In addition, the place where Zhang Yiping lives is too extravagant. This is not what Bolshevik party member should have. Wang Yizu also wants to advise Zhang Yiping not to be greedy for pleasure, but to have a hard-working revolutionary spirit.
Wang Yizu still gave several suggestions to Zhang Yiping according to the convention of revolutionary ranks. One is to be polite and respect each other for revolutionary comrades, and the other is not to be greedy for pleasure …
Unexpectedly, Zhang Yiping didn’t even bother to listen to Wang Yizu’s words and said coldly, "If Wang’s team comes from these things, I think you can go back to the door. Please turn around and start walking out the door and conveniently open the door for me …"
"Lieutenant comrade, please listen to me. It’s dangerous for you to go like this, and you will soon be corroded by the energy class …"
"Well, I know the revolutionary truth better than you, and it’s not up to you and me to talk about it," Zhang Yiping scolded. "Did you finish chasing those counter-revolutionaries?"
"The Ministry chased and executed," said Wang Yizu.
"That’s good for counter-revolutionaries …" Zhang Yiping said a long list of revolutionary truths and then said, "Go home if nothing happens."
"Comrade Lieutenant once said that he would arrange for us to enter the Chinese team, and then the development organization didn’t know if this matter had a look?" Wang Yizu said
Zhang Yiping still remembers saying this, so he said, "For us, we should develop and organize this revolutionary principle, organize soldiers and the people to resist and overthrow the dictatorship of the proletariat and Zhang Yiping, but the comrades of the division commander will have to wait until Vladivostok is beaten and the Japanese army is taken out of the Far East."
Wang Yizu added, "Since there’s no hurry, why did you reorganize my Red Army detachment …"
Zhang Yiping said, "This is a revolution that requires your detachment to suffer heavy losses in the next battle. We will form a new China detachment from the Chinese workers of the Amur Red Army guerrillas. This is several times more than your former special detachment, which is also conducive to high combat effectiveness. I think this is a good thing."
"But you can’t adapt it while I’m away, and you’ve replaced all the cadres. These cadres are the most determined revolutionary fighters and the backbone of the team." Wang Yizu said, "The latest cadres are not qualified, and they will definitely fall off the chain when they are not party member …"
Zhang Yiping shrugged and said, "You know that I didn’t know that you followed me out these days."
"But I asked a lot of people, and they all said that this matter can be found with you because you are in charge of contacting the Red Army guerrillas in the Chinese team." Wang Yizu said, "So I will come to you, and I can’t see the higher-ranking officers."
"Who said, try to push these troubles to me?" Zhang Yiping scolded a finger and knocked on the desktop a few times and suddenly said, "I remember. As far as I know, we informed Comrade Sergei about this matter and asked the organization for instructions …"
"What? How can the organization agree to such a reorganization plan? " Wang Yizu said
Zhang Yiping shrugged and said, "At the end of the day, you are Russian, and the Russians never trust you. The Chinese team defeated the Japanese army and the Belarusian army, and they chose to cooperate with the Chinese team and ignored your feelings."
"No organization must think it is necessary for the revolution to make such a decision. If so, I have cooperation," said Wang Yizu.
Zhang Yiping sneered and said, "It is obvious that the revolution needs the Russians to betray you again …"
Looking at Wang Yizu’s lonely figure, Zhang Yiping sighed a game of national interests for people like Wang Yizu. If he still can’t see the situation clearly, he will eventually end in tragedy.
Early the next morning, Zhang Yiping went to the hospital to get familiar with the trail. In the hospital, he first visited Comrade Sergey, the captain of the Amur Red Army guerrillas, and that shot was shot by Zhang Yiping himself. His marksmanship has reached a very accurate point. He won’t kill Sergey with this shot, but it’s not so easy to cure him. At least, under the current medical conditions, Comrade Sergei’s injury will not be so easy to heal.
Comrade Sergei had an operation two days ago to remove the bullet from his body, and now he is very weak and lying in bed. He seems to have no strength to feel his heart beating very slowly, as if he would stop at any time. He seems to be sleepy all day and his eyelids are closed with fatigue.
Frolov, political commissar of Muir Red Army guerrillas, also came to visit Sergei. He sat in front of Sergei’s bed and looked at it blankly. Sergei Zhang Yiping walked behind frolov and asked, "Can Comrade Sergei still insist on going?"
Frolov suddenly felt that something in his heart had pushed him. He was startled and looked back to see that it was Zhang Yiping. "Yes, Comrade Sergei still has the strength to support him?"
Zhang Yiping stretched out his big hand and patted frolov on the shoulder and said, "Don’t worry, he will be fine."
"Yes, he will be fine." frolov nodded his head hard and felt that Zhang Yiping’s hand was so strong that his knees trembled distastefully.
Comfort a few words. frolov Zhang Yiping went to another small courtyard next to him. I don’t know why. He felt very carefree in his heart and couldn’t help blowing a cheerful whistle
Zhang Yiping was followed by Russian translators Bao Sheng and Shi Weilan. When Bao Sheng approached the yard, he said to Zhang Yiping, "Sir, I am very happy. If it were me, you would meet that beautiful Russian woman soon!"
"Russian little wife? Did you say Agata? " Zhang Yiping asked.
"Isn’t it? Sir, isn’t she going to be a wife? Such a beautiful Russian woman must not be cheap to others, "Bao Sheng said.
It is over that Zhang Yiping didn’t recognize himself as Agata, although sometimes he also wants to see Agata and see how her injury is, but that’s all.
In fact, more often than not, he felt guilty for taking advantage of a pure Red Army girl with lofty ideals. He came to see her not to alleviate his guilt, but to like her in his heart. How could he Zhang Yiping like a woman with hostile forces?
But when he saw Agata sitting in a hospital bed, he wanted to talk to her again, even if he argued about some revolutionary theories that he hated a little.
There are some female nurses basking in the sun next to the yard. As soon as Zhang Yiping comes, their horses go back to the house. Zhang Yiping smiled and said, No, you said it’s a good thing that our soldiers are not sick or painful.
Zhang Yiping didn’t go to see Agata, but went to the doctor’s office to ask about Agata. The doctor recognized Zhang Yiping and said, "A little injury to the Russian is nothing. This Russian girl can be discharged from the hospital. I have done a blood test for her and she is very healthy. The commander-in-chief can enjoy it!"
"What are you talking about? Is it a pot of vegetables?"
The doctor laughed. "Commander-in-Chief, don’t be embarrassed. Everyone has done everything, Ann. Many people bring their favorite Russian women to have a test, but they can only enjoy it if they are clean. However, it is absolutely safe for Commander-in-Chief to have a blood test myself."
Zhang Yiping came to Agata ward, and Agata looked surprised and said, "Dear Lieutenant, I just saw you passing me outside the window. You were too busy to come to see me. I’m so disappointed that you suddenly appeared in front of me at this time …"
Zhang Yiping is slightly infected, Agata has a strong revolutionary will, and Lang is full of vitality. This is something that other women can’t do, but Zhang Yiping finally has some guilt for her. He cheated her and will continue to cheat her and continue to cheat her feelings.
Seeing Agata’s sincere smiling face, his true feelings revealed Zhang Yiping’s slightly twisted and uneasy expression, and he tried to show a smile. Agata’s eyes met him, and she nodded. Suddenly, her face was as red as sunset clouds.
Zhang Yiping smiled and said, "Comrade Agata, I just talked to the doctor. The doctor said that your condition has improved and you can be discharged."
"As soon as you get here, go to the doctor. Are you hurt?" Agata said that all she could think about was these revolutionary things.
Help Agata pack up and walk out of the yard. Agata pulls Zhang Yiping’s arm and looks up at the blue sky, feeling that everything in the world is so beautiful.
Frolov frolov, the political commissar of the Muir Red Army guerrillas, said to Zhang Yiping, "Lieutenant Comrade Muir Red Army guerrillas have been reorganized. I hope that our Chinese team will join hands to present the founding of the Far East Republic of Vladivostok!"
Zhang Yiping smiled and said, "Our team in * * is also thinking of taking Vladivostok as a gift for the establishment of the Far East Republic." To be continued.
Chapter 569 Former enemy military meeting
Vladivostok is a strong military fortress. Since 177, when the Russians built fortifications on this important port in the Far East, the initial coastal defense project was completed one year later, more fortresses have been built since then. After the Sino-Japanese-Russian War, the Russians took advantage of the shortcomings exposed in the fortifications in the battle for Lushunkou in 194195, improved the design and built more bunkers and ground facilities. These newly built fortresses can withstand the power of 42 mm shells.
In addition to dealing with the heavy artillery of the fortress, the attacking fortress troops are also worried about the fire attack of large-caliber naval guns of sea and Japanese warships
It’s an idiotic dream that thousands of Muir Red Army guerrillas want to take Vladivostok with little training.
However, although the idea that Amur Red Army guerrillas captured Vladivostok fortress was so ridiculous, Zhang Yiping decided to support them not only in spirit but also in action.
In order to achieve this great war goal and welcome the birth of the Far East Republic, the Far East Bureau of the Russian Communist Party set up a "Vladivostok Former Enemy Military Committee" to lead and coordinate the attack on Vladivostok. The former enemy military Committee is called Sibilia Kefu, the main leader of the Far East Bureau of the Russian Communist Party, in a small village just outside the twin cities.
At the same time, the former enemy military commission transferred the Red Army guerrillas from Belchita to Shuangcheng through trans-siberian railway. By mid-March, the number of Soviet and Russian Red Army around Shuangcheng had reached 16,000.
At this time, the Japanese army and the Belarusian army along the Siberian Railway have been eliminated, and a small number of Belarusian troops have fled into the mountains and become bandits.
The Russian mind is to take Vladivostok as soon as possible, and then there will be no China personnel, so the Chinese team can withdraw from the Far East.
Therefore, the Soviet Central Committee recognized that the opportunity to attack Vladivostok was ripe, and instructed the former enemy military members of Vladivostok to attack the Vladivostok fortress.
The Vladivostok fortress attacked was not only military but also political.
On this day, the Chinese liaison officer of the "Military Committee of the Former Enemy of Vladivostok" of the Zhang Yiping Chinese Team was informed to go to the "Military Committee of the Former Enemy of Vladivostok" to mobilize the meeting.
Zhang Yiping took Vicke Wang and other guards to translate Baosheng to the village of Vladivostok’s former enemy military commission. He tied his horse in his courtyard and took Vicke Wang, Er Ga and Shi Wei Lan Baosheng and his party into the courtyard of the former enemy commission. After a few steps, he met Agata at the bottom of a tree in Agata courtyard. His eyes were wet and his eyes were complicated. He closely watched Zhang Yiping’s every move.
"You’re here, Comrade Lieutenant …" Agata tried to suppress the excitement in his heart, but the flame in his eyes was doused by the method
Zhang Yiping lives next to her. "I miss you very much. How about you? …”
Agata didn’t answer, but his heart was pounding and his heart was fluctuating.
"I can ask Comrade Sibilia Kefu to send you to my side as he left you," Zhang Yiping continued.
"I don’t know, maybe he won’t agree," Agata said. "The organization has decided to ask me to go back to Moscow to work with Lenin. Although this is a great and glorious job, I really don’t know what to choose if I want to leave you …"
"As long as you ask to stay," Zhang Yiping held out his hand and held Agata’s palm.