And the owner saw the elders in Tsing Yi on the side face at this moment and said, "This matter is urgent, but you can’t let me go. Purple Cliff Mountain is not a timid guy. Send someone to the four continents to investigate and send another person to contact Su Yu."
The silence of the elders is the default of the leader’s practice.
Perhaps the leader’s practice is the best choice, not to get into trouble, or else Ziyashan’s brother is chilling.
"That’s settled!" The head of the company paused with a sigh of relief and finally closed his eyes and disappeared in situ.
After the elders left, they all fled to leave Fulong alone.
In the evening, the sunset on Ziya Mountain is particularly beautiful.
"What? Send someone to investigate? Tell them to level the wild land directly! "
"Su Yu! What is an indigenous emperor afraid of him? If he dares to kill him! "
Although God knows the sound, Gu Tianning’s anger was read from the words when a dragon struck Tsing Yi.
He told Gu Tianning that a wisp of lingering thoughts about the decision made by Yulong head of Youlong Temple.
Fu Long guessed that Gu Tianning would be this reaction at first. He looked at the bottle of Yun Soul, which condensed into a villain, and said nothing and didn’t want to say anything.
"Many of my brothers from Ziya Mountain dispatched a few feet to slaughter the four continents to find the beast that hurt me!"
Gu Tianning’s ghost kept shouting. He never thought that he would end up in this situation, and he never thought that he was killed and that the clan he relied on dared not avenge himself.
Heart wronged makes him unbearable to accumulate the soul bottle, which symbolizes that the white fog of Gu Tianning’s remnant soul keeps turning and can’t stop.
"I’m not as important as an indigenous emperor in your eyes?"
"In that case, do I have to live in this world?"
Gu Tianning’s ghost cries out bitterly. At this time, he wants to die!
He feels that he has suffered enough, and he can’t stand humiliation or this world.
The remnant soul is the weakest form of a person, and it can be destroyed in an instant if the mind moves.
But then Fulong stopped him.
"Purple Cliff Mountain can give you shelter, but after all, it’s not everywhere. I know you are wronged, but you can blame yourself." Fu Long looked at the bottle with Gu Tianning’s residual soul and said in a low voice.
"I’ll find you a good body in time. You can practice again. It depends on you if you want to report your humiliation today."
Chapter 613, 613 Unnamed first.
I have to say that the execution efficiency of Ziya Mountain is still very high. In less than one day, I was ordered to leave Ziya Mountain by the dark investigation team.
At the same time, there is news that Ziya Mountain is suffering from boredom when it leaves Ziya Mountain.
The news came from a restaurant that many practitioners love to go to. It is said that a Ziya Shandi was drunk.
It is said that Gu Tianning, the tianjiao of Ziya Mountain, went to find Su Yu Road, the main mainland of Sifang, but found a new world.
Tianjiao Gu Tianyu thought about refining this new world, but he didn’t want this new world to have its owner, and then he didn’t know how to be beaten up by the new world owner. All the guards and followers were killed, and Gu Tianyu people left a wisp of residual soul.
Not only that, Ziya Mountain rang a huge bell only when a major accident happened.
Results Ziyashan sent several teams to investigate secretly.
A new world? New world master? The whole Xinghai is famous. Gu Tianyu has fallen? Genius has fallen to Ziya Mountain, but why not destroy it?
At first glance, everyone said that this was the nonsense of this Ziya Shandi.
A new world? How can the new world be so good for breeding an egg?
A new world has been born in some unknown place, and the main position of the new world must belong to those big sects in Xinghai, which will be given to those unknown little people.
The fall of Tianjiao Gu Tianyu in Ziya Mountain is even more discussed.
Who doesn’t know that Gu Tianyu is the future owner of Ziya Mountain, and it is more likely to be the future head of Ziya Mountain. That’s when dazzling will definitely be protected by the mighty. How can it be so easy to die?
All people seem to be this Ziya Shandi’s drunken nonsense.
It was this Ziya Shandi who said that he was not credible after he sobered up.
However, this word has penetrated into several major sects in Xinghai, and all major sects have become interested in it. It didn’t take much effort for several major sects to verify the authenticity of this smell.
Yes, this smell is true.
Gu Tianning, the tianjiao of Ziya Mountain, was killed by a new world owner, but Ziya Mountain did not have direct revenge. It was symbolic that several teams were sent to investigate.
Suddenly shocked from all walks of life
Ziya Mountain is the first holy land of Xuxian Road, and there are saints everywhere!
This is what Xinghai practitioners have never heard of Ziya Mountain.
But such a cow force to coax purple cliff mountain was eaten by an unknown person.
According to the past practice, Ziya Mountain will be directly confronted if it suffers losses, and it will directly level the opponent’s mainland if it is lightly copied.
Now, the lost treasures of a generation of Tianjiao in the sect have to be preserved. Ziya Mountain is not overbearing as usual, but symbolically sends people out to investigate.
All the sects in Xinghai are very interested in this person. Send a younger brother to spy around the person who can make Ziya Mountain suffer from boredom.
Ziya Mountain is as low-key as ever and has no response.
For some ordinary practitioners in Xinghai, this matter has become a talk about uniting.
One hundred.
As a result, more than half of the practitioners in Xinghai know the New World Master, but no one knows the true identity of this New World Master.
Some people say that the new world master is a violent ancient fierce beast, while others say that the new world master is an invisible super strong.
But no matter which new world has the main strength, it is the honour person or exceeds the honour person.
Some young students have a yearning for the Sifang mainland and want to go there to find a chance.
However, Su Yu, the protagonist of this column, knows nothing about all this.
At this time, Su Yu, dressed in a dragon robe, sat in a dragon chair, leafing through the watches of the ministers, silently nodded and expressed satisfaction with the development of the empire in the recent period.
"My husband eats fruit." Ling Aner personally came to Su Yu with a fruit bowl and asked casually, "What’s the good thing that makes my husband so happy?"
Su Yu pinched LingAnEr little face to eat a piece of fruit and said
"Zhuge Liang, Chen Qun and other sages have done a good job. The economy and science and technology of the Chinese Empire have developed rapidly, and the eastward transfer of troops from the east to the west and the eastward transfer of people from the west have also gone smoothly. So I will be able to look down on those people in Xinghai and have the courage to say that I am a native of the Chinese people!"
"So good" Linganer arch eyebrows curved smiled and said.
She doesn’t know much about politics and country, and she doesn’t want to know her. She wants to stay with her husband Su Yu for a generation and never part.
Husband laughs at her and laughs with her. Husband is angry and she is angry with her.
"Look at this pretty." Su Yu shook his head with a wry smile at Leitian’s performance, and read it directly to Ling Aner. "Please ask the emperor to lead the army to levy the south and north continents from now on."
"Fighting all day long doesn’t make people rest." Su Yu was in distress situation.
He had long planned to unify the four continents.
It is not too difficult for the present Chinese Empire that the southern continent and the northern continent are under the control of Wusheng Pavilion and Buddhism respectively.
Unification is necessary, but not now.
In view of the fact that Su Yu, the common people, are still planning to put this plan on hold for the time being.
At this time, the hall appeared in Su Long, which surprised Su Yu.
"Feather scouts came to Junbao to catch some Chinese thieves who wanted to sneak into me, as if they were from outside."
"Domain outsiders? Sneak in? "
"Okay, I know. You go to bed early." Su Yu nodded at Su Long and said softly.
Su Long turned and left without saying much, knowing that his son would make a good decision.
"You, too, go to rest."
Su Yu got up and looked at the dark night outside the palace in the same way as if he had seen the deepest part of Xinghai.