to swing it away with his eyes closed.
Nijun looked at all this silently outside the door and brought a heavy heart to the door.
The next morning, Le Xuewei went to the hospital to see’ Han Chengyi’ only to find that it was Hao Xiyin who was guarding the door of the intensive care unit.
They haven’t seen each other so suddenly for many years, and they are embarrassed to meet each other. They haven’t seen each other several times in total, and they are not happy every time, especially the last time they made it quite ugly. Le Xuewei was surprised to see Hao Xiyin.
Hao Xiyin stooped respectfully to salute "Third Mistress"
It’s such a simple courtesy that Le Xuewei’s opinion of her immediately changed. She was busy reaching out to hold her. "Manager Hao, I … thank you" can advance and retreat with Han Chengyi at this time, which is worthy of her respect and trust.
Hao precious little sound smile "three wealthy family polite should you go in! There will be no problem if there is a genus. "
"Well" LeXueWei grateful for her smile into the intensive care unit.
The situation of’ Han Chengyi’ has not improved. According to the doctor’s words, people’s facial injuries are not caused by multiple burns on their bodies, and different degrees of dysfunction of various organs are not impossible to recover, but it takes a long process.
Le Xuewei is absent-minded, listening and imagining where the real husband is at this time. The longer time goes by, the more convinced she is that her husband is fine. She once experienced such a thing as escaping from a closed explosion car with him, so she believes that this time her husband still has something to escape.
How can Han Laosan, the owner of every family in Korea, lie here like a fool? She comes here every day just to make people believe that this person is Han Chengyi. If Han Chengyi is still alive, the four leading people will still be the Han family!
Le Xuewei overheard the nurses talking when she came out of the intensive care unit and passed by them.
"Where did Master Xu go these days?"
"Don’t know! Even the head nurse doesn’t know. "
"Is that day when he didn’t say don’t come the next day? Even his assistant can’t connect … It won’t be a flying knife, will it? "
"Who knows? The somebody else is an academician is dean also dare not how to treat this kind of talent "
When she heard this conversation, Le Xuewei couldn’t tell why she suddenly stopped. It was a chat between nurses, but she somehow felt that there was something in it, but she was not so sensitive and couldn’t imagine what was wrong with it.
Reasoning has no good result, so I left it behind and walked out of the intensive care unit.
At this time, the academician Xu Zhu in the mouth of the nurses was in a private hospital with his head down for surgery. "Knife, hemostatic forceps, ready to wash …" The anesthesia machine and monitor sounded regularly.
Chapter 347 Street reunion
Two months later, the president’s office of the imperial capital d s regiment.
"Third mistress, you have read these documents carefully and there is no problem."
Ni Jun put a stack of documents in front of Le Xuewei. Le Xuewei looked up at the pile of documents and vomited a sigh. Nai nodded, "I’ll sign it slowly when I know it." She said, smoking a dozen to sign it.
"Third housewife, after you sign these papers, you will be sent back to have a rest. After you go to the hospital in the afternoon, you don’t have to come every day. Ni Jun will naturally come back to you for something. You are so hard."
"Well," Le Xuewei nodded carelessly while signing, laughing, "I don’t know anything about what’s hard for me. I just sign my name and you are doing everything."
After signing the last one, Le Xuewei closed the pen "All right, you’re done" and immediately got up.
The movement was a little fierce and scared Ni Jun. "Third mistress, can you slow down?"
"Ha ha good" LeXueWei clever nodded with a smile "know NiJunGe how do you become more and more like my father? At home, when he talks about going out, you talk about it, okay? "
Ni Jun looked at Le Xuewei with her eyes hanging down. She was rounder than the previous one, and her jaw had a little curvature. Her long hair was also short, saying that she was afraid of absorbing nutrients from children. Her belly was slightly raised and she was wearing a maternity dress. She was a beautiful pregnant woman.
"Ahem" Ni Jun gently coughed, uh, and helped Le Xuewei to go out. "Go back to eat and rest for a while before going to the hospital for a checkup."
The weather was a little cold, and Ni Jun was afraid that Le Xuewei would catch cold, so she wore a thin coat when she went out. As a result, Le Xuewei was covered in sweat when she went to the hospital.
"Oh, I’m going to take it off. It’s killing me!" Le Xuewei was about to take off her coat as soon as she sat in the chair.
But it was stopped by Ni Junsheng. Ni Junmu looked unhappy. "You can’t take it off now. It’s easier to catch cold. Now the hospital has no heating. Third mistress, you must listen to it."
"…" Le Xuewei’s lip was slightly open, but she let go and lost. Now she can deeply feel Nijun’s bullying. I don’t know which girl will follow him. It’s too wide.
Probably men like them who don’t talk much on the surface are like this! Han Chengyi is like this, so is Ni Jun.
The inspection is still accompanied by Ni Jun, but Ni Jun can’t go in and wait outside.
Inside, the doctor saw that NiJun accompanied him every time. Of course, he was Le Xuewei’s husband through the curtain. "Why didn’t dad come in?" Come in and see the children! The child is very good, with long arms and long legs … "
Section 215
"Ah?" Ni Jun was quite excited when he heard this outside, because he was used to no expression, and now his face looks a little … hard to shape.
The doctor smiled at Le Xuewei on the examination table. "Your husband is very interesting, isn’t he? Why don’t you come in Don’t you want to see the children? "
Le Xuewei pursed her lips when she heard such words, trying to laugh and open her mouth, just about to explain "It’s not him, it’s not me …"
"Yo, you can see men and women. Do you want to know?" The doctor looked at Le Xuewei. "You have had two boys. Do you want a daughter this time?"
"Ah?" As soon as Le Xuewei heard this, she put the explanation behind her and asked, "Do you want a daughter … is the doctor a daughter?"
The doctor didn’t say it immediately, but took the probe and carefully looked at Le Xuewei’s abdomen before saying, "But congratulations on being a daughter and having long arms and legs. Are you going to be a dancer in the future?"
Le Xuewei covered her mouth with joy and gently exhaled "Thank you, thank you doctor"
The doctor laughed. "Don’t thank me for giving birth to my daughter. I have no credit to thank your husband!"! Credit is your husband ha ha … "
LeXueWei excited almost cried out from the examination room and took NiJun kept saying "do you hear? Brother Ni Junge, did you just hear that? The doctor said it was a daughter! What a daughter! "
"Yes, yes!" Ni Jun is also very excited. I can’t hide my excitement. I’m looking forward to my daughter really coming!
Le Xuewei caressed her slightly protruding abdomen with deep emotion. "So I said Chengyi will be fine. He wants his daughter to be waiting for her father."
"Yes, it must be"
When she came out of the hospital, Le Xuewei suddenly wanted to eat popcorn. That’s how pregnant women want to eat. They must eat it in their mouths, otherwise they will always be worried and drooling. Fortunately, there is a Ni Jun across the street who asked Le Xuewei to wait at the door and run across the street to buy it.
"Third housewife, don’t come back when you are a horse." Nijun sounded like Le Xuewei was a child.
Le Xuewei obediently nodded, "I know, I want to eat quickly." She also swallowed saliva.
Ni Jun ran to the opposite side. Le Xuewei behaved and shook her head and looked around. Suddenly, her eyes moved and hurried back. What did she just see? Is she dazzled? How did she seem to see … Seung Yi?
Hold your breath and stare at the crowd and sound around a restaurant opposite. She can see the familiar silhouette, although it is silhouette, but he is there with his head slightly sideways and a cigarette in his right hand and a lighter in his left hand.
His eyes narrowed slightly when the blue flame burst into flames.
Then he was surrounded by people behind him and walked forward at the corner and disappeared into the crowd.
Only then did Le Xuewei react. What was she doing? What’s stupid? That’s Seung Yi! Turning to ashes, she also knows her lover Cheng Yi! Without a moment’s pause, Le Xuewei ran across the street and shouted "Chengyi, Chengyi!"